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Czech First League: A Look into the History, Stadiums, and Stats

Football painted in Czech flag colors

The Czech First League, also known as the Fortuna Liga due to sponsorship, emerged after the dissolution of Czechoslovakia in 1993. As Slovakia and the Czech Republic became separate nations, a new league was needed. Slavia Prague has remained a competitive team throughout the league’s history, boasting the most titles. Let’s delve into the league’s evolution, the current format, and the captivating stadiums awaiting football enthusiasts.

Stadium Stats

Eden Stadium
Photo by Stormen425, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you plan on experiencing a Czech Republic football match, expect stadiums similar to those found in the English League One or League Two. The largest stadiums in the country fall somewhere between average Championship clubs and top Premier League stadiums like Old Trafford. Let’s take a look at the capacities of the five biggest Czech stadiums:

  • Eden Arena – 20,232
  • Stadion Evžena Rošického – 19,032
  • Generali Arena – 18,944
  • Na Stínadlech – 18,221
  • Městský stadion – 15,123

In comparison, Old Trafford can accommodate over 75,000 spectators. The Czech Republic stadiums follow a similar pattern, with stands on each side of the pitch, reflecting a more basic design akin to League Two clubs rather than extravagant arenas.

About The League

Czech First League

The Czech First League introduced a new format for the 2018-2019 season. The league comprises 16 teams, and in the first half of the season, each side plays the others twice, once at home and once away. After this period, the teams are divided into three groups.

  • The top 6 teams form the Championship Group.
  • Teams from 7th to 10th participate in the Europa League Play-Off.
  • Teams from 11th to 16th make up the final group.
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The top 6 teams in the Championship Group play against each other once, accumulating points won throughout the season. The team with the highest total points wins the title. Similarly, the final group determines the team to be relegated to the Czech National Football League, with the 14th and 15th-placed teams facing off against the top two teams from the Czech National League.

One of the most intriguing sections is the middle group. The teams placed 7th to 10th compete against each other once. The best team from this group then faces the team that finishes 4th or 5th, depending on the Czech Cup and coefficient ranking, to secure a spot in the Europa League.

Czech First League History

The Czech First League originated in 1993 following the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Previously, teams participated in the Czechoslovak League. However, with the new Czech Republic, a separate league was formed. The league has always consisted of 16 teams, though the format has gone through several changes over the years.

Initially, the season spanned from August to May, with teams playing each other twice, similar to the Premier League. The league started awarding three points for a win in 1994, as opposed to the previous two points. The current format, with three points for a win, one for a draw, and none for a defeat, was introduced in the 2018-2019 season.

The league has seen various sponsors, starting with Plzeňský Prazdroj, a. s. (known as the Pilsner Brewing Company in the UK) from 1997 to 2014. Later, Synot, a betting company, took over sponsorship. Sparta Prague stands as the most successful club in the league, with Prague itself boasting the most titles among Czech cities.

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The Czech First League showcases the rich history and passionate football culture of the Czech Republic. With its unique format and competitive teams, it offers an exhilarating experience for both local and international football enthusiasts. Explore the impressive stadiums and witness the thrill of Czech football firsthand.

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