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Bulgarian First Professional Football League Stadiums & Stats

The Bulgarian First Professional Football League, previously known as the A Group, is the premier football league in Bulgaria. In this article, we will explore the league’s stadiums, its history, and provide some interesting statistics.

Stadium Stats

Bulgaria’s football stadiums may not be as grand as those found in Spain or England, but they have their own charm. The largest stadium in Bulgaria is the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, with a seating capacity of 29,000. This stadium belongs to Levski Sofia, a team that has never been relegated from the top-flight.

Most stadiums in the Bulgarian First Professional Football League have a capacity of around 13,000, with half of them accommodating less than 10,000 spectators. Bulgarian stadiums exhibit different architectural styles. While some follow a “European Style” with continuous seating around the perimeter of the pitch, others opt for the “English Style” with stands along each edge.

Georgi Asparuhov Stadium
Georgi Asparuhov Stadium

About The League

The Bulgarian football league system consists of two professional divisions and several amateur leagues. The top division, the First Professional Football League, comprises fourteen teams, while the Second Professional Football League has sixteen teams. Below these, there are four amateur leagues with eighteen teams each, organized geographically.

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The Bulgarian football pyramid operates on a meritocratic system, allowing even the smallest club to progress through the ranks. In the top-flight, teams play a regular season with three points awarded for a win, one for a draw, and none for a loss. After the regular season, the league is split into two groups: the top six teams enter a playoff, while the bottom eight teams have their own competition.

The champions of the top group qualify for the UEFA Champions League, with the runner-up earning a spot in the UEFA Europa League. The third-placed team enters a playoff against a representative from the bottom eight. In the bottom group, the teams play each other to determine who will compete against the fourth-placed team for a Europa League spot. The last two teams in each group participate in a playoff to avoid relegation.

Bulgarian First Professional Football League History

The Bulgarian football league has undergone several changes throughout its history. It started as a knockout format in 1924 before transitioning into a more recognizable league system in 1937. In the early years, the league had a varying number of participating teams, with ten teams competing in the inaugural season.

Over the years, the number of teams fluctuated due to club mergers. From 1968 until 2000, the league consisted of sixteen teams, except for two seasons with eighteen teams. In the new millennium, the league underwent major reforms, introducing the current complex rules.

Unfortunately, Bulgarian football has faced controversies in recent years, with high-profile cases of murder and corruption. Despite these challenges, the Bulgarian First Professional Football League continues to evolve and captivate fans.

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Q: How many teams compete in the Bulgarian First Professional Football League?
A: Fourteen teams compete in the league each season.

Q: What is the capacity of the largest stadium in Bulgaria?
A: The Georgi Asparuhov Stadium, belonging to Levski Sofia, has a capacity of 29,000.

Q: How is the Bulgarian football league system structured?
A: The Bulgarian football pyramid consists of two professional divisions, followed by four amateur leagues, divided geographically.

Q: How does the playoff system work in the Bulgarian First Professional Football League?
A: After the regular season, the league is split into two groups: a top group and a bottom group. The top group competes for the championship and European qualification, while the bottom group determines relegation and Europa League qualification.


The Bulgarian First Professional Football League offers exciting football action in unique and charming stadiums. Despite its complex rules, the league’s rich history and passionate fan base continue to make it a significant part of Bulgarian culture. For more information about Bulgarian football and the league, visit Movin993.