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Bramall Lane: Sheffield United

We invite you to explore the rich history and unique features of Bramall Lane, the home of Sheffield United. As the oldest professional football ground in the world, dating back to 1862, Bramall Lane holds a special place in football history. It has witnessed remarkable moments and continues to be a beloved venue for fans today.

A Historic Ground

Bramall Lane’s historical significance extends beyond its age. It holds the distinction of being one of only two stadiums in the world to have hosted an England football international match, an England cricket test match, and an FA Cup Final. The ground has seen five England internationals and a cricket test match between England and Australia. The FA Cup final between Barnsley and West Brom, resulting in Barnsley’s victory, was also held here.

Unforgettable Moments

Bramall Lane’s unique features make it a memorable destination for both football and cricket enthusiasts. The stadium’s claim to fame includes being the first to host a floodlit football match on October 14, 1878. Additionally, Bramall Lane offers a variety of stands, each with its own charm and purpose.

  • The H.E Barnes Stand: The oldest existing stand, previously known as The Bramall Lane Stand, now welcomes away fans.
  • The Tony Currie South Stand: This main stand houses the Superstore and the club’s museum, making it a must-visit for fans.
  • The Kennedy’s Kop Stand: A traditional single-tier stand renowned for its passionate and vocal supporters.
  • The DSM Family Stand: Known as Bramall Lane’s family stand, it offers executive suites and boxes, providing a great experience for families.
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Tickets and Pricing

Getting tickets for Bramall Lane matches is a straightforward process. Sheffield United offers various pricing options, including discounts for Blades Membership holders. The ticket prices vary depending on the match category and seating location. For adults and concessions, here are the cheapest and most expensive ticket prices in each category:

  • Category A: £40 – £45 / £19 – £36
  • Category B: £35 – £40 / £15 – £31

Adult members enjoy a £1 discount. To purchase tickets, you can visit the Sheffield United website, call the ticket office, or visit in person during the specified hours.

Getting to Bramall Lane

Sheffield is easily accessible from various parts of the country. Here are some popular methods of transportation:

  • Train: Bramall Lane is a short walk from Sheffield Railway Station, with regular train services from the North and South. The city’s tram system also provides convenient transportation options.
  • Bus: Sheffield Bus Station is a short walk from Bramall Lane, making it a convenient choice for bus and coach travelers.
  • Car: If traveling by car, follow the relevant directions based on your location, taking into account specific road signs for Bramall Lane.
  • Air: Robin Hood Doncaster-Sheffield Airport is the nearest airport, offering bus services to Doncaster and Barnsley, from where you can connect to Sheffield.

Hospitality and Facilities

Sheffield United prides itself on offering exceptional hospitality options, ensuring a top-tier experience for fans. Some notable choices include:

  • Directors 1889: This top-tier hospitality package offers a four-course meal, complimentary drinks, a Directors’ Box seat, and more.
  • The Platinum Suite: Located in the South Stand, it provides excellent views, a three-course meal, luxury armchair seats, and refreshments.
  • The Tony Currie Suite: This pitch-facing glass-fronted restaurant offers a two-course meal, pre-match entertainment, and the chance to meet United legend Tony Currie.
  • The International Bar: A relaxed hospitality option, offering a padded seat, access to a hot buffet, and the opportunity to meet former players.
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The stadium boasts excellent facilities for disabled supporters and offers a range of food, drink, and betting options. Prices for items such as programmes, pies, tea, and beer are affordable, ensuring an enjoyable matchday experience.

Stadium Tours and Museum

While tours of Bramall Lane are currently unavailable due to ongoing stadium work, they typically provide an hour-long exploration of key areas such as changing rooms, hospitality suites, and the player’s tunnel. The stadium also houses the Legend Of The Lane museum, showcasing the club’s memorabilia and rich history.


Q: How can I purchase Sheffield United tickets?
A: Sheffield United offers various methods to purchase tickets. You can visit their website, call the ticket office, or visit in person during the specified hours.

Q: Where can I find parking near Bramall Lane?
A: Bramall Lane has a large car park onsite, with additional parking options available around the city. Visitors should be mindful of parking restrictions when considering on-street parking.


Bramall Lane stands as a testament to Sheffield United’s rich history and provides fans with an unforgettable matchday experience. From its historical milestones to its unique stands and exceptional hospitality, Bramall Lane remains a beloved destination for football enthusiasts. We invite you to explore this iconic stadium, witness its splendor firsthand, and support Sheffield United as they continue their football journey.

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