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Crown Ground: Accrington Stanley

For those who remember the iconic milk advert from the 1980s, the words “Accrington Stanley” may still bring a smile to their faces. But there’s more to this club than just a catchy commercial. Let’s take a closer look at Accrington Stanley and their home ground, the Crown Ground.

A Rich History

Founded in 1968, Accrington Stanley has a unique story that showcases their resilience and determination. The club rose through the non-league ranks to eventually make it into the Football League. However, financial troubles nearly caused the team to disappear in 2009. Thanks to the intervention of Ilyas Khan, the club was saved and has since been on a path of steady progress.

The Crown Ground: A Home with Many Names

Since 1970, Accrington Stanley has called the Crown Ground their home. Over the years, the stadium has undergone several name changes due to sponsorship deals. Currently known as the Wham Stadium, thanks to a partnership with What More UK Ltd, it provides a fitting backdrop for the club’s journey.

Stadium Stats

  • Year Opened: 1968
  • Capacity: 5450
  • Average Attendance: 2988
  • Record Attendance: 5397 (Accrington v Derby, January 2019)
  • Pitch Size: 101 x 66 (6666)
  • Nickname: Crown Ground
  • Former Names: Fraser Eagle Stadium, Interlink Express Stadium, Crown Ground

Crown Ground Photos

Crown Ground

Seating Plan and Where to Sit

To fully enjoy the matchday experience at the Crown Ground, it’s essential to know where to sit. The Jack Barret Memorial Stand runs along one side of the pitch, while the Whinney Hill Terrace occupies the other half. The Clayton End is the section preferred by passionate supporters, while the Eric Whalley Stand welcomes away fans. The Coppice End is another option for visiting supporters.

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Tickets and Pricing

Getting tickets for Accrington Stanley matches at the Crown Ground is straightforward. There are two match categories, but the prices remain the same regardless of where you sit. The only factor that affects the ticket price is your age. Here are the prices for adults and concessions:

  • Category A: £25.00 / £20.00
  • Category B: £20.00 / £15.00

Tickets can be purchased on match days at the turnstiles, over the phone, or from the ticket office during the week.

Getting to the Crown Ground

To ensure you arrive at the Crown Ground on time, here are some transportation options:

  • Train: Accrington Railway Station is conveniently located just twenty minutes away from the stadium.
  • Bus: The Hyndburn Circular Bus, which runs from Accrington center to the nearby Crown Pub, provides easy access to the Crown Ground.
  • Car: If you’re traveling by car, take the M65 and exit at Junction 7 before getting onto the A678 and A680. From the M66, follow the A56 and then the A680. Look for the signs leading to the ground.
  • Air: Manchester Airport, located less than thirty miles away, offers excellent transport options for those arriving by plane.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride from Accrington center to the Wham Stadium will cost around £8 and take no more than five minutes.

Parking Near the Crown Ground

Parking options near the Crown Ground include a lot opposite the stadium and nearby street parking. Visit this link to find available parking spaces.

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Crown Ground Hotels

As Accrington is situated between Burnley and Blackburn, there are several hotel options nearby. Whether you prefer a budget-friendly stay or luxury accommodations, there’s something for everyone.

Pubs and Bars Near the Crown Ground

Accrington offers a variety of pubs and bars for fans to enjoy before or after the match. Here are our top recommendations:

Facilities at the Crown Ground

While the facilities at the Crown Ground may be more modest compared to some larger stadiums, they still offer the essentials. If you’re feeling hungry, you can grab a pie or a burger, and they even sell Pot Noodles for the adventurous. Among the stands, the Eric Whalley Stand provides the most comfortable seating experience.

Facility Prices:

  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £2.5
  • Cup of tea: £1.5
  • Beer: £3.5


For a more exclusive experience, the Crown Ground offers hospitality options like the Chairman’s Lounge and the 1968 Lounge. These areas provide top-notch seating, food options, and complimentary refreshments. If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, the Snug Experience is another excellent choice.

Private Hire

If you’re planning a special event, the Crown Ground has a bar that can accommodate up to 160 guests. Whether you need a DJ, cake decorator, or catering services, the staff will ensure your event is a success. They can even assist with dressing the room to your specifications.

Stadium Tours & Museum

While there are currently no stadium tours or a museum at the Crown Ground, occasional tours are offered for free. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to get a behind-the-scenes look at the club.

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Accrington Stanley’s Crown Ground is a place of history, passion, and resilience. This stadium has witnessed the club’s journey from its non-league roots to its current position in the Football League. With ongoing plans for development, the Crown Ground is set to continue providing a fantastic matchday experience for fans.


  • Q: How can I purchase Accrington Stanley tickets?
    A: Tickets can be bought on match days at the turnstiles, over the phone, or from the ticket office during the week.

  • Q: Are there parking options near the Crown Ground?
    A: Yes, there is a parking lot opposite the stadium and street parking available nearby.

  • Q: What are the hospitality options at the Crown Ground?
    A: The Crown Ground offers hospitality options such as the Chairman’s Lounge, the 1968 Lounge, and the Snug Experience, each providing unique amenities for guests.

  • Q: Is there a stadium tour or museum at the Crown Ground?
    A: Currently, there are no regular tours or a museum; however, occasional tours are offered for free, providing fans with a glimpse behind the scenes.