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Boundary Park: Oldham Athletic

Boundary Park, the home of Oldham Athletic Association Football Club, has a rich history dating back to its opening in 1896. Formerly known as The Athletic Ground, the stadium has gone through various name changes over the years, including a period as Park. However, the club listened to its fans and changed the name back to Boundary Park after four years. This article will explore the fascinating past, present, and future of Boundary Park, providing all the information fans need to know about this iconic stadium.

A Brief History of Boundary Park

Boundary Park was initially home to Oldham County, Oldham’s first-ever football club, before they folded in 1899. The ground was then taken over by Pine Villa Football Club, who promptly changed their name to Oldham Athletic and renamed the stadium to Boundary Park. The name has been synonymous with the club ever since.

In 2014, sponsored the ground, renaming it Park. While the financial benefits were undeniable, many fans were upset by the change. However, after four years, the club decided to revert the name back to Boundary Park, demonstrating their commitment to their loyal supporters.

Boundary Park: Stats and Facilities

  • Year Opened: 1896
  • Capacity: 13,513
  • Average Attendance: 3,466
  • Record Attendance: 47,671 (1930)
  • Pitch Size: 101 x 68 meters
  • Former Name: Athletic Ground
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Boundary Park boasts four stands, adhering to the traditional English style of stadium design. These stands include:

  1. The Chadderton Road End: Located behind one of the goals, this stand is favored by the most vocal Oldham supporters, known as The Chaddy End.

  2. The Main Stand: This stand offers two tiers, with the home fans occupying the sections not needed by away supporters.

  3. The Jimmy Frizzell Stand: Formerly allocated to away supporters, the stand is now exclusively for home fans. Previously known as the Rochdale Road Stand.

  4. The Joe Royle Stand: Currently under redevelopment, this stand will provide space for nearly 3,000 spectators, along with a health and fitness suite, a bar, and a dedicated area for club events.

Facilities within Boundary Park include kiosks for food and drinks, as well as a supporters bar. Fans can expect a quality matchday experience with these amenities.

Oldham Athletic: Tickets and Prices

Oldham Athletic offers straightforward ticket pricing, with no categorization of matches. Prices vary according to age groups and advance bookings. Here are the ticket prices for adults, concessions, and under 16s:

  • Adults: £18 – £22
  • Concessions: £8 – £10

To purchase tickets, fans can visit the stadium’s ticket office, call the ticket office directly, or conveniently book online through the official Oldham Athletic website.

Getting to Boundary Park

Boundary Park is conveniently located in Oldham, not far from Manchester, making it easily accessible for visitors. Here are various transportation options for fans:

  • Train: The nearest station, Mills Hill Railway Station, is approximately 2.1 miles from the ground.
  • Bus: The Royal Oldham Hospital stop is the best bus stop for the stadium, with frequent buses stopping there from various locations.
  • Car: Accessible from the M62 and M60, motorists can follow the appropriate signs to reach Boundary Park.
  • Air: Manchester Airport is the closest airport to the stadium.
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Parking options include an official supporters’ car park and on-street parking, with fans advised to be aware of any parking restrictions in the area.

Boundary Park Hotels and Nearby Establishments

While Manchester offers numerous accommodation options, there are also some hotels closer to Boundary Park. Visitors can choose from a range of hotels to suit their preferences and needs.

A visit to Oldham is incomplete without experiencing the local pubs and bars. The town boasts numerous characterful establishments offering a friendly atmosphere. These places are ideal for enjoying a pre-match pint or post-match celebration.

Facilities and Hospitality at Boundary Park

Boundary Park provides all the amenities fans expect from a well-maintained club. Kiosks offer a variety of food and drink options, and supporters can also place bets on site. The facilities are of a high standard, including a supporters bar for pre and post-match socializing.

For those seeking a special matchday experience, Oldham Athletic offers hospitality packages. The George Lawton Suite is currently available and includes a matchday host, pre-match player interviews, drinks on arrival, a two-course meal, matchday program, half-time refreshments, and excellent seats on the halfway line.

Private hire options are available through the Oldham Event Centre, catering to corporate events, functions, parties, and even weddings. The Centre offers a range of spaces suitable for various group sizes.


Can I take a stadium tour at Boundary Park? At present, there are no stadium tours available. Any future developments regarding stadium tours will be communicated by the club.


Boundary Park, the home of Oldham Athletic, has a rich history and a bright future. From its humble beginnings as The Athletic Ground to its current status as a well-loved stadium, Boundary Park continues to be a place where football fans come together to support their team. With its convenient location and fantastic facilities, it’s no wonder that Boundary Park is a beloved destination for football enthusiasts. Experience the excitement and passion of Oldham Athletic at Boundary Park, an essential destination for any football fan. For more information, visit the official Movin993 website.

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