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The Top 5 Soccer Cleats for Speed


Soccer players understand the importance of speed on the field. Whether you’re a forward making quick sprints or a midfielder covering ground, having the right cleats can make a significant difference. In this article, we’ll explore the top five soccer cleats that prioritize speed without compromising on other essential qualities.

5. Nike Tiempo Legend 8

The Nike Tiempo Legend 8 is a classic-looking and sturdy soccer cleat, weighing 7.4 ounces. While slightly heavier compared to other options on this list, it offers excellent comfort and durability. Additionally, it provides exceptional traction, allowing players to explode in any direction with confidence. The cleats mold perfectly to the foot over time due to the kangaroo leather construction.


  • Very comfortable and snug fit.
  • Leather molds to the foot over time.
  • Outstanding traction.


  • Leather may not be the most durable.
  • Slightly heavier than other cleats.

4. Mizuno Morelia Neo II

The Mizuno Morelia Neo II is a lightweight cleat that offers both speed and durability. It features a wave-fit lacing system for a secure and customizable fit. Mizuno might not be as widely recognized as other brands, but their cleats stack up well against the competition. Players who have tried Nike’s Tiempo Legend will find many similarities in this cleat.

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  • Secure and stable fit.
  • The lacing system allows for customization.
  • High durability.


  • Requires some break-in time.
  • Availability might be limited.

3. Umbro Accuro 3 Pro

Umbro may not have the same brand recognition as other soccer shoe manufacturers, but their Accuro 3 Pro cleat is highly regarded among loyal fans. Weighing 6.2 ounces, it offers a plush feel thanks to the soft synthetic suede lining. Additionally, Umbro cleats tend to be more affordable than their competitors, making them an excellent choice for those on a budget.


  • Very soft and comfortable.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • Fits narrow, not ideal for wide feet.
  • Limited color choices.

2. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7

The Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 is a modern and sleek cleat that prioritizes both speed and durability. Weighing only 7 ounces, it is surprisingly tough and can withstand various field conditions. The anti-clog plate on the bottom prevents the accumulation of grass or mud, ensuring players aren’t weighed down during the game. Nike fans should compare this option with the Tiempo Legend 8 to determine the best fit for their playing style.


  • Highly durable.
  • Anti-clog plate prevents debris buildup.
  • Offers flexibility.


  • Requires some break-in time.
  • The high ankle collar might not suit everyone.

1. Adidas X 19+

The top choice for anyone seeking quality and speedy soccer cleats is the Adidas X 19+. This cleat is versatile and suitable for various playing surfaces. Weighing 6.6 ounces, it strikes an excellent balance between lightweight design and sturdiness. The cleats provide outstanding traction, allowing for fast starts and stops. Although it comes at a higher price point, the Adidas X 19+ is worth the investment for those seeking maximum speed.

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  • Very flexible for optimal movement.
  • Reliable traction.
  • Excellent ventilation.


  • Requires some break-in time.
  • Relatively expensive.


Q: Are soccer cleats designed for speed worth it?

A: Soccer cleats prioritizing speed often sacrifice additional support or bulkiness. While lightweight cleats provide agility, players with previous ankle issues or those seeking extra support may prefer a more well-rounded option. However, for players seeking any advantage to enhance their speed on the field, these specialized cleats can make a noticeable difference.

Q: Do lighter soccer cleats provide a substantial advantage in speed?

A: Every small advantage counts at the highest level of play. While the weight reduction might seem negligible, over the course of a 90-minute match, it can make a difference in a player’s speed and endurance. Continuous advancements in technology have led to a decrease in shoe weight, allowing players to gain a slight edge on the field.


Choosing the right soccer cleats is crucial for players looking to maximize their speed and performance. The Nike Tiempo Legend 8, Mizuno Morelia Neo II, Umbro Accuro 3 Pro, Nike Mercurial Superfly 7, and Adidas X 19+ are all excellent options in terms of speed, comfort, and durability. Evaluate your playing style and preferences to find the perfect cleat that enhances your speed without compromising on other essential factors. Visit Movin993 to explore more soccer-related content and find the perfect gear for your game.