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The Best Chelsea FC Kits of All Time

One of the most iconic and successful teams in English soccer, Chelsea FC has a rich history filled with unforgettable moments. As we look back at the club’s journey, we cannot ignore the impact of their kits. Throughout the years, Chelsea has sported some truly remarkable designs that have become ingrained in the hearts of fans.

In this article, we will take a trip down memory lane and celebrate the top ten Chelsea FC kits of all time. From classic designs that evoke nostalgia to modern creations that push boundaries, these kits have left an indelible mark on the club’s legacy.

10. 1999/01 Home Kit

1999/01 Home Kit

We start our list in the late ’90s, a period when Chelsea’s success began to take shape. Though the club fell short of winning the Premier League during this time, their sleek Umbro-designed kit left a lasting impression. The clean blue jersey with subtle pinstripes exuded elegance, and the Autoglass sponsor added a touch of sophistication.

9. 1884/85 Home Kit

1884/85 Home Kit

Chelsea’s early years were defined by their distinctive hooped kits, and the 1884/85 home kit by Le Coq Sportif exemplified this tradition. With a simple blue and red design and the club’s original logo proudly displayed, this kit harkened back to a time when Chelsea was still finding its footing. Despite a middling finish in the league, the kit holds a special place in the hearts of fans.

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8. 2020/21 Third Kit

2020/21 Third Kit

Breaking away from tradition, Nike introduced a bold and unconventional design with the 2020/21 Chelsea third kit. The vibrant red color scheme overshadowed the traditional blue, making a striking statement. The giant “3” emblazoned on the front added an edgy aesthetic, and the kit became synonymous with Chelsea’s surprising UEFA Champions League victory over Manchester City.

7. 2003/05 Away Kit

2003/05 Away Kit

During the 2003/04 season, Chelsea underwent a significant transformation, appointing Jose Mourinho as manager. Their sleek Umbro away kit featuring a striking combination of white, black, and blue perfectly captured the revolutionary change taking place at the club. This kit witnessed Chelsea’s rise to the top, culminating in their first-ever Premier League title and a domestic double.

6. 2014/15 Away Kit

The 2014/15 season marked the end of an era at Chelsea, as club legends John Terry and Didier Drogba bid farewell. Adidas crafted a stunning black and blue away kit to match the team’s on-field brilliance. The jersey’s unique fading design and matching shorts and socks added a touch of elegance. It was a season of change and triumph for Chelsea, who secured the league title and the League Cup.

5. 1997/99 Home Kit

1997/99 Home Kit

Umbro once again impressed with their design for the 1997/99 home kit. This all-blue ensemble featured a white trim and a hint of yellow, giving it a classic ’90s look. Under the guidance of Ruud Gullit and Gianluca Vialli, Chelsea tasted success, clinching three trophies in two seasons, including the FA Cup, League Cup, and UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

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4. 2022/23 Home Kit

2022/23 Home Kit

Nike’s latest creation, the 2022/23 home kit, perfectly encapsulates the essence of Chelsea. With a clean design and the iconic club logos positioned elegantly, this kit represents the club’s unwavering spirit. The lighter shade of blue on the collar adds a subtle touch of sophistication. However, the future remains uncertain for Chelsea, as ownership changes and managerial decisions loom ahead.

3. 2008/09 Third Kit

2008/09 Third Kit

Following their UEFA Champions League final defeat in 2007/08, Chelsea regrouped under Guus Hiddink’s guidance. They achieved success in the FA Cup, donning a vibrant yellow kit that gained popularity among fans. The centralized Adidas logo and the blue stripes running along the sleeves added a touch of flair. It was a kit that symbolized the club’s determination to bounce back.

2. 2003/05 Home Kit

2003/05 Home Kit

Before Emirates became associated with another London rival, Chelsea proudly sported their sponsorship. Umbro’s simple yet elegant design in 2003 marked the beginning of a golden period for the club, with Didier Drogba leading the charge. Thanks to substantial investments by Roman Abramovich, Chelsea clinched the Premier League and League Cup, etching their names in history.

1. 1970/71 Home Kit

1970/71 Home Kit

Sealing the top spot on our list is the quintessential Chelsea home kit from the 1970/71 season. This iconic ensemble, with its pure blue design and no sponsor or manufacturer’s logo, perfectly represents the club’s heritage. It embodies the simplicity and elegance of those bygone days. Chelsea’s FA Cup triumph that season further bolsters its status as the most iconic kit in the club’s history.

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Q: Where can I buy Chelsea FC kits?
A: You can find the latest Chelsea FC kits and merchandise on the official Movin993 website.

Q: Are there any special editions or limited-edition Chelsea FC kits?
A: Yes, Chelsea FC occasionally releases special editions or limited-edition kits to celebrate milestones or events. Keep an eye on the official Movin993 website for any updates on these unique kits.

Q: Can I customize a Chelsea FC kit with my name or favorite player’s name?
A: Yes, you can often customize Chelsea FC kits with your name or your favorite player’s name. Check the official Movin993 website for customization options and availability.

Q: Can I purchase vintage Chelsea FC kits?
A: Vintage Chelsea FC kits may be available for purchase through specialized sports memorabilia stores or online marketplaces. You can also explore the official Movin993 website for any retro collections they may offer.


Chelsea FC’s kits have always been more than uniforms. They represent the club’s identity, evoke cherished memories, and capture the essence of each era. From the simplicity of the past to the boldness of the present, these kits showcase the evolution of Chelsea FC. As the club continues to shape its future, fans eagerly anticipate the next iconic kit that will forever be etched in their hearts.