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Estadio Jose Alvalade: The Home of Sporting CP

Sporting Club de Portugal has found its home at Estádio José Alvalade since it opened in 2003. This modern stadium is located within the Alvalade XXI complex, which offers more than just football. With a shopping center, a cinema featuring twelve screens, a health club, and an office building, fans can enjoy a complete experience when they visit.

A Stadium Designed for Greatness

When Estádio José Alvalade was first designed, it was intended to have a capacity of 40,000. However, it ended up being able to hold over 50,000 spectators. The stadium’s acoustic engineering is specifically tailored to provide an amazing sound experience during major concerts. With a 5-star rating from UEFA, the stadium has hosted significant matches in the past, including the 2005 UEFA Cup Final.

Discover the Stadium

Estadio Jose Alvalade

Seating Plan and Sections

The stadium follows a ‘bowl’ style design commonly seen in continental football grounds. The North Stand (Norte) is a two-tier structure located behind one of the goals and is reserved for away fans. The South Stand (Sul) mirrors the North Stand and is exclusively for home supporters. The East Stand (Nascente) runs along the side of the pitch with two tiers separated by executive boxes. The West Stand (Poente) accommodates the dugouts, changing rooms, and a family area.

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Ticket Prices and Purchasing

Ticket prices vary depending on factors such as membership, concessions, and age. The club also offers a limited number of €5 tickets for each game. Prices range from approximately €17 for seats behind one of the goals to €42 for excellent seats along the side of the pitch. Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or through the ticket office.


  • How can I purchase Sporting Club de Portugal tickets?
  • Are there discounts available for club members?
  • Can I buy tickets on match day?

Getting to Estadio Jose Alvalade

As the capital of Portugal, Lisbon provides various transportation options to reach Estádio José Alvalade.

  • By Train: Travelers can reach Lisbon through St. Pancras International in London, with a journey time of under 24 hours. The stadium is accessible from Campo Grande Station, which is served by the Yellow or Green line of the Metro.
  • By Bus: Several bus lines, including 1, 3, 7, 36, 47, and 77, stop near the stadium.
  • By Car: Using the North-South axis of the 2nd circular, drivers can take either the Campo Grande exit or the Telheiras exit. Alternatively, if arriving via the Causeway Carriche, drivers can follow the Lisbon exit, the Telheiras exit, or the signage.
  • By Air: Lisbon Portela Airport, also known as Aeroporto da Portela, is located only a few miles away from the center of Lisbon.

Parking Near Estadio Jose Alvalade

There is a spacious underground car park available underneath the stadium. Visitors can leave their cars there if spaces are available.

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Estadio Jose Alvalade Hotels

Lisbon offers a wide selection of excellent hotels for tourists visiting the capital city. Here are some recommended options to consider.

Pubs and Bars Near Estadio Jose Alvalade

Lisbon is home to numerous bars that cater to both locals and tourists. Take a look at some of the best spots to grab a drink before or after the match.

Facilities and Hospitality

Estádio José Alvalade boasts excellent facilities for both football matches and leisure activities within the surrounding complex. Spectators can enjoy great views from most seats, and there are kiosks available throughout the stadium for food and drink purchases. For a more luxurious experience, executive boxes offer top-notch hospitality services. For more information, visitors can reach out to the club directly.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Visitors have the opportunity to tour the stadium and explore the museum. The stadium tour provides an inside look at the grounds, while the museum showcases the history of Sporting Club de Portugal. Tours are available daily, except on match days, with the cost of €14 for adults and €7 for children and seniors.

About Sporting Club de Portugal

Sporting Club de Portugal, also known as Sporting CP or Sporting Lisbon, is a prominent sports organization founded in 1906. It is one of the three major clubs in Portuguese football and was a founding member of Primeira Liga. Throughout its history, Sporting CP has achieved great success, winning numerous domestic titles and the European Cup Winners’ Cup. The club’s youth academy is renowned for producing world-class players such as Simão, Luís Figo, and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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Estadio Jose Alvalade History

Estádio José Alvalade has not only been a significant venue for football matches but has also attracted international attention. Even the Travel And Living Channel (TLC) sent their presenter, Bobby Chinn, to film a culinary show called ‘World Cafe’ in the stadium. Built in 2003 at a cost of €121 million, the stadium received a 5-star rating from UEFA, allowing it to host high-profile matches. Estádio José Alvalade has hosted multiple Portugal international matches, including the UEFA Euro 2004.

Future Developments

Currently, there are no scheduled developments for Estádio José Alvalade. However, should any changes occur, we will keep you updated.

How can I purchase Sporting Club de Portugal tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone, or at the ticket office in person.

Are there discounts available for club members?

Yes, club members enjoy discounted ticket prices.

Can I buy tickets on match day?

Yes, tickets are available for purchase on match days, subject to availability.