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Deepdale: Preston North End

Deepdale, the home of Preston North End, is steeped in history and has been a beloved venue for football enthusiasts for many years. Let’s take a closer look at the rich heritage of this iconic ground.

A Place with a Name

Deepdale Farm, from which the stadium takes its name, was transformed into a sporting haven for cricket and rugby in 1875. It wasn’t until 1878 that Deepdale hosted its first association football match, and the club fully embraced the code for football in 1880. Since then, Preston North End has become synonymous with the beautiful game.

Legendary Figures and Memorable Moments

Preston North End boasts a remarkable roster of footballing legends. Sir Tom Finney, who played for the club from 1946 to 1960, remains their top scorer and is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time. Bill Shankly, the founding father of modern-day Liverpool Football Club, also graced the Deepdale turf during his playing days.

Stadium Stats

  • Year Opened: 1878
  • Capacity: 23,408
  • Average Attendance: 16,119
  • Record Attendance: 42,684 (Preston vs Arsenal, 1938)
  • Pitch Size: 101 x 69 yards
  • Owner: Preston North End F.C.

Explore Deepdale

Deepdale stands proudly as a traditional “English Style” ground, offering four distinct stands for fans to enjoy. The Sir Tom Finney Stand, the first to be rebuilt during the stadium renovations in the mid-90s, houses the players’ tunnel. The recently opened Invincibles Stand replaced the Pavilion Stand, while the Bill Shankly Stand provides a Kop-style experience for away supporters. Finally, the Alan Kelly Stand welcomes the club’s passionate fans directly opposite the Bill Shankly Stand.


Ticket Prices and How to Get Them

Obtaining tickets for Preston North End matches is a straightforward process. The club categorizes matches into just two categories, and the price of your ticket will depend on the category, your chosen seating area, and age group. Here is an overview of the ticket prices:

  • Adults: Category A – £30-£34 / Category B – £22-£26
  • Concessions: Category A – £22-£26 / Category B – £20-£24
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To acquire tickets, you can visit the ticket office in person, call the club’s hotline, make your purchase at the club shop in the city center, visit the Invincibles ticket office on match days, or simply visit the official Movin993 website for online bookings.

Getting to Deepdale

If you’re planning a trip to Deepdale, getting there is a breeze. Here are some convenient transportation options:

  • Train: Preston Railway Station is approximately one and a half miles from the stadium, offering a pleasant 30-minute walk.
  • Bus: On match days, you can utilize the Soccerbus or Footyrider services, which run from the center of Preston to the stadium. On regular days, the 19 and 19A bus routes will take you there.
  • Car: Depending on your direction of travel, you can follow the M58 and M6 from the North or take the A40 and M40 before joining the M6 from London.
  • By Air: While Blackpool Airport is the closest option, Manchester Airport provides more extensive flight options. From Manchester Airport, you can easily reach Preston via a train connection.

For a swift and hassle-free journey from Preston Railway Station to Deepdale, a taxi ride will take just over ten minutes and cost approximately £9.

Parking Near Deepdale

Deepdale offers two parking areas: The Invincibles car park and The Sir Tom Finney Car Park. Parking options are available, ensuring you can easily find a convenient spot for your visit.

Where to Stay

Preston offers a range of excellent hotel options catering to various budgets and preferences. Here are some highly recommended establishments for a comfortable stay near Deepdale.

Enjoy the Local Scene

Preston is a vibrant Northern town with a plethora of charming pubs and bars to explore. Whether you’re looking for a lively atmosphere or a cozy spot to unwind, the city has something for everyone.

Facilities at Deepdale

Deepdale has undergone extensive renovations since the mid-90s, providing visitors with modern and comfortable facilities. You’ll find a wide range of kiosks offering delicious food and beverages to enjoy before and during matches.

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Prices for Facilities

  • Programme: £3.5
  • Pie: £3
  • Cup of tea: £2.1
  • Beer: £3.8

Hospitality at Deepdale

Deepdale offers five outstanding hospitality packages, including executive boxes, to enhance your matchday experience. These packages cater to different preferences, with options ranging from a pre-match dish of the day to a three-course meal. Executive seating and pay bar facilities are available in most packages, ensuring a memorable time at the stadium.


Private Hire

Deepdale is renowned as the premier conference and banqueting venue in the North-West. With several excellent lounges available for private events, business meetings, and even weddings, the stadium offers a unique and versatile space for any occasion.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Although stadium tours are not a regular occurrence, they offer a fantastic opportunity to explore behind-the-scenes areas such as the changing rooms, the pitchside, and the manager’s dugout. Tours typically take place on non-match day Sundays and can be booked in advance for a nominal fee. It’s also possible to enjoy a virtual tour via a YouTube video.

While Deepdale no longer houses a museum, football enthusiasts can satisfy their craving for history by visiting the National Football Museum in Manchester.

The Legacy of Preston North End

Originally established as a cricket club, Preston adopted the name “North End” when they relocated to the northern part of the city. The club enjoyed significant success during the early years of the English Football League, including a remarkable 26-0 victory over Hyde in the first round of the FA Cup in 1887.

Throughout their history, Preston North End has won the First Division twice, the Second Division three times, and the Third Division twice. They have also lifted the FA Cup on two occasions (1889 and 1938), while making several impressive runs in the League Cup.

Deepdale Through the Ages

Deepdale has undergone extensive development over the years, transforming it into the stunning venue we know today. The renovation process began in 1995 with the demolition and subsequent rebuilding of the West Stand, renamed the Sir Tom Finney Stand. The Bill Shankly Stand was revamped in 1998, followed by the Alan Kelly Town End in 2001. Finally, the Old Pavilion Stand made way for the Invincibles Stand in 2008, paying homage to Preston North End’s unbeaten team. The grounds also feature a statue of Sir Tom Finney, known as “The Splash,” capturing his iconic pose.

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Future Prospects

Given the substantial renovations already undertaken at Deepdale, it is unlikely that significant development will occur in the near future. The stadium stands as a testament to Preston North End’s storied past and provides a fantastic setting for football enthusiasts to revel in the beautiful game.


Q: How can I purchase tickets for Preston North End matches?
A: Tickets can be obtained through various channels, including the ticket office, the club’s hotline, the city center shop, the Invincibles ticket office on match days, or via the official Movin993 website.

Q: Where can I find parking near Deepdale?
A: Two parking areas, The Invincibles car park and The Sir Tom Finney Car Park, are available near the stadium.

Q: Can I go on a stadium tour of Deepdale?
A: While stadium tours are not regular occurrences, they do take place on non-match day Sundays. Advanced booking is required at a nominal fee.

Q: Is there a museum at Deepdale?
A: No, the National Football Museum is now located in Manchester.

Q: Are there hospitality packages available at Deepdale?
A: Yes, Deepdale offers five hospitality packages, including executive boxes, providing various benefits depending on your selection.


Deepdale, the historic home of Preston North End, continues to captivate fans with its rich heritage and remarkable atmosphere. Whether you’re a devoted supporter or a passionate football enthusiast, a visit to Deepdale is an experience you won’t forget. Explore the stadium, immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant scene, and witness the legacy of one of England’s iconic football clubs.