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Bootham Crescent: The Historic Home of York City Football Club

Bootham Crescent has been the beloved home of York City Football Club since 1932. Situated in York, England, the club leased the land from York Cricket Club to replace their former home, Fulfordgate. In 1948, York City F.C. took ownership of the ground for the sum of £4075. Over the years, Bootham Crescent has witnessed countless triumphs and memorable moments for the club and its passionate supporters.

A Rich History and Memorable Statistics

Bootham Crescent holds a special place in the hearts of York City fans, with a rich history dating back almost 90 years. The ground, with a capacity of 8256, has seen an average attendance of 2789 loyal supporters. The record attendance stands at an impressive 28123, set during a match between York City and Huddersfield in 1938.

The pitch itself measures 104 x 64 yards, providing an excellent playing surface for the teams. It’s interesting to note that Bootham Crescent was briefly known as KitKat Crescent due to a sponsorship agreement with Nestle. This unique name change added a touch of excitement to the club’s tenure in the Conference.

Bootham Crescent

The Layout of Bootham Crescent

Bootham Crescent comprises four distinct stands, each with its own character and atmosphere. The David Longhurst Stand, located behind the Northern goal, is a vibrant terrace where the most passionate York fans gather to cheer on their team. The Main Stand, housing the dressing rooms and club offices, adds a touch of professionalism to the ground.

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The Grosvenor Road End is another terraced section situated behind the Southern goal, offering an exciting perspective of the action. Opposite the Main Stand, we find The Popular Stand, capable of accommodating over 1500 supporters. With a variety of seating options, Bootham Crescent ensures an enjoyable experience for all fans.

Steeped in History

Bootham Crescent has stood the test of time, enduring both triumphs and challenges throughout its existence. In its early years, the ground played a part in the community’s resilience during World War Two. The Popular Stand was transformed into an air-raid shelter, providing a safe space for locals during turbulent times. The stadium itself experienced damage when a bomb landed on nearby houses, a testament to the historical significance of the area.

Throughout the years, Bootham Crescent has undergone various renovations and improvements. Floodlights were installed in 1959, and more powerful ones were added in 1995, enhancing the atmosphere during night matches. In 1992, the Family Stand was opened within the Main Stand, thanks to the fundraising efforts of the club’s manager at the time, John Ward, who even ran the London Marathon to support the cause.

A Promising Future and Relocation Plans

In 2016, York City F.C. welcomed the York City Knights rugby team to share the grounds of Bootham Crescent. However, the club has plans to move to a new state-of-the-art stadium called York Community Stadium in 2019. While this exciting prospect looms on the horizon, it’s important to note that Bootham Crescent still requires attention.

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Maintenance and repairs are needed, including addressing issues such as holes in the roof of the Main Stand and drainage problems. Although no major renovations are expected in the near future, the historic significance of Bootham Crescent remains intact.


1. Will Bootham Crescent be preserved after York City moves to the new stadium?

While the plans for the new stadium are underway, the future of Bootham Crescent remains uncertain. There have been discussions about potential redevelopment in the area, but its rich history and significance to the community make it a cherished landmark worth preserving.

2. Can visitors explore the Bootham Crescent grounds?

Bootham Crescent holds a special place in the hearts of York City fans, and as such, it is not currently open for public exploration. However, the club occasionally organizes special events and tours to allow supporters a glimpse into the club’s cherished history.


Bootham Crescent, the iconic home of York City Football Club, holds a wealth of history and memories for fans and players alike. From its humble beginnings in 1932 to its current status as a cherished landmark, the ground has witnessed triumphs, challenges, and the unwavering support of the passionate York City community.

As the club prepares for a new chapter at York Community Stadium, let us not forget the rich heritage and the indelible mark that Bootham Crescent has left on the world of football.