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20 Best Soccer Movies Of All Time

Soccer Movie

Soccer is the world’s most popular sport, and it has inspired thousands of movies. While the quality of these films varies, there are several outstanding soccer movies that really capture the essence of the sport. Here is a list of the 20 greatest soccer movies of all time, featuring both fictional and real-world storylines.

1. The Two Escobars

The Two Escobars is a film that explores the intertwining stories of Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug baron, and Andres Escobar, a star player on the Colombian national team. It delves into their lives and the changes happening in their country during the 1994 World Cup. The tragic events that unfold make this film a must-watch for soccer fans and those interested in compelling sports stories.

2. Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch tells the story of a man torn between his love for football and his romantic relationship. While some may argue that the movie doesn’t live up to the book, it is still worth a watch for anyone who enjoys seeing soccer play a central role in a film’s plot.

3. Green Street Hooligans

Green Street Hooligans takes a close look at the world of soccer hooliganism through the story of a student who becomes immersed in the culture after moving to England. It offers a realistic portrayal of the ups and downs of being a soccer hooligan, particularly for fans of the English Premier League.

4. Goal! (Trilogy)

The Goal! trilogy is a series of films that offer an inside look at the world of professional soccer. Working closely with FIFA, these movies provide drama and excitement spanning several years. They are a must-watch for soccer enthusiasts who want a deep dive into the sport.

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5. The Football Factory

The Football Factory focuses on the world of hooliganism surrounding the Chelsea football club. It tells the story of Tommy Johnson, a die-hard Chelsea supporter who questions the value of his loyalty. This movie offers an inside look at the life of a dedicated soccer fan and the struggles they face.

6. The Match

The Match combines soccer with a romantic comedy storyline. Set in a Scottish village, the movie revolves around a bet between two pubs where the winner gets to keep their establishment. This film is a unique blend of soccer and love stories, making it an interesting watch for fans of both genres.

7. Bend It Like Beckham

Bend It Like Beckham follows the story of a young girl from a Sikh family who dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. Despite facing cultural barriers, she secretly joins a team and defies expectations. This movie is an inspiring tale of determination and breaking stereotypes.

8. The Damned United

The Damned United tells the story of Brian Clough’s 44-day tenure as the manager of Leeds United. Although some aspects of the film are fictionalized, it brings Clough’s story to life and offers a glimpse into a lesser-known chapter of soccer history.

9. The Firm

The Firm is one of the first movies to delve into the world of soccer hooliganism. Released in 1988, it focuses on the activities of West Ham’s Inner City Firm during the 1970s and 1980s. The film provides a balanced perspective on the challenges of balancing a regular life with the allure of hooliganism.

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10. The Arsenal Stadium Mystery

The Arsenal Stadium Mystery, released in 1939, uses soccer as a major part of its plot. The movie revolves around a fictional team playing against Arsenal, with one of their players dying during the match. A detective takes on the task of solving the mystery. This film offers a captivating look at soccer’s historical significance in cinema.

11. Escape To Victory

Escape to Victory, featuring an all-star cast including Sylvester Stallone and Michael Caine, is set in Ukraine during World War II. Prisoners are challenged to a football match by German officers, using it as an opportunity to escape. With its mix of soccer and wartime action, this film is a unique addition to the soccer movie genre.

12. The Miracle Match

The Miracle Match tells the story of the United States’ underdog victory over England in the 1950 World Cup. This film showcases the team’s improbable success and the impact it had on American soccer. Gerard Butler delivers a standout performance in this inspiring movie.

13. The Game of Their Lives

The Game of Their Lives presents another perspective on the United States’ upset win over England in the 1950 World Cup. This film offers a slightly different take on the events, providing viewers with a fresh look at this historic moment in soccer history.

14. Mike Bassett: England Manager

Mike Bassett: England Manager is a mockumentary-style film that takes a lighthearted look at the challenges of being the manager of the England national team. Ricky Tomlinson’s portrayal of Mike Bassett is comedic genius, making this movie a hilarious watch for soccer fans.

15. The Big Green

The Big Green is a Disney film about a group of misfit kids who come together to form a soccer team. Despite their shortcomings, they find success and camaraderie on the field. This family-friendly movie is a heartwarming and entertaining choice for soccer fans of all ages.

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16. The Miracle of Bern

The Miracle of Bern follows West Germany’s remarkable run to the 1954 World Cup finals. The film showcases Germany’s post-World War II recovery and its impact on the team’s success. This movie provides a captivating glimpse into a significant moment in German soccer history.

17. Rise Of The Footsoldier

Rise of the Footsoldier is based on true events and explores the journey of a former member of West Ham’s Inner City Firm. It delves into the world of crime and hooliganism, offering an unpredictable narrative that keeps viewers engaged.

18. Ladybugs

Ladybugs is a sports comedy film featuring Rodney Dangerfield as the coach of a girls’ soccer team. Despite being somewhat overlooked upon its initial release, the film has gained popularity in recent years. It offers lighthearted laughs and is worth watching for Dangerfield’s comedic performance.

19. Kicking & Screaming

Kicking & Screaming is a Will Ferrell comedy that tells the story of a rivalry between a father and son coaching their respective soccer teams. It offers humorous moments as the two try to outdo each other and navigate the challenges of youth soccer.

20. She’s The Man

She’s The Man pleasantly surprised audiences with its clever storyline. The movie follows a girl pretending to be a boy to play on a high school soccer team. Amanda Bynes delivers a standout performance, supported by early appearances from actors like Channing Tatum. This movie offers a mix of comedy and soccer.