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Edgeley Park: Stockport County

Formed as Heaton Norris Rovers in 1883, Stockport County took on its current name seven years later in honor of the County Borough in which the club was based. Originally playing in red and white kits, the club switched to blue and white in 1914. Nicknamed “The Hatters” because of Stockport’s association with the millinery industry, the club moved to Edgeley Park in 1902 and has called it home ever since.

Edgeley Park

History of Edgeley Park

Edgeley Park, originally built for Stockport Rugby Football Club, opened its doors in 1891. When the rugby club went bust in 1903, Stockport County moved to Edgeley Park from their previous ground at Green Lane, ensuring the stadium’s continued use. From 2003 to 2012, Edgeley Park also hosted Sale Sharks, a rugby union side.

Key Facts About Edgeley Park

  • Year Opened: 1891
  • Capacity: 10,841
  • Average Attendance: 9,108
  • Record Attendance: 27,833 (Stockport County v Liverpool, 1950)
  • Pitch Size: 101 x 65 (6565)
  • Clubs Hosted: Stockport County, Stockport R.F.C., Sale Sharks
  • First Fixture: Unknown

Edgeley Park Seating and Where to Sit

Unsurprisingly for a stadium of its age, Edgeley Park follows the traditional English design, with stands on each side of the pitch. The Railway End and the Cheadle End are located behind the goals, while the Popular Side stands opposite the Hardcastle Main Stand, both running along the length of the pitch.

Stockport County Ticket Prices

Adult tickets for Stockport County matches range from £22 to £24, while students, disabled supporters, and adults over 65 can expect to pay around £16 to £17. The ticket prices are the same throughout the ground, but games are categorized as either A or B based on the opposition.

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How to Get Stockport County Tickets

To purchase student tickets, proof of full-time education is required, while disabled fans need to provide documentation of their disability. Tickets can be obtained by visiting the club’s website. The ticket office is open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, as well as on match days.

Where to Buy Stockport County Tickets

How to Get to Edgeley Park

Train: Stockport Railway Station is approximately half a mile away from Edgeley Park, offering a convenient option for those who prefer not to drive.

Bus: The nearest bus stop to the ground is Worral Street, served by routes 11, 323, 368, 852, 857, 863, 874, and 877, among others. Special buses also operate from the center of Stockport to the stadium on match days.

Car: Edgeley Park can be easily reached by road, with various routes available depending on your starting point. The stadium is just off the M60 motorway, so it serves as a useful point of reference for those driving. Utilizing a sat-nav or map application on your phone is recommended.

By Air: Manchester Airport, located less than 15 minutes away by car, is the nearest major airport.

Taxi: A taxi ride from the train station to the football ground costs approximately £6, depending on traffic conditions.

Parking Near Edgeley Park

While car parking at the stadium is limited to players, staff, match officials, and visiting club officials, there are several reasonably priced pay-and-display car parks in close proximity. It is important to observe parking restrictions on nearby residential streets to avoid receiving a ticket.

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Useful Resources for Stockport County

Edgeley Park Hotels

Stockport boasts several excellent hotel options, making it an ideal base for visitors attending Stockport County matches.

Pubs and Bars Near Edgeley Park

With Robinsons Brewery located in Stockport, the area offers a variety of pubs and bars that cater to different tastes and preferences.

Facilities at Edgeley Park

Edgeley Park has undergone significant refurbishment, resulting in impressive facilities for a club that spent over a decade outside the Football League. While not on par with Premier League stadiums, the facilities compare favorably with those found at most League Two grounds.


  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £5
  • Cup of tea: £2
  • Beer: £4

Match Day Hospitality

Match day hospitality at Edgeley Park has been greatly enhanced thanks to recent refurbishments. The 1883 Suite offers a unique and thrilling experience, including a three-course meal, a complimentary program, and pre-match entertainment, whether you are a business or a private individual.

Private Hire

Edgeley Park is available for private hire and can accommodate conferences, business events, weddings, exhibitions, and special events.

Stadium Tours & Museum

At present, there are no tours or museum available at Edgeley Park. However, please check for updates, as these offerings may change in the future.

About Stockport County

Stockport County, initially known as Heaton Norris Rovers Football Club, was formed by a group of pupils from the town’s Sunday school in 1883. In 1890, the club changed its name to Stockport County, which it has retained ever since. Despite being rejected and having to seek re-election, Stockport County has been a member of the Football League for a significant part of its history.

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The club faced financial troubles and was eventually relegated from the Football League in 2011. After more than a decade of striving, Stockport County regained their league status. Their most successful period was in the 1990s when they competed in the First Division for five seasons and reached the semi-finals of the League Cup in the 1996-1997 season.

Future Developments

Since Stockport County moved to Edgeley Park over 100 years ago, the stadium has undergone several redevelopments. The most recent addition is the Cheadle End, constructed in 1995. In 2015, Stockport Council purchased the stadium for approximately £2 million and leased it back to the club. Various upgrades and refurbishments have since taken place, with discussions underway about a significant multi-phase expansion that would increase capacity to 20,000 seats. However, this expansion is contingent on Stockport County maintaining their league status and potentially gaining promotion.


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Edgeley Park, the home of Stockport County, is a historic stadium with a rich heritage. The club’s move to Edgeley Park in 1902 marked the beginning of a long and enduring relationship. With ongoing developments and refurbishments, the stadium’s facilities continue to evolve, providing an excellent match day experience for fans. Whether you’re a die-hard supporter or a visitor attending a match, Edgeley Park offers a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy the beautiful game.