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7 Great Resources for Football Scouts

Thanks to technological innovation and evolving attitudes, football scouting has become more accessible than ever before. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a budding scout, there are numerous resources available to help you improve and develop your scouting skills. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of seven great resources that can assist you in performing to the best of your ability. From training programs to online platforms, these resources cover a wide range of areas related to football scouting. Let’s dive in and explore the options at your disposal.

The Professional Football Scouts Association (PFSA)

The PFSA is the leading provider of talent identification in football training in the UK and Overseas. They work with both new and experienced scouts, representing the largest professional scouting network in the UK. The PFSA offers an extensive portfolio of engaging football scouting courses, which are CPD accredited and endorsed by InStat, a world-leading video analysis platform. From entry-level courses to advanced training, the PFSA provides a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, the PFSA offers exclusive discounts to its courses through the Football Education Hub, an online collection of education resources dedicated to football.

MBP School of Coaches

MBP School of Coaches is a collaborative platform for personal and professional growth in the field of football coaching. With programs in High Performance, Youth Development, Scouting, and Game Analysis, MBP offers both online and in-person learning opportunities. Former students have found success at top clubs like Ajax, Atletico Madrid, and Chelsea. As a member of the Football Education Hub, you can enjoy exclusive discounts of up to €300 off selected MBP courses, allowing you to enhance your skills and knowledge in football coaching.

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Soccer Hub

Soccer Hub is a leading provider of online football education. Their structured course packages cover various skills, including soccer coaching, analysis, and scouting. With modules like ‘How to Build a Soccer Scouting Process’ and ‘Scouting and Recruitment of Top Performance Athletes’, Soccer Hub equips students with industry-specific techniques and exercises. By joining the Football Education Hub, you can access a 20% discount on all Soccer Hub courses, making it an affordable option for expanding your scouting expertise.

The Boot Room

Developed by The FA, The Boot Room offers a vast database of sessions, guides, articles, and interviews for coaches, scouts, and football enthusiasts. The content is structured around the playing and coaching philosophy of England teams, providing access to an online community of over 30,000 football lovers. In addition to free content, The Boot Room offers paid professional courses, including The UEFA C License course and The FA’s Introduction to Coaching Football course. By leveraging the resources available on The Boot Room, you can elevate your scouting skills and football acumen.

S4 Scouting

S4 Scouting, created by professional football scout Ged Searson, offers fully interactive scouting courses and workshops. Endorsed by professionals from FA, Premier League, and Football League, their workshops cater to scouts and analysts at all levels. With courses on ‘Recruitment and Player Scouting’ and ‘Tactical Scouting and Analysis’, S4 Scouting provides in-depth training for aspiring scouts. Their courses are currently available at a discounted price, making it an ideal opportunity to enhance your scouting abilities.

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Soccer Profile

Soccer Profile is a comprehensive online resource focused on measuring and supporting players’ technical and physical development. Founded by experienced EFL manager Garry Monk and his brother Stuart, Soccer Profile provides in-depth analytics and tracking systems. While primarily designed for coaches, Soccer Profile can also benefit football scouts by facilitating player tracking and comparison. With affordable pricing options starting from £5.50 per month, Soccer Profile offers a cost-effective resource for scouts.


Wyscout is a widely used technology for scouting, match analysis, and performance evaluation. Their digital platform brings together videos, data, and information on a vast array of players, competitions, and games. With access to an extensive video library and in-depth data, Wyscout is a valuable tool for scouts and analysts. Although pricing varies depending on the chosen package, Wyscout offers a free trial for you to explore its features before committing.

Why not take advantage of these resources and elevate your scouting career? Whether you’re just starting out or looking to specialize in a particular area, there’s something valuable for everyone. For more guidance on talent spotting and honing your scouting skills, explore our additional content. Remember, continuous learning and improvement are key to success in football scouting.

*Author: Fred Garratt-Stanley