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AFAS Stadion: Home of AZ Alkmaar

AFAS Stadion

Welcome to AFAS Stadion, the impressive home of AZ Alkmaar. Inaugurated in 2006, this stadium replaced the iconic Alkmaarder Hout, which had been the club’s home since its formation in 1967. Let’s take a closer look at the rich history, key features, and useful information about this renowned sporting venue.

A Rich History

Originally known as DSB Stadion, the ground underwent a series of name changes due to sponsorship agreements. In 2010, AFAS Software became the proud sponsor of the stadium, which has since been known as AFAS Stadion. Supporters affectionately refer to it as Victorie Stadion, paying homage to a significant event during the Eighty Years’ War.

AZ Alkmaar, also known as Alkmaar Zaanstreek, has a storied history. They were crowned Eredivisie champions in 1981 and again in 2009. The club has also achieved success in domestic cup competitions, winning the KNVB Cup four times and the Johan Cruyff Shield once.

Stadium Highlights

  • Year Opened: 2006
  • Capacity: 19,500
  • Average Attendance: 15,074
  • Record Attendance: 17,023 (AZ Alkmaar vs Arsenal, 2006)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Nickname: Victorie Stadion
  • Former Name: DSB Stadion
  • Owner: AZ Alkmaar
  • Sponsor: AFAS Software
  • Clubs Hosted: AZ Alkmaar

Seating Plan and Where to Sit

Seating Plan

AFAS Stadion offers a variety of seating options for fans. The main stand, Victorie Tribune, features the dugouts, players’ tunnel, and VIP areas. The vibrant Van der Ben Tribune is a favorite among passionate supporters, while the Westzijde stand sits opposite it behind the opposite goal. The Molenaar Tribune runs alongside the pitch, named after Cees and Klaas Molenaar, who played pivotal roles in the club’s history.

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How to Get AZ Alkmaar Tickets

The best way to secure tickets for AZ Alkmaar matches is through the club’s official website. Tickets can also be purchased over the phone or in person at the AZ Fancentrum, located within AFAS Stadium. Remember to check the website for specific match details, including ticket prices and availability.

Getting to AFAS Stadion

Getting to AFAS Stadion

  • Train: Traveling by train from London to Alkmaar takes approximately six to seven hours. Alkmaar train station is a short ten-minute drive or a scenic fifty-minute walk from the stadium.
  • Bus: Buses 2, 4, and 163 all stop near the stadium.
  • Car: AFAS Stadion is conveniently located just off the N242 and is easily accessible via the N9.
  • By Air: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, located approximately forty miles away from Alkmaar, is the most common arrival point for international visitors.
  • Taxi: A taxi from the central train station in Alkmaar to AFAS Stadion costs approximately €12 and takes around ten minutes.

Parking Near AFAS Stadion

There are nine car parks surrounding the stadium, all managed by the club. For those who have not pre-booked parking, Car Park 8 or 9 offer unreserved spaces.


Q: How can I purchase AZ Alkmaar tickets?
A: Tickets for AZ Alkmaar matches can be purchased through the club’s official website or at the AZ Fancentrum within AFAS Stadium.

Q: What are the best transportation options to reach AFAS Stadion?
A: Traveling by train or bus is convenient, with Alkmaar train station and several bus routes servicing the stadium. For those driving, AFAS Stadion is easily accessible from the N242 and N9.

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Q: Where can I find parking near AFAS Stadion?
A: There are various car parks available near the stadium, all managed by the club. Car Park 8 and 9 are recommended for those without pre-booked parking.


AFAS Stadion stands as a symbol of AZ Alkmaar’s rich history and success. With its modern facilities, comfortable seating, and passionate atmosphere, it offers an unforgettable matchday experience for fans and visitors alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the excitement and passion at AFAS Stadion as AZ Alkmaar competes in the Eredivisie.

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