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The 15 Most Handsome Soccer Players in the World


Soccer players are not only talented athletes but often have striking good looks as well. Many of them even pursue modeling careers after retiring from the sport. In this article, we will focus on the current soccer stars who are known for their handsome appearances.

15. Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich

Joshua Kimmich is a highly skilled holding midfielder who plays for Bayern Munich in Germany. His tenacious tackling on the field has made him a fan favorite among Bayern supporters. Kimmich also represents the German national team and played a crucial role in their 2014 World Cup victory. With plenty of years ahead of him, Kimmich is poised to win more trophies and personal accolades.

14. Isco


Isco is a Spanish midfielder who gained recognition for his impressive performances at Malaga before joining Real Madrid. While Isco had a successful stint at Real Madrid, he fell out of favor at the club and struggled to regain his form. Now playing for Sevilla, Isco is enjoying his time in the city alongside his partner Sara Salamo.

13. James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez

James Rodriguez, a Colombian talent, rose to prominence during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. His exceptional performances caught the attention of top European clubs, eventually leading him to Real Madrid. Although he had some impressive moments in Madrid, Rodriguez didn’t quite fulfill the promising potential he showed in 2014. Currently playing for Olympiacos in Greece, Rodriguez continues to make his mark in the soccer world.

12. Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique

Gerard Pique, a Spanish defender, is renowned for his defensive prowess. He played a crucial role in Barcelona’s success for many years, winning numerous trophies alongside some of the greatest players in the sport’s history. After a successful career, Pique recently announced his retirement from the game in an emotional speech in front of Barcelona fans.

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11. Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba, a French midfielder, is known for his stylish playing style and extravagant lifestyle. Criticized at times for his focus on appearance, Pogba has faced scrutiny from the media during his tenure at Manchester United. However, he has recently regained his form at Juventus and has proven to be a formidable presence in central midfield. Despite his matured age of 29, Pogba remains a challenging opponent on the field.

10. Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr.

Neymar Jr., a Brazilian winger, has often faced criticism for prioritizing his appearance over his performance on the field. Previously part of the renowned attacking trio “MSN” at Barcelona, Neymar now seeks to build his own legacy at PSG. Despite the controversy surrounding him, Neymar’s talents are undeniable, and he continues to make an impact for both PSG and the Brazilian national team.

9. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Belgian winger Eden Hazard was once considered a strong contender for the Ballon d’Or. He played a pivotal role in Chelsea’s success in English soccer. However, since his move to Real Madrid, Hazard has faced challenges due to injuries and weight gain. As he strives to regain his top form, soccer fans eagerly await his comeback.

8. Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish, an Englishman known for his good looks and tricky playing style, became one of the most expensive British players when he joined Manchester City. He has faced mixed success at the club, often finding himself on the bench. Nevertheless, Grealish remains a fan favorite in England.

7. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Considered one of the greatest players in soccer history, Cristiano Ronaldo continues to captivate audiences with his talent and attractive appearance. Having left Manchester United, Ronaldo is currently a free agent, and his next move is eagerly anticipated. Meanwhile, he is performing admirably for the Portugal national team at the Qatar World Cup.

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6. Phil Foden

Phil Foden

Phil Foden, an English talent, is widely regarded as one of the most promising players since Paul Gascoigne in the 1990s. Currently playing for Manchester City, he has become an integral part of Pep Guardiola’s team. Foden contributed significantly to England’s journey to the final of the 2020 European Championships, and fans hope to see more of his exceptional performances in the upcoming World Cup.

5. Keita Balde

Keita Balde

Senegalese winger Keita Balde has made a name for himself in European soccer. After successful spells at Lazio, Monaco, Inter Milan, and Sampdoria, he now plays for Cagliari in Italy. Unfortunately, Balde has been banned from the 2022 World Cup due to a breach of anti-doping regulations.

4. Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

Spanish legend Sergio Ramos is renowned for his rugged playing style and defensive excellence. He enjoyed a successful career at Real Madrid, often preventing Lionel Messi from achieving victory against his team. Ramos was also part of the Spanish national team that won the 2010 World Cup. While age has limited his contributions to the national team, his legacy remains intact.

3. Mason Mount

Mason Mount

Mason Mount, a star player for Chelsea, is beloved by fans for his handsome looks and positive attitude. Known for his infectious smile on the field, Mount has become a formidable force in English soccer. He rose to prominence under the guidance of Frank Lampard and continues to impress as a regular starter for Chelsea. Mount’s performances were crucial in England’s journey to the final of the 2020 European Championships.

2. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi, widely regarded as the greatest soccer player of all time, is not only incredibly talented but also incredibly handsome. Messi’s time at Barcelona was filled with numerous team and individual accolades. Now playing for PSG, Messi aims to continue his success and is determined to win the World Cup with Argentina this year after his recent triumph in the Copa America.

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1. Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud

Underrated but highly respected, French striker Olivier Giroud is as popular for his striking appearances as he is for his contributions on the field. Giroud has showcased his goal-scoring abilities for top European clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and AC Milan. Alongside Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Giroud played a crucial role in securing the Italian title for AC Milan last season.


  1. Who is the most handsome soccer player?
  • The title of the most handsome soccer player is subjective. However, players like Olivier Giroud, Lionel Messi, and Cristiano Ronaldo are often mentioned in discussions about attractive players.
  1. Who is the most talented player on the list?
  • Lionel Messi is widely considered the most talented player on this list and is often regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time.
  1. Is appearance more important than skills in soccer?
  • While appearance can attract attention, skills and talent are crucial for a successful soccer career. Ultimately, it is a player’s performance on the field that determines their success.


Soccer is not only about skill and strategy; it is also a stage for the world’s most handsome players to showcase their talents. This list highlights some of the current players known for their good looks and impressive performances on the field. Whether it’s Joshua Kimmich’s charisma, Mason Mount’s infectious smile, or Lionel Messi’s overall brilliance, these players captivate both on and off the field. As fans, we appreciate their style, talent, and dedication to the beautiful game.