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15 Greatest Premier League Teams of All Time

When it comes to ranking the best Premier League teams of all time, there are bound to be debates. The game of football has evolved over the past three decades, making it challenging to compare teams from different eras. However, by considering various factors such as dominance, goals scored and conceded, and the quality of opposition faced, we can identify the 15 greatest Premier League teams. Join us as we celebrate these remarkable teams that have left an indelible mark on the league’s history.

#15. Manchester United – 2000/2001

Manchester United’s triumph in the 2000/2001 season earns them a spot on this prestigious list. Led by legends such as Teddy Sheringham, Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, and David Beckham, the team showcased their attacking prowess by scoring an impressive 79 goals. Their 31 goals conceded demonstrated defensive solidity. With their star player, David Beckham, orchestrating the midfield, and Paul Scholes providing crucial support, Manchester United clinched the Premier League title by a comfortable margin.

#14. Manchester United – 2012/2013

Under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United reclaimed the Premier League title in the 2012/2013 season. Robin van Persie’s prolific goal-scoring, netting 26 times, propelled the team to victory. This season marked the end of Ferguson’s illustrious tenure at the club, making the title win even more special. With their star player, Robin van Persie, leading the line, and the unsung hero, Michael Carrick, pulling the strings in midfield, Manchester United secured a comfortable title triumph.

#13 Arsenal – 2001/2002

The 2001/2002 season witnessed an intense battle for the Premier League title, with Arsenal emerging as the victors. The Gunners’ resilience and consistency propelled them to the top, overcoming fierce competition from Manchester United, Liverpool, Leeds, and Newcastle. A strong end to the season, winning 13 of their last 14 matches, cemented their claim to the title. Additionally, Arsenal clinched the FA Cup, showcasing their dominance in English football. Robert Pires and Sylvain Wiltord played crucial roles in Arsenal’s success, supporting their star player, Thierry Henry.

#12. Manchester United – 1999/2000

With a record-breaking 97 goals scored, Manchester United stormed their way to the Premier League title in the 1999/2000 season. The attacking quartet of Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole, Ryan Giggs, and David Beckham mesmerized opponents with their flair and creativity. Jaap Stam and Roy Keane provided the defensive solidity necessary for the team’s success. Manchester United’s dominance throughout the season secured them an 18-point lead at the top of the table, leaving no doubt about their deserved title.

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#11. Chelsea – 2009/2010

Carlo Ancelotti’s Chelsea side showcased their attacking prowess in the 2009/2010 season, scoring an astonishing 103 goals. Didier Drogba, in particular, was unstoppable, netting crucial goals throughout the campaign. Chelsea’s relentless pursuit of victory yielded a record-setting goal difference of +71. Despite stiff competition from Manchester United, they clinched the Premier League title by a single point. The contributions of star player Didier Drogba and unsung hero Nicolas Anelka played a pivotal role in Chelsea’s success.

#10. Chelsea – 2016/2017

Antonio Conte’s arrival at Chelsea brought an immediate impact, as the team cruised to the Premier League title in the 2016/2017 season. Chelsea’s strong defensive organization, marshaled by players like Marcos Alonso, proved difficult for opponents to breach. Meanwhile, Eden Hazard and Diego Costa spearheaded their attacking efforts, scoring a combined total of 36 goals. Despite the challenge posed by Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea maintained their composure and secured the league title with a convincing margin.

#9. Blackburn Rovers – 1994/1995

Blackburn Rovers etched their name in Premier League history in the 1994/1995 season with a memorable title triumph. Despite losing on the final day to Liverpool, Manchester United’s failure to beat West Ham secured the title for Blackburn Rovers. The deadly strike partnership of Alan Shearer and Chris Sutton, famously known as SAS, proved instrumental in their success. Blackburn Rovers’ title-winning squad showcased resilience and determination, securing their first top-flight title in 81 years.

#8. Manchester United – 1993/1994

Manchester United continued their dominance in the 1993/1994 season, clinching the Premier League title. Despite facing stiff competition, the team maintained a firm grip on the top spot throughout the campaign. Eric Cantona, with his enigmatic style, provided immense inspiration to his teammates. Meanwhile, the defensive prowess of Roy Keane and Denis Irwin solidified Manchester United’s position at the summit of English football.

#7. Manchester City – 2018/2019

Manchester City’s exploits in the 2018/2019 season make them a worthy addition to this list. Despite facing fierce competition from Liverpool, they emerged victorious in a thrilling title race. Their total of 98 points highlighted their consistency and determination. The team’s attacking prowess, led by star player Sergio Aguero, was a sight to behold. Manchester City’s achievement of winning the title against one of the strongest challenges in Premier League history is a testament to their greatness.

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#6. Chelsea – 2004/2005

Under the guidance of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea became a force to be reckoned with in the 2004/2005 season. The team’s defensive solidity, conceding only 15 goals, earned them the nickname “The Special One.” Chelsea’s title triumph was built on a foundation of disciplined defending and clinical finishing. Frank Lampard, in particular, stood out, scoring crucial goals from midfield. William Gallas played a vital role in maintaining Chelsea’s defensive solidity, making him the unsung hero of the season.

#5. Manchester United – 1998/1999

The 1998/1999 season will forever be etched in Manchester United’s history as the season of the treble. Sir Alex Ferguson’s team displayed extraordinary resilience, overcoming adversity to secure an unprecedented treble of the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup. Led by star player David Beckham’s creativity and Dwight Yorke’s clinical finishing, Manchester United fought till the end in a thrilling title race against Arsenal. Their remarkable achievements make them a deserving addition to the list of the greatest Premier League teams.

#4. Leicester City – 2015/2016

Leicester City’s fairy-tale title win in the 2015/2016 season captivated the footballing world. Against all odds, they defied expectations and triumphed in one of the most incredible sporting stories of all time. Guided by the astute leadership of manager Claudio Ranieri, Leicester City maintained their composure and overcame the challenges posed by traditional powerhouses. Jamie Vardy’s goalscoring prowess and Shinji Okazaki’s tireless work rate were instrumental in their remarkable achievement.

#3. Liverpool – 2019/2020

Liverpool’s dominance in the 2019/2020 season ended their long-awaited quest for a Premier League title. Their relentless pursuit of victory resulted in a record-breaking season. Liverpool’s title triumph, achieved with seven games to spare, showcased their exceptional quality and determination. Virgil Van Dijk’s commanding presence in defense and Jordan Henderson’s leadership in midfield were crucial to the team’s success. Liverpool’s remarkable achievements make them one of the greatest Premier League teams of all time.

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#2. Manchester City – 2017/2018

In the 2017/2018 season, Manchester City set new standards of excellence in the Premier League. Pep Guardiola’s side broke numerous records, including becoming the first team to amass 100 points in a top-flight season. Their attacking brilliance, exemplified by the likes of Sergio Aguero, combined with a solid defense led by Fernandinho, made them a formidable force. Manchester City’s relentless pursuit of victory and record-breaking achievements place them among the greatest teams the Premier League has ever seen.

#1 Arsenal – 2003/2004

Arsenal’s unbeaten run in the 2003/2004 season earns them the top spot on our list. Fondly known as “The Invincibles,” Arsene Wenger’s team achieved the rare feat of going unbeaten throughout the season, emulating Preston North End’s historic accomplishment from 1888/1889. Thierry Henry’s brilliance in front of goal, scoring 30 times and winning the Golden Boot, epitomized Arsenal’s attacking prowess. This remarkable team, also featuring talented players such as Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires, and Freddie Ljungberg, showcased their class and dominance, rightfully earning the title of the best Premier League team of all time.


  • Q: How were these teams selected?

    • A: The teams were selected based on their achievements, dominance, and impact on the Premier League.
  • Q: Are there any other notable teams that didn’t make the list?

    • A: There are several other notable teams in Premier League history, but this list focuses on the 15 greatest teams.
  • Q: Are there any teams from recent seasons on the list?

    • A: Yes, teams from recent seasons, such as Liverpool and Manchester City, have made the list due to their exceptional performances.
  • Q: What criteria were used to rank these teams?

    • A: The teams were ranked based on their overall success, the quality of their performances, and the impact they had on the Premier League.


The Premier League has witnessed some incredible teams over the years, each leaving their mark on English football. From Manchester United’s treble-winning squad to Arsenal’s invincible team, these teams have brought joy to fans and created lasting memories. The 15 teams mentioned here represent the pinnacle of Premier League greatness. As the league continues to evolve, we eagerly anticipate the emergence of new teams that will etch their names into the history books of one of the world’s most renowned football leagues.