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7 Best Leeds United Players of All Time

Best Leeds United Players

In 1919, Leeds United was formed as the team representing West Yorkshire. Over the years, Leeds United has had a rich history in English football, with notable success in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. They were also part of the inaugural season of the Premier League in 1992.

Throughout their journey, Leeds United has been home to some exceptional players who have made an impact on and off the field. In this article, we will delve into the seven greatest Leeds United players of all time. We will first highlight two promising up-and-coming players and then explore five iconic figures from the history of Leeds United.

7. Jack Harrison

![Jack Harrison](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Left-Winger
  • Years with Leeds United: 2018 – present

Jack Harrison’s path to the Premier League took some unexpected turns. After playing for Manchester United’s academy and pursuing high school soccer in the United States, Harrison found success, winning the Gatorade National Player of the Year in 2015.

His professional career led him to play for various teams before signing with Leeds United in 2018. Since then, Harrison has become a key player for the team. His goal in stoppage time during Leeds’ game against Brentford helped secure their position in the Premier League.

6. Raphinha

![Raphinha](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Right-Winger
  • Years with Leeds United: 2020 – present

Raphinha, a rising star at Leeds, has captured the attention of fans with his skills and performances. Hailing from the same town as Ronaldinho, Raphinha shares a special bond with the legendary footballer.

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Having expressed his love for the club, Raphinha’s style of play has impressed both his teammates and fans. With a promising career ahead, Raphinha aims to leave his mark on the club, potentially surpassing the all-time scoring record set by Peter Lorimer.

5. Mick Jones

![Mick Jones](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Years with Leeds United: 1967 – 1975

Mick Jones overcame challenges throughout his career, including injuries. However, he displayed immense determination and resilience, especially during the 1972 FA Cup Final.

Despite dislocating his elbow in a collision with the opposing goalkeeper, Jones insisted on collecting his medal from the Queen before seeking medical attention. This memorable moment exemplifies his dedication to the team. Jones’s contributions to Leeds United extended beyond that game, as he scored 101 goals in 283 appearances and represented the England national team.

4. Tony Yeboah

![Tony Yeboah](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Years with Leeds United: 1995 – 1997

Tony Yeboah, one of Ghana’s finest football players, arrived at Leeds United with a significant impact. Despite facing racism during his career, Yeboah’s talents spoke for themselves. He secured the Player of the Year award in 1996 and delivered numerous remarkable goals, some of which were recognized as Goal of the Month.

Yeboah’s legacy includes winning successive BBC Match of the Day’s Goal of the Month competitions, a feat achieved by only one other player since. His time at Leeds United showcased his incredible skills and left an impression on both local and international football.

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3. Peter Lorimer

![Peter Lorimer](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Right-Midfield
  • Years with Leeds United: 1962 – 1979

Peter Lorimer holds two significant distinctions in Leeds United’s history. He holds the record as the club’s all-time highest scorer, an achievement that reflects his remarkable abilities on the field. Additionally, Lorimer became the youngest player to represent the Leeds United first team, debuting at the age of 15.

Known for his powerful and accurate strikes, Lorimer’s goals often surpassed speeds of 90 miles per hour. Even after retiring, he remained connected to the club and contributed to various publications. His dedication and impact continue to be recognized by fans and football enthusiasts alike.

2. John Charles

![John Charles](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Centre-Forward
  • Years with Leeds United: 1949 to 1956, 1962

John Charles left an indelible mark on Leeds United during his time with the club. Besides helping the team secure promotion as their captain in 1955, Charles’ career was characterized by his versatility on the field. He excelled as both a center forward and a center back, showcasing his scoring prowess and defensive skills.

Charles’ achievements extended beyond Leeds United, with a nickname acquired during his tenure at the Italian club Juventus. Known as “Il Gigante Buono” (The Gentle Giant), Charles’s career demonstrated both his talent and sportsmanship. His contribution to the team’s success is still revered by fans.

1. Billy Bremner

![Billy Bremner](Embed from Getty Images)

  • Position: Central-Midfield
  • Years with Leeds United: 1959 to 1976

Billy Bremner’s legacy at Leeds United is unparalleled. A Scottish powerhouse, Bremner’s midfield skills and tenacious play made him one of the club’s greatest players. His precise ball control, physical endurance, and aggressive tackling endeared him to fans and established his place in football history.

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Bremner’s contributions were essential during Leeds United’s most successful period as a club. His impact on the team’s achievements earned him a place in both the Scottish and English Football Hall of Fame. Today, a statue of Bremner stands outside the Leeds United Elland Road Stadium, commemorating his lasting influence on the club.


  • Who is the youngest player to represent Leeds United?
    Peter Lorimer holds the record as the youngest player to represent Leeds United at the age of 15.

  • Who is the all-time highest scorer for Leeds United?
    Peter Lorimer is the all-time highest scorer for Leeds United, with 219 goals during his career.

  • Who is considered the greatest Leeds United player of all time?
    Billy Bremner is widely regarded as the greatest Leeds United player of all time for his exceptional skills and contributions to the club’s success.


Leeds United has been fortunate to have a rich history filled with remarkable players who have left a lasting impact on the club and its fans. From promising talents like Jack Harrison and Raphinha to iconic figures like Mick Jones, Tony Yeboah, Peter Lorimer, John Charles, and Billy Bremner, these players have shaped the story of Leeds United. Their skills, dedication, and legacies will forever be cherished by football enthusiasts worldwide.

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