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Arena Națională: The Biggest Stadium in Romania

The Arena Națională, also known as the National Arena, is the largest stadium in Romania. Located in Bucharest, it opened its doors in 2011 as a replacement for the National Stadium. The impressive stadium is situated within the Lia Manoliu National Sports Complex and serves as the home for Romania’s international matches. It has also become the home ground for Steaua București (FCSB) since 2015. Additionally, Dinamo București plays some important games at the stadium, although they have a different home for most league matches.

Impressive Features and Versatility

The Arena Națională has a maximum capacity of 55,634 spectators, though it rarely reaches that figure for Steaua matches. The stadium’s design allows it to host not only Romanian football matches but also top-level European competitions. It is the venue for the Romanian Cup Final and Supercup Final every year. In 2012, it hosted the final of the UEFA Europa League. Furthermore, the stadium was selected as one of the venues for the 60th anniversary of the European Championships in 2020, a significant pan-European event.

Stadium Stats and Facts

Here are some key statistics and information about the Arena Națională:

  • Year Opened: 2011
  • Capacity: 55,634
  • Average Attendance: 21,099
  • Record Attendance: 53,329 (Romania v Netherlands in 2012)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Owner: Municipality of Bucharest

The Home of Romanian Football and Steaua București

The Arena Națională has played host to various clubs and national teams throughout its history. Here are some notable facts about the teams associated with the stadium:

  • Romania national football team: The stadium serves as the home ground for the Romanian national team.
  • Dinamo București: While Dinamo București has a different home for most league games, they also play significant matches at the Arena Națională.
  • Steaua București (FCSB): Since 2015, Steaua București has called the Arena Națională their home ground.
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Stadium Layout and Seating

The Arena Națională features a bowl design that offers a continuous ring of seating around the pitch. Unlike the ‘English Style’ with separate stands on each side, the stadium consists of three tiers. Here’s an overview of each section:

  • Peluza I Nord (North Stand): Behind one of the goals, this stand attracts passionate and vocal football supporters.
  • Peluza II Sud (South Stand): Opposite the North Stand, it also welcomes energetic fans.
  • Tribuna I Vest (West Stand): Considered the main stand, it houses the dressing rooms, players’ tunnel, and the dugouts. It has a larger VIP section in the middle tier, including the director’s box.
  • Tribuna II Est (East Stand): Similar in design to the North and South stands, it features a smaller VIP area and more space for average supporters. This stand runs along the entire edge of the pitch.

Ticket Prices and How to Secure Them

Ticket prices for matches at the Arena Națională vary depending on the opponent and the tournament. It’s advisable to check the Romanian FA’s website for updated pricing details. The Federatia Romana de Fotbal’s website is the primary source for purchasing Romania national team tickets.

For FC Steaua București tickets, information regarding prices can be challenging to find. The club’s website and Romanian newspaper articles may provide some guidance. Additionally, tickets can be purchased directly from the stadium if you are in Bucharest.

Getting to Arena Națională

Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, is the location of the Arena Națională. Several transportation options are available to reach the stadium:

  • Train: Traveling by train from London to Bucharest includes stops in Paris and Munich. From Munich, you can take a sleeper train to Budapest Keleti Station, followed by a 15-minute walk to the closest Metro station, Piata Muncii.
  • Metro/Tram: The closest Metro station is Piata Muncii, accessible within a 15-minute walk. Trams 56, 46, 40, 36, and 14 also serve the stadium, with the closest stop being Pictor Harlescu.
  • Bus: The Arena Nationala bus and coach station is the closest to the stadium, served by the N109 bus.
  • Car/Taxi: Driving to the stadium is an option, but it can be challenging due to traffic. Using a sat-nav and entering the stadium’s address is recommended. Taxis, including Uber, are available in Bucharest.
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Parking and Facilities

The Arena Națională provides about 2,100 parking spaces, primarily reserved for VIP guests. However, if you arrive early, you may find available parking for regular spectators.

The stadium offers all the necessary facilities expected for a venue hosting national and club matches. There are numerous food and beverage options, comfortable seating throughout, and even a retractable roof. The roof can be opened or closed within 15 minutes, providing flexibility depending on weather conditions.

Stadium Tours and Museum

Steaua Bucharest runs stadium tours at the Arena Națională, showcasing the club’s history and facilities. The tour includes visits to the team’s bus, training pitches, gym, and press room. Visitors can experience walking down the players’ tunnel, simulating interviews, and stepping onto the pitch using specially designed tiles. The changing rooms and the club’s museum are also part of the tour.

Tours operate from Monday to Saturday, with four daily time slots: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, and 4pm. Ticket prices are 50 lei for adults, 25 lei for concessions, and free for children under six.


Q: How can I purchase Romania national team tickets?
A: Tickets for Romania national team matches can be purchased through the Federația Română de Fotbal website. For FIFA and UEFA tournaments, their respective websites provide ticket information.

Q: Where can I buy FC Steaua București tickets?
A: FC Steaua București ticket information can be found on their website. Tickets can also be obtained directly from the stadium if you are in Bucharest.

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The Arena Națională is the largest stadium in Romania, hosting Romania’s international matches and serving as the home ground for Steaua București since 2015. The stadium’s design and versatility allow it to host top-level matches, including European competitions. With its impressive facilities and convenient location, it provides an excellent experience for football enthusiasts and visitors exploring the vibrant city of Bucharest. To learn more about the Arena Națională and purchase tickets, visit Movin993.