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Aggborough Stadium: Home of Kidderminster Harriers

Welcome to Aggborough Stadium, the historic home of Kidderminster Harriers. In this article, we will take a closer look at this iconic stadium, from its rich history to its modern-day features. Whether you’re a die-hard Harriers fan or a football enthusiast, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to know.

A Glance into the Past

Aggborough Stadium has a long-standing history that dates back to its opening in 1884. Originally, it consisted of a single grandstand that stood on the touchline. Over the years, the stadium underwent various changes and developments to accommodate the growing needs of the club and its fans.

The Kidderminster Harriers football club itself traces its roots back to 1886. Initially, it was a rugby club that later transitioned to playing under Football Association rules. Though its rugby history is not officially recognized, it is believed that the club has existed since 1886. Since then, the Kidderminster Harriers have become an integral part of the local community.

Stadium Stats

  • Year Opened: 1884
  • Capacity: 6,444
  • Average Attendance: 1,802
  • Record Attendance: 9,155 (Kidderminster v Hereford, 27/11/1948)
  • Pitch Size: 107 x 69 (7,383 sq. ft.)
  • Nickname: Aggy
  • Owner: Kidderminster Harriers
  • Clubs Hosted: Kidderminster Harriers, Worcester City, Wolverhampton Wanderers U23s

Aggborough Stadium Photos

Aggborough Stadium

Aggborough Stadium Seating Plan and Where to Sit

Aggborough Stadium features four stands, each offering a unique viewing experience. The North and South Stands are situated behind the goals, with the South Stand reserved for away fans who prefer to stand. The Main Stand, running along the west side of the pitch, provides seating for home fans. On the east side, you’ll find the Purple Granite Stand, offering seating for away fans.

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Kidderminster Harriers Ticket Prices

Attending a Kidderminster Harriers match? Here is an overview of the ticket prices for the 2023-2024 season:

  • North Terrace (Standing)
    • Adult Price: £18
    • Over 65 Price: £14
    • Student / Young Adult Price: £12
    • Under 16 Price: £5
  • EBC Group Main Stand (Seated) & Purple Granite Stand (Seated)
    • Adult Price: £20
    • Over 65 Price: £16
    • Student / Young Adult Price: £14
    • Under 16 Price: £6
  • Away Standing in the South Stand
    • Adult Price: £18
    • Over 65 Price: £14
    • Student / Young Adult Price: £12
    • Under 16 Price: £5
  • Away Seated in the Purple Granite Stand
    • Adult Price: £20
    • Over 65 Price: £16
    • Student / Young Adult Price: £14
    • Under 16 Price: £6

Please note that prices may vary depending on personal circumstances and ticket purchasing method.

How to Get Kidderminster Harriers Tickets

Getting your hands on Kidderminster Harriers tickets is easy. Simply visit our official website, where you can conveniently purchase tickets online. Avoid the on-the-day ticket charges by booking in advance!

Getting to Aggborough Stadium


Kidderminster Train Station is located just half a mile from Aggborough Stadium, making it easily accessible on foot. For those coming from Wolverhampton or Birmingham, a train to these cities might be a more convenient option.


If you prefer to take the bus, the 303 bus route stops near the stadium, allowing for a hassle-free journey.


For those traveling by car, take the A456 if coming from Birmingham or Wolverhampton, following the signs to Kidderminster. From Worcester, take junction six for the A449. If traveling from the southwest, take the M40 and M42 to reach the M5.

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By Air

Birmingham International Airport, approximately 30 miles from Kidderminster, is the closest airport. Convenient train links are available from the airport.


If you plan on taking a taxi, the approximate cost from Kidderminster Railway Station to the stadium is £10, subject to traffic conditions.

Parking Near Aggborough Stadium

Parking options near Aggborough Stadium are limited. However, there is a council car park located near the North Stand, charging a fee of £7.50. Alternatively, on-street parking may be available, ensuring compliance with all road regulations.

Parking Near Aggborough Stadium

Pubs and Bars Near Aggborough Stadium

If you’re looking for a pre or post-match refreshment, there are several pubs and bars near Aggborough Stadium. These establishments provide the perfect opportunity to soak up the lively atmosphere and mingle with fellow football fans.


Q: Can I buy Kidderminster Harriers tickets on matchday?
A: While tickets can be purchased on matchday, we recommend booking in advance on our official website to avoid additional charges.

Q: What are the seating options at Aggborough Stadium?
A: Aggborough Stadium offers a variety of seating options, including the EBC Group Main Stand for home fans and the Purple Granite Stand for away fans.

Q: How can I get to Aggborough Stadium by public transport?
A: Kidderminster Train Station is the closest train station to the stadium. Bus route 303 also provides convenient access to the area.


Aggborough Stadium, with its rich history and modern-day features, is a true gem for football enthusiasts. From its humble beginnings to its current status as the home of Kidderminster Harriers, this stadium offers an exciting matchday experience. Whether you’re a loyal Harriers supporter or a fan of the beautiful game, a visit to Aggborough Stadium is a must.

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For more information about Kidderminster Harriers and upcoming matches, visit the official Movin993 website.

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