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7 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet: Find the Perfect Fit

Youth Soccer Game

Wide feet can present a challenge for soccer players of all ages. It’s crucial for young athletes to have the right footwear to ensure their safety on the field. While finding extra space in soccer cleats can be difficult, some brands excel in providing options for wide feet.

1. Adidas Copa Mundial

The Adidas Copa Mundial is an excellent choice for players with wide feet. These popular cleats offer both arch support and an adjustable heel strap to prevent slippage during games. They are available with studs or blades and come in various colors to suit individual style preferences.


  • Classic look
  • Modern feel
  • Excellent lockdown support for all surfaces


  • Slightly heavier than other performance options
  • Youth players might not prefer the classic look

2. Adidas Performance Ace 16.4

The Adidas Performance Men’s Ace 16.4 is another great option, featuring a lightweight and comfortable synthetic upper. These cleats provide ample grip on different playing surfaces. They offer an affordable alternative for parents who don’t want to spend a fortune on cleats that their children might outgrow.


  • Very flexible around the foot
  • Lightweight for a budget shoe
  • Comfortable lining throughout


  • Touch and feel may not be the best
  • Average durability
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3. Nike Youth Mercurial Victory VI

For players who prefer molded cleats, the Nike Youth Mercurial Victory VI is an excellent choice. These cleats offer exceptional traction and durability. They come in a variety of colors to appeal to a child’s personal style and feature an additional collar around the ankle and lower leg for added comfort and support.


  • Dynamic fit collar for extra lockdown
  • Snug fit throughout
  • Stud pattern provides excellent traction


  • Sits a little higher on the ankle compared to other cleats
  • Fit may be tricky for some

4. Puma Kids’ One 17.4

Puma is renowned for producing wide-feet-friendly shoes, and the Kids’ One 17.4 is no exception. This versatile and durable soccer shoe features a soft synthetic upper for flexibility and comfort. It is available in various color options, making it easy for kids to choose their favorite.


  • Classic design
  • Fits well and requires no break-in
  • Studs provide plenty of traction


  • Not the most durable option
  • Shows dirt and mud easily

5. Under Armour Spotlight

The Under Armour Spotlight is another excellent choice for players with wide feet. These cleats offer plenty of traction on all playing surfaces and allow your feet to move naturally. They come in a variety of colors to match individual styles and preferences.


  • Plenty of color choices
  • Available in indoor and outdoor models
  • Provides long-lasting performance


  • Design may not be visually appealing
  • Under Armour’s soccer support is limited

6. Adidas Performance Youth X 16+ Purechaos

Designed for firm ground surfaces, the Adidas Performance Youth X 16+ Purechaos offers excellent traction, comfort, and support. These cleats come in a variety of colors to match your child’s personal style.

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  • Outstanding ball control
  • Snug fit
  • Laceless design


  • Expensive option
  • Neutral colorways tend to sell out quickly

7. Nike Youth Mercurial Vapor XI

Lastly, the Nike Youth Mercurial Vapor XI is a great choice for firm ground surfaces. These cleats provide superb traction, control, and comfort. They are available in a wide range of colors to suit your child’s taste.


  • Caters well to wide feet
  • Very affordable
  • Provides solid touch with ball control


  • Subpar durability
  • Basic design


Q: Why do wide feet soccer cleats matter for younger players?
A: Wide feet cleats offer a better fit and more support for young players. Children’s feet are still growing, and wider cleats can accommodate their changing shape and size. These cleats also tend to have more robust construction, making them durable for active kids.

Q: Can wider soccer cleats benefit players of all ages?
A: Absolutely! Wider soccer cleats provide a greater range of movement, which can be advantageous for players on narrower pitches or struggling with their normal shoes. Don’t settle for ill-fitting cleats when there are options available to enhance your playing experience.


Finding the right pair of soccer cleats can make all the difference for players with wide feet. The seven options listed above offer comfort, support, and traction, ensuring a great fit for young athletes. Consider their individual features and choose a pair that suits your child’s style and preferences. Explore the Movin993 website for more information and a wide range of soccer gear catering to different needs. Play your best with the perfect fit!

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