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EnviroVent Stadium (Wetherby Road): Harrogate Town

Harrogate Town Association Football Club has a rich history dating back to 1914. The club has been playing their matches at the iconic EnviroVent Stadium, formerly known as Wetherby Road, since 1920. The stadium got its current name through a sponsorship deal. Harrogate Town, initially known as Harrogate AFC, adopted the name Harrogate Town five years after its formation.

The club’s nickname, “the Sulphurites,” is derived from Harrogate’s famous sulphur springs. The team is also commonly referred to as “Town” and plays in black and yellow. In preparation for their promotion to League Two in the 2020-2021 season, Harrogate Town played their opening home games at Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster while significant changes were made to the EnviroVent Stadium.


  • Year Opened: 1920
  • Capacity: 5000
  • Average Attendance: 2296
  • Record Attendance: 3048 (Harrogate Town v Portsmouth, 11/10/2019)
  • Pitch Size: 100 x 66 (6600)
  • Nickname: Wetherby
  • Former Name: Wetherby Road
  • Owner: Harrogate Town
  • Sponsor: Envirovent
  • Clubs Hosted: Harrogate Town
  • First Fixture: Harrogate Town v York YMCA (28/08/1920)

EnviroVent Stadium (Wetherby Road) Photos

EnviroVent Stadium

EnviroVent Stadium (Wetherby Road) Seating Plan and Where to Sit

Wetherby Road can accommodate over 5,000 spectators and features a newly constructed Main Stand that opened in 2020. The stadium has a simple design, with single-tier stands and hoardings surrounding the pitch to ensure fan safety.

Harrogate Town Ticket Prices

For an adult ticket purchased in advance, prices range from £20-£23, while concessions range from £16-£19, depending on seating preference. Tickets purchased on the day of the match are £2 more expensive, so it’s best to book in advance.

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How To Get Harrogate Town Tickets

The most convenient way to secure tickets for Harrogate Town’s matches is through online channels. Booking online not only ensures availability but also saves £2 on the cost of tickets purchased at the turnstile. However, if online booking isn’t your preference, you can still purchase tickets at the stadium.

Where to Buy

Getting To EnviroVent Stadium (Wetherby Road)


The Envirovent Stadium is located in close proximity to Harrogate’s main train station, making it the ideal arrival point for those traveling by train. The Starbeck and Hornbeam Park stations are also within walking distance.


Both the 7 and X70 buses conveniently stop right outside the stadium, providing excellent public transport options for fans heading to the EnviroVent Stadium.


Wetherby Road is easily accessible, situated near the center of Harrogate. The A661, also known as Harrogate Road, passes close by the stadium.

By Air

Leeds-Bradford International Airport is the nearest airport to the stadium, situated approximately twelve miles away. Alternatively, Durham Tees Valley Airport and Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield are roughly fifty to sixty miles away. Although slightly further, Manchester Airport is a major airport within reasonable proximity.


As the town is not heavily congested, a taxi ride from the train station to the stadium should cost around £8, assuming typical traffic conditions.

Parking Near EnviroVent Stadium (Wetherby Road)

Parking near the stadium is relatively convenient, with ample parking spaces available. However, it’s important to be mindful of any traffic restrictions near the town center.

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Although not the most modern stadium in English Football League, Wetherby Road offers sufficient facilities to meet the needs of most football fans. The following are the prices for essential amenities:

  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £4
  • Cup of tea: £2
  • Beer: £4


As part of the stadium’s upgrades for Football League compliance, a new Main Stand was constructed for the 2020-2021 season. This new section includes a hospitality area with a lounge, restaurant, and private bar. Various hospitality packages are available to cater to different preferences.

Private Hire

The 1919 Venue offers private hire for weddings, conferences, parties, and other events.

Stadium Tours & Museum

At present, stadium tours of the EnviroVent Stadium are not available. However, should that change in the future, we will provide updates. Stay tuned!

About Harrogate Town

The desire for a football club in Harrogate arose as early as 1907. However, it wasn’t until 1914 that Harrogate Association Football Club was formed. Initially entering the Northern Football League, the club planned to play their matches at the County Ground. However, the outbreak of World War I resulted in the suspension of all matches. After the war, Robert Ackrill Breare oversaw the club’s reformation, and the addition of “Town” to its name occurred in 1919. The club experienced a period of instability, frequently switching between leagues.

After a brief period as Harrogate Hotspurs in 1935, Harrogate Town joined the West Yorkshire Association Football League following World War II. The club was one of the founding members of the Northern Counties East Football League in 1982, with ambitions to climb the Football League pyramid. In the years that followed, Harrogate Town steadily progressed. The 2019-2020 National League season, decided using Points Per Game due to the Coronavirus epidemic, saw Harrogate Town reach the play-offs and secure promotion to the Football League for the first time in their history.

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EnviroVent Stadium (Wetherby Road) History

The Envirovent Stadium serves as a multipurpose venue, primarily hosting football matches. Formerly known as Wetherby Road, the stadium has a seating capacity of over 5,000. Situated next to Harrogate District Hospital, it first opened its doors in 1920 and has been the long-standing home of Harrogate Town. While the stadium has witnessed many exciting moments throughout the club’s history, true success came at the end of the 2019-2020 season when Harrogate Town achieved promotion to the English Football League.

To meet the requirements of the Football League, numerous changes were made to the EnviroVent Stadium. Consequently, Harrogate Town played their initial 2020-2021 season games at the Keepmoat Stadium in Doncaster. The artificial 3G pitch, used for many years, had to be replaced with natural grass, as Football League clubs are not permitted to use artificial surfaces. The clubhouse is located on the south side of the stadium, with a covered standing area to the north.

Future Developments

Depending on Harrogate Town’s duration in the Football League and the heights they reach, further changes to Wetherby Road may be implemented in the near future. However, the recent construction of the new Main Stand and the installation of the grass pitch have ensured the stadium is well-prepared for the future.