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The Tallest Soccer Players in the World

Peter Crouch

How does height impact a soccer player’s game? While height may not provide the same advantage in soccer as it does in other sports, some players have used their height to excel on the field. In this article, we’ll explore the 15 tallest soccer players in the world and discuss how their height has influenced their careers.

15. Peter Crouch – 6’7” / 201cm

Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch is a well-known exception to the idea that height alone doesn’t guarantee success in soccer. Throughout his career, Crouch has been a star performer at the highest level, primarily in the English Premier League where he holds the title of the third tallest player in the league’s history. Standing at 6’7”, Crouch used his height to his advantage, demonstrating excellent ball control and overpowering opponents. He has inspired tall field players worldwide, proving that height can lead to success.

14. Even Iversen – 6’8” / 203cm

Even Iversen, standing at 6’8”, has found success as a professional player in Norway. As a defender, his height provided certain advantages, although it limited his explosiveness. While he may not have received offers from larger European clubs, Iversen has achieved considerable success in his career.

13. Lacina Traore – 6’8” / 203cm

Lacina Traore

Lacina Traore, also known as “the Big Tree,” towers over most players on the field. With a height of 6’8”, Traore is a strong and powerful forward who wreaks havoc on the opposition. His physicality and athleticism make him a formidable threat inside the box, particularly in aerial duels. Although Traore primarily plays for clubs, he has represented the Ivory Coast at the international level.

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12. Kjell Petter Opheim – 6’8” / 203cm

Kjell Petter Opheim, a Norwegian goalkeeper, may not have reached the highest levels of domestic league play, but his long arms and positioning skills make it challenging for goals to find the back of the net. Now 39 years old, Opheim continues to contribute to the game in various ways.

11. Costel Pantilimon – 6’8” / 203cm

Costel Pantilimon

Costel Pantilimon, the Romanian goalkeeper measuring 6’8”, has made 27 appearances for the national team. His height and reach have contributed to his success both at the club and international level. Despite looking less athletic than other goalkeepers, Pantilimon consistently gets the job done. Although he is showing signs of age, many believe he still has a few solid years left in his career.

10. Jason Mooney – 6’8.5” / 204cm

Jason Mooney

Jason Mooney’s professional career may not have seen top-tier success, but his height and agility as a goalkeeper have kept his dream alive. With appearances in the third tier of English football, Mooney primarily serves as a backup player. Despite limited playing time in recent years, his height allows him to dominate the net.

9. Yang Changpeng – 6’8.5” / 205cm

Yang Changpeng, often compared to England’s Peter Crouch due to his similar height, has garnered attention for his towering presence as a field player. However, Changpeng’s career has not reached a high level of play, and he is currently a free agent. Field players of such height often face challenges due to the physical demands of the game.

8. Tor Hogne Aaroy – 6’8.5” / 204cm

Tor Hogne Aaroy, a Norwegian forward, began his soccer career in 1985. A versatile player, Aaroy spent most of his career in Norway, making over 240 appearances and scoring 90 goals for Aalesund in the Norwegian First Division.

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7. Tonny Brogaard – 6’9” / 206cm

Tonny Brogaard, known as the Gentle Giant, showed significant promise during his prime, but injuries hindered his career progression. With an impressive height of 6’9”, many believed he had the potential to revolutionize the goalkeeper position. However, Brogaard struggled to stay healthy and consistent.

6. Daniel Muller – 6’9” / 205cm

Daniel Muller

Daniel Muller, a German goalkeeper, turned professional due to his height and skills. Though he attracted the attention of Bayern Munich during his younger years, Muller struggled to secure consistent playing time for lower-level teams in Germany. Currently playing for Augsburg II, he continues to pursue his passion for the game.

5. Vanja Ivesa – 6’9” / 206cm

Vanja Ivesa

Croatian goalkeeper Vanja Ivesa, at 44 years old, still competes professionally. Throughout his career, he has played in various leagues in Croatia, demonstrating consistent performance that has earned him starting positions. Although past his prime, Ivesa continues to contribute between the posts.

4. Tomas Holy – 6’9” / 206cm

Tomas Holy

Czech goalkeeper Tomas Holy currently plays for Ipswich Town in the third tier of English football. Standing at 6’9”, Holy has been a reliable goalkeeper throughout his career. While he may not have met the high expectations set for him during his younger years, he remains a dominant force in goal.

3. Paul Millar – 6’10” / 208cm

Paul Millar’s career as a professional player was plagued by injuries. Standing at 6’10”, he was the tallest player in the Scottish League Two during his time. Unfortunately, his injuries compromised his speed and hindered his ability to compete at an elite level.

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2. Kristof Van Hout – 6’10.5” / 208cm

Kristof Van Hout, the tallest professional soccer player currently active, stands at an impressive 6’10.5″. Throughout his career, the Belgian goalkeeper has played for several clubs, currently representing Westerlo in the Proximus League. Van Hout has consistently performed well, earning a solid reputation as a reliable goalkeeper.

1. Simon Bloch Jorgensen – 6’11” / 210cm

Simon Bloch Jorgensen

Simon Bloch Jorgensen, the goalkeeper for Waltham Abby FC, holds the title for the tallest soccer player in history, standing at 6’11”. While he has experienced moderate success in his professional career, as he gains more experience, he has the potential to continue playing at a professional level.


Q: Does height give soccer players an advantage?
A: While height can provide certain advantages, it doesn’t guarantee success in soccer. The game requires a balance of speed, skill, and athleticism, making it important for players to be well-rounded.

Q: Are there any female soccer players who are exceptionally tall?
A: For information on the tallest female soccer players, check out our dedicated post.


While height alone may not make a player successful in soccer, the 15 tallest players in the world have achieved impressive careers. Despite challenges posed by their height, they have shown dedication and skill to reach the professional level. Their contributions to the game should be commended, as they have overcome obstacles to pursue their passion for soccer. For more soccer news, visit Movin993.