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The Best Number 4 Players of All Time

Number 4 soccer

On the soccer field, the number 4 jersey may not be considered iconic, but it has been worn by some of the finest players in the game. In this article, we will explore the 7 Best Number 4 Players of All Time.

7. Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas

Cesc Fabregas, a product of Barcelona’s La Masia academy, is renowned as one of the greatest midfielders in the sport. Starting his career at Arsenal, he became one of the club’s best midfielders, making over 200 appearances. Fabregas then returned to Barcelona before joining Chelsea. Currently, he plays for Como in the Italian Serie B.

6. Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany

Vincent Kompany, known as “Captain Fantastic” to Manchester City fans, had a successful career as a center-back. During his time at Manchester City, he won numerous titles, including four Premier League titles and two FA Cups. After retiring, he is now the manager of Burnley in the EFL Championship.

5. Claudio Gentile

![Claudio Gentile](Getty Images)

Claudio Gentile, although not exclusively associated with the number 4 jersey, was a remarkable defender and holding midfielder. He played for top Italian teams, most notably Juventus, for over a decade. Gentile was part of a formidable defensive lineup that included legendary players such as Dino Zoff, Sergio Brio, Gaetano Scirea, and Antonio Cabrini.

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4. Fernando Hierro

Fernando Hierro

Fernando Hierro, known for his ability to find the back of the net as a defender, had an illustrious career. He played for Real Madrid and scored over 100 goals, an impressive feat for a center-back. Hierro’s versatility allowed him to excel as both a center-back and a holding midfielder.

3. Patrick Viera

Patrick Viera

Patrick Viera, a French and Arsenal legend, was a formidable defensive midfielder known for his strength and power. He spent nine years with Arsenal and played a pivotal role in the team’s success. Viera’s tactical knowledge sets him apart and has contributed to his successful managerial career, currently managing Crystal Palace.

2. Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman

Ronald Koeman, known for his managerial success in recent years, had an exceptional playing career. As a center-back and defensive midfielder, Koeman played for top clubs such as Barcelona, Southampton, and the Netherlands national team. He won several major titles, including four La Liga titles and the European Cup with Barcelona.

1. Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos, known for his goal-scoring ability as a defender, is considered the best number 4 player of all time. Spending the majority of his career with Real Madrid, Ramos won an impressive 22 trophies. Although known for his disciplinary record, his defensive skills have been unmatched. Ramos recently joined Paris Saint-Germain in pursuit of winning the UEFA Champions League.


  • Q: Who is the best number 4 player of all time?

    • A: Sergio Ramos is widely considered the best number 4 player of all time.
  • Q: Which club did Cesc Fabregas play for?

    • A: Cesc Fabregas played for Arsenal, Barcelona, and Chelsea, among others.
  • Q: What position did Patrick Viera play?

    • A: Patrick Viera played as a defensive midfielder.
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The number 4 jersey may not carry the same iconic status as other numbers in soccer, but it has been worn by some remarkable players. From Cesc Fabregas to Sergio Ramos, these players have made significant contributions to the game and left a lasting legacy. Their skills and achievements have solidified their places among the best number 4 players of all time.