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Estadio da Luz: The Iconic Home of Benfica

Welcome to Estadio da Luz, the illustrious stadium that holds a special place in the hearts of Benfica supporters. This architectural marvel, officially known as Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, has become a symbol of pride and passion for the club. Let’s delve into the rich history and captivating features of this iconic venue.

A Tale of Names and Legacy

The fascinating story of Estadio da Luz begins with its name, which is often translated as “The Stadium of Light.” However, it is worth noting that both the old stadium and the new one share this name. Some believe it was derived from its original location on the Estrada da Luz. Regardless, this stadium has become synonymous with Benfica’s identity, captivating fans with its allure since its opening in 2003.

Magnificence in Architecture and Design

Designed by the renowned architect Damon Lavelle, Estadio da Luz is a UEFA category four stadium, capable of hosting grand sporting events. Its breathtaking beauty has not gone unnoticed, as readers of L’Équipe voted it as Europe’s most beautiful stadium in 2014. With a seating capacity of 64,642, the stadium provides an incredible atmosphere for fans and players alike.

Unraveling the Stats

Let’s explore some memorable statistics that define Estadio da Luz:

  • Year Opened: 2003
  • Capacity: 64,642
  • Average Attendance: 38,250
  • Record Attendance: 65,400 (Benfica v Nacional, 2003)
  • Pitch Size: 105 x 68 meters
  • Nickname: Estádio da Luz
  • Former Name: Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica
  • Owner: S.L. Benfica S.A.D.
  • Clubs Hosted: Benfica, Benfica B, Portugal National Team
  • First Fixture: Benfica v Nacional (25/10/2003)
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Embracing the Benfica Spirit

Benfica, founded in 1904, holds a storied legacy in Portuguese football. The club, known as Águias, Encarnados, or Glorioso, is a powerhouse in the Primeira Liga and consistently competes in European competitions. Benfica’s success is reflected in their impressive trophy cabinet, boasting over 80 domestic titles. Their monumental victories include 37 Primeira Liga titles, 26 Taça de Portugals, and seven Taça da Ligas.

A Visual Tour of Estadio da Luz

Let these captivating images of Estadio da Luz take you on a virtual journey through its architectural splendor. Click here to explore.

Seating Plan: Where to Bask in the Excitement

Estadio da Luz offers an excellent view from every seat. The stadium features a ‘bowl’ design, with four tiers encircling the pitch. The stands are named after sponsor companies; however, to help you navigate, here’s a geographical breakdown:

  • North Stand: Away supporters
  • East Stand: Alongside the pitch
  • West Stand: Dugouts, players’ tunnel, and changing rooms
  • South Stand: A mirror image of the North Stand

Unveiling the Ticket Prices

Securing tickets for a Benfica match is a thrilling experience. Ticket prices vary based on membership status (‘Socios’ or the public) and seating location. Additionally, prices may fluctuate according to the level of opposition. For example, tickets for the 2022 game against FC Vizela ranged from €15 to €40, while the match against Nacional had prices ranging from €30 to €90 for adults.


How can I purchase Benfica tickets?

You have multiple options for purchasing Benfica tickets. You can buy them online, from the club’s ticket office, or from official retailers throughout Lisbon.

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Where can I find reliable ticket information?

For reliable ticket information and comparisons, Ticket Compare is a great resource.

Getting There: Your Journey to Estadio da Luz

Lisbon, the vibrant capital of Portugal, offers various transportation options to reach Estadio da Luz. Here are some commonly used methods:

  • Train: Travel from St. Pancras to Paris Nord via Eurostar, then change to Paris Montparnasse to reach Irun. From there, take a train to Lisboa Oriente. The stadium is conveniently served by Colegio Mililitar/Luz on the Blue Metro line.
  • Bus: Several bus routes, such as 703, 750, 765, and 799, stop at Estadio da Luz.
  • Car: The stadium is situated on the E1 Expressway, the main ring road heading west of the city. GPS navigation systems are recommended for precise directions.
  • By Air: Lisbon Portela Airport, located just a few miles from the city center, serves as the main international airport.

Parking Near Estadio da Luz

If you prefer to drive, there are two public parking areas near the stadium.

Estadio da Luz Hotels: Where Comfort Meets Convenience

Lisbon offers a range of exceptional hotels catering to diverse preferences. Here are some notable recommendations for your stay:

  • Hotel A
  • Hotel B
  • Hotel C

Immersing Yourself in Lisbon’s Pubs and Bars

Before or after the match, indulge in the vibrant pub and bar scene near Estadio da Luz. Experience the blend of tourist hotspots and cozy local establishments. Here are some renowned venues worth exploring:

  • Pub A
  • Bar B
  • Pub C

Facilities: Enhancing the Matchday Experience

Estadio da Luz prides itself on providing top-notch facilities, ensuring an unforgettable matchday experience. With breathtaking views from every angle, you’ll have no shortage of food and drink options available from the numerous kiosks situated throughout the stadium.

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Ensuring Hospitality: An Exclusive Experience

Estadio da Luz offers various matchday hospitality packages, including executive boxes encircling the stadium. For more information, reach out to the club directly to discover the perfect package for your needs.

Private Hire: Beyond Matchdays

Beyond sporting events, Estadio da Luz accommodates up to 3000 people for conferences and events. Additionally, the stadium’s private boxes can be utilized as office spaces from 9 am to 7 pm. Connect with the club to explore these unique offerings.

Stadium Tours & Museum: Unveiling History and Heritage

Embark on a captivating stadium tour and immerse yourself in the rich history of Estadio da Luz. Please note that tours are unavailable on match days and during the run-up to European games. The stadium’s museum is also open daily from 10 am to 6 pm. Ticket prices for the tour alone are €12.50, while museum access costs €10. Combining both experiences is available for €17.50.


Estadio da Luz stands as a testament to the grandeur and beauty of Benfica’s legacy. From its awe-inspiring architecture to its rich football heritage, this stadium embodies the spirit of an iconic club. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a curious visitor, a journey to Estadio da Luz promises an unforgettable experience where passion and skill converge.

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