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Can Goalkeepers Score in Soccer?

Iker Casillas

Soccer consists of various positions, each with unique roles and responsibilities crucial to winning a match. Among these positions, being a goalkeeper is one of the most challenging. The primary objective of a goalkeeper is to prevent the opposing team from scoring goals. However, have you ever wondered if goalkeepers can score themselves? In this article, we will explore the possibility of goalkeepers scoring and dive into some remarkable moments in goalkeeping history.

How Can a Goalkeeper Score?

Despite their main role as the last line of defense, goalkeepers have the potential to score goals in soccer, just like any other player on the field. Although it is rare, there have been instances where goalkeepers have found themselves in the right position to score. One way they can contribute is by passing the ball up the field to help their team’s attackers create scoring opportunities. This strategy is commonly used by teams struggling to score, especially those with a prominent forward player.

Additionally, goalkeepers may venture into the opposition’s 18-yard box during a corner or free-kick late in the game. This tactic is often employed by teams desperate for an equalizer or a late winning goal. While it is more common for the ball to not reach the goalkeeper in these situations, there have been remarkable instances where goalkeepers successfully scored, earning praise from fans and media alike.

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Another method of scoring for goalkeepers is through a goal kick. Unlike throw-ins, goalkeepers can score directly from a goal kick, similar to a free-kick. However, such goals remain rare and are dependent on factors such as the positioning of the opposition goalkeeper and the direction of the wind. A well-struck ball, combined with the right gust of wind, can potentially catch the opposition off guard.

Why Are Scoring Goalkeepers So Rare?

Scoring goals as a goalkeeper is an infrequent occurrence, and several factors contribute to this rarity. Given their crucial defensive role, goalkeepers are seldom in positions to score. Even during attacking plays, goalkeepers must remain in their designated area to be prepared for possible counterattacks by the opposing team.

Moreover, scoring long-range goals requires nearly perfect conditions, as most instances of goalkeepers scoring from a distance have been coincidental rather than intentional. Some goalkeepers even consider it disrespectful to their counterparts to score from a goal kick, as it may undermine the opposing goalkeeper’s skills.

There is an unwritten code among goalkeepers known as the “goalkeepers union,” where certain rules and etiquette are followed on the field. This camaraderie and respect among goalkeepers further contribute to the rarity of goal-scoring moments.

What Is the Best Goal Scored by a Goalkeeper?

While scoring goals as a goalkeeper is rare, there have been awe-inspiring strikes over the years. Opinions may vary on which goal is the best, but one of the most memorable occurred in 2013 when Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic scored against Southampton in the Premier League.

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The significance of this goal lies in its timing, as it was scored just 12 seconds after the game started. Southampton had kicked off from the center circle, but Stoke won possession and played the ball back to Begovic for better ball control. Begovic launched the ball upfield, intending to find Stoke’s forward players. However, due to the strong winds characteristic of Stoke, the ball swerved unpredictably, catching the Southampton goalkeeper off guard and sailing into the net.

Begovic’s goal holds two notable records: one of the fastest goals ever scored and the longest goal in soccer history at that time. He even received a Guinness World Record for this remarkable achievement, a record that stood until 2021 when Newport County goalkeeper Tom King scored from 105 yards out.

Other remarkable goals by goalkeepers include Peter Schmeichel’s effort against Rotor Volgograd in 1995 and former Bayern Munich goalkeeper Gerard Hillringhaus’ overhead kick while playing for SV Turk Gucu in German soccer’s lower divisions. Hillringhaus’ goal stands out as one of the most impressive goals by a goalkeeper, considering even the best strikers struggle to execute an overhead kick.

In conclusion, while goalkeepers scoring in soccer is a rare occurrence, it is indeed possible. Witnessing a goalkeeper score live is a unique experience, as such events are few and far between.