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The Easiest Positions in Soccer

All 11 players on a soccer field have responsibilities that contribute to their team’s success. However, some positions are considered easier than others. Let’s take a look at the top five easiest positions in soccer.

5. Goalkeeper


Some might find it surprising to see the goalkeeper on this list. Being a goalkeeper is often regarded as one of the most challenging positions in soccer due to the immense responsibility. However, being a goalkeeper for the right team can make the job relatively easier on a game-to-game basis.

Teams with a solid defense and a cautious approach to the game make the goalkeeper’s job easier. They only have to make plays on a few balls per match and spend the rest of their time directing the defense. It’s important to note that being a goalkeeper still requires immense skill and can be highly demanding in certain situations.

4. Wingers


Wingers, known for their speed and stamina, often cover more ground than any other players on the pitch. They need exceptional crossing abilities to create offensive opportunities for their teammates.

However, some teams prefer a more methodical approach to the game, allowing wingers to have a less demanding role. While wingers may not always receive the recognition they deserve, their responsibilities are relatively fewer compared to other positions on this list.

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3. Striker


The ease of being a striker depends on the team’s style of play. Offensively-oriented teams put a lot of pressure on strikers to excel, while defensively-minded teams may not require their strikers to contribute as much.

Though scoring goals is crucial for victory, strikers often rely on the creativity of others to create opportunities. Teams that prioritize time of possession may have strikers with seemingly easier jobs, as they don’t handle the ball as frequently. However, star power and the ability to score goals still make them standout players.

2. Fullbacks


Fullbacks are defenders who play wide positions on the pitch. They not only defend but also contribute to the team’s attack. While their roles can vary, many formats require less of them compared to other positions.

Fullbacks often provide early defense while connecting with forwards. Although some fullbacks might argue they work harder than anyone else on the pitch, their roles in many formats allow them to conserve energy and require less overall skill.

1. Center Back

Center Back

Center backs don’t require the same level of skill as many other field positions. Their primary goal is to prevent the opposing team from scoring. While they need to be physically capable and have some speed, their success lies more in their ability to read the game rather than relying solely on physical prowess.

Strikers may try to exploit center backs, but many teams assign their weaker players to this position. Center backs can still have game-changing impacts and there have been numerous legendary players in this position.

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Q: Is there such a thing as the easiest position in soccer?

A: Naming the easiest position in soccer is subjective and can spark controversy. Soccer is a team sport, and a team’s success relies on the collective effort of every player. Teams strategically position their players to protect their vulnerabilities. Professional teams often prioritize center-backs due to their defensive capabilities and the impact they can make on the game.

In conclusion, though some positions may be deemed easier than others, each player on the field plays a vital role in their team’s success. Soccer is a sport that requires teamwork, skill, and strategy.