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15 Best FIFA Games Ever (Ranked)

FIFA Games

Over the last decade, the FIFA series has sparked many debates among soccer fans. One of the main topics of discussion has been the focus on Ultimate Team and its impact on EA Sports’ revenue through in-game purchases. However, it’s important to take a comprehensive look at the entire FIFA series, considering its groundbreaking earlier versions.

Here, we present a list of the 15 best FIFA games of all time.

#15. FIFA 08

FIFA 08 stood out as a polished and well-presented game. It offered an impressive array of menus, music, and visuals. With a vast number of players, teams, and stadiums, FIFA 08 also boasted appealing licenses. The game’s animation improvements were especially noteworthy, providing players with smooth and seamless control over the ball.

#14. FIFA 05

FIFA Soccer 2005, EA Sports’ finest soccer game at the time, showcased its quality despite some shortcomings in the career mode. It was hard to be disappointed with FIFA 2005 if you were a soccer enthusiast. The game was a testament to EA Sports’ commitment to delivering an enjoyable experience.

#13. FIFA 07

FIFA 07 took player animation to a whole new level. The improvements in how players controlled the ball, interacted with each other, and moved on the field were highly impressive. While the game’s management aspect wasn’t particularly deep, FIFA 07’s visuals were a treat for soccer fans.

#12. FIFA 01

FIFA 2001 introduced Mark Lawrenson, a controversial BBC commentator and soccer veteran, as part of the commentary team. Although the commentary itself was somewhat lackluster, the game made up for it with excellent music and sound effects. While the Xbox version may have fallen short in terms of innovation, the PlayStation version offered a fresh experience.

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#11. FIFA 04

FIFA 2004 brought significant gameplay additions that enhanced realism and player control. Computer-controlled teammates strategically positioned themselves on the field, adding a new layer of depth to the game. The revamped physics system detached the ball from players, creating a more realistic and dynamic playing experience.

#10. FIFA 18

FIFA 18 excelled not just on the field but off it as well. The game captured the essence of soccer and transformed it into a compelling video game with its various game modes and engaging presentation. Although some fans may argue that PES 2018 was a more satisfying soccer game, FIFA 18 still offered a unique and enjoyable experience.

#9. FIFA 17

Considered a great purchase, FIFA 17 struck a balance between fundamental gameplay and the popular Ultimate Team mode. The career mode received significant improvements, and the game’s presentation remained top-notch. FIFA 17 continued to reign as the best soccer game, despite facing tough competition.

#8. FIFA 14

FIFA 14 introduced new features and moved closer to realism. With stunning graphics and engrossing gameplay, FIFA 14 impressed fans. While a next-generation version was on the horizon, offering further improvements, FIFA 14 delivered a fresh yet familiar experience, challenging even the most experienced players.

#7. FIFA 09

FIFA 09 improved on its predecessor by enhancing gameplay with a more realistic AI system. EA Sports created a rewarding and compelling soccer game, which was especially satisfying when played online. FIFA 09 offered a diverse range of modes, making it a worthwhile investment for soccer enthusiasts.

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#6. FIFA 13

Although FIFA 13 didn’t revolutionize the series like its predecessor did, it remained the most compelling and entertaining soccer game at the time. Skill games and subtle gameplay tweaks added to the overall experience. While PES made strides in its gameplay, FIFA 13 continued to dominate the soccer gaming landscape.

#5. FIFA 03

FIFA 2003 was hailed as a refreshing step forward, offering quality gameplay and impressive commentary from John Motson and Alain McCoist. EA Sports took risks by introducing changes that made the game more challenging and complex. FIFA 2003 set a new standard for the series, proving its commitment to delivering a high-quality experience.

#4. FIFA 06

FIFA 06 introduced numerous new features, setting it apart from previous versions. Though online play had some flaws initially, the game’s offline gameplay, graphics, and soundtrack were exceptional. FIFA 06 provided an immersive soccer experience that players thoroughly enjoyed.

#3. FIFA 11

Compared to its predecessors, FIFA 11 was a polished and feature-packed game. Significant improvements to player characteristics and animations resulted in deep and rewarding gameplay. The introduction of full 11 versus 11 online play and an engaging career mode solidified FIFA 11’s position as a top-notch soccer game.

#2. FIFA 10

FIFA 10 offered the second-best gameplay in the FIFA series at the time. The game’s presentation was excellent, featuring outstanding graphics, music, and English commentary. The adjustments made to online multiplayer games improved the overall pace. FIFA 10 fixed the flaws of its predecessor, making it a standout soccer game.

#1. FIFA 12

FIFA 12, with its abundance of excellent features, was the definitive soccer game. The game rewarded engagement across multiple FIFA titles, allowing players to build teams using player cards. Presented with smooth navigation, impressive commentary, and visuals, FIFA 12 provided the ultimate soccer experience.

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Can I still play the older FIFA games mentioned in this list?

Yes, you can still play the older FIFA games. However, keep in mind that some versions may no longer be supported by newer gaming platforms or operating systems.

Are there any new features in the latest FIFA game?

The latest FIFA game often comes with new features and improvements. Stay updated with the official FIFA website or trusted gaming news sources to learn about the latest additions.

Is the FIFA series available on different gaming platforms?

Yes, the FIFA series is available on various gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Make sure to check the specific platform requirements before purchasing the game.

Does FIFA offer online multiplayer options?

Yes, FIFA games often include online multiplayer modes, allowing you to compete against friends or players from around the world. Explore the game’s features to find the online options that best suit your preferences.


The FIFA series has evolved significantly over the years, offering soccer enthusiasts an immersive and enjoyable gaming experience. From stunning visuals to improved gameplay mechanics, each installment has brought something unique to the table. Whether you prefer the classics or the latest releases, there’s a FIFA game for everyone to enjoy. So grab your controller, hit the field, and experience the excitement of the beautiful game with FIFA!

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