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Famous Soccer Players Who Wear The Number 5

Number 5 Soccer

The number 5 holds great significance in the sport of soccer, as it is often worn by legendary players who excel in defensive and midfield positions. It is most commonly associated with central defenders, who often partner with the number 4 player in the heart of a team’s defense. While you may be familiar with some historic players who have worn this number in the past, such as Fabio Cannavaro and Carles Puyol, let’s take a closer look at the current crop of players who proudly wear the number 5 jersey.

Harry Maguire – Manchester United

Harry Maguire

First on our list is Manchester United center-back Harry Maguire. Maguire’s career has had its ups and downs, but he is currently wearing the number 5 jersey for his club. While he faced criticism for his performances this season, he showcased his talent during England’s run to the quarter-finals in the World Cup. With the confidence gained from his international displays, Maguire has the potential to regain his best form and win over the Manchester United fans.

Marquinhos – Paris Saint-Germain


Brazilian central defender Marquinhos has been a key player for Paris Saint-Germain for many years. Wearing the number 5 jersey, he has formed solid partnerships with top players like Thiago Silva. Marquinhos is known for his excellent ball-playing abilities, making him one of the best defenders in the world. As captain of PSG, he dreams of leading his team to UEFA Champions League glory. Unfortunately, he experienced heartbreak in the World Cup, as Brazil was knocked out in the quarter-finals.

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Pierre Emile Hojbjerg – Tottenham Hotspur

Pierre Emile Hojbjerg

Denmark international Pierre Emile Hojbjerg is the trusted holding midfielder for Tottenham Hotspur. Wearing the number 5 jersey, he has become one of the most reliable players in his position in the Premier League. Hojbjerg’s career has taken him from Denmark to Bayern Munich and eventually to Southampton before his move to Tottenham. Despite not possessing exceptional physical attributes, his control on the ball and excellent passing ability have made him an influential player. Unfortunately, Denmark did not advance past the group stages in the World Cup.

Jesus Vallejo – Real Madrid

Jesus Vallejo

Spanish central defender Jesus Vallejo has spent much of his professional career on loan at various European clubs. He is now beginning to make an impact at Real Madrid, wearing the number 5 jersey. Although his playing time has been limited, Vallejo’s performances have shown promise. After a successful loan spell at Granada, he earned the opportunity to represent his parent club. While it hasn’t been the season he hoped for so far, Vallejo remains determined to prove himself at Real Madrid.

Benjamin Pavard – Bayern Munich

Benjamin Pavard

French defender Benjamin Pavard gained recognition for his remarkable goal at the 2018 World Cup. Primarily a right-back, Pavard also excels as a holding midfielder, making him an ideal choice for the number 5 jersey at Bayern Munich. Although he hasn’t reached the level of Bayern legend Philipp Lahm, Pavard has been a consistent performer for the club. He offers defensive stability and a calm presence on the pitch. While his World Cup campaign hasn’t been as stellar as before, Pavard remains an essential part of the French national team.

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Manuel Locatelli – Juventus

Manuel Locatelli

Italian central midfielder Manuel Locatelli is considered one of the hottest prospects in Italian soccer. Currently wearing the number 5 jersey for Juventus, Locatelli has already played for top clubs like AC Milan and Sassuolo. Known for his passing ability, Locatelli has made himself an integral part of Juventus’ midfield. His loan spell with the club is set to become a permanent move, as Juventus is obligated to pay €25 million for his services. Despite not participating in the World Cup, Locatelli is poised for a successful career.

John Stones – Manchester City

John Stones

John Stones, the defensive partner of Harry Maguire in the England national team, proudly wears the number 5 jersey for Manchester City. Like Marquinhos, he is known for his composure on the ball, making him an invaluable player in Pep Guardiola’s side. Stones faced criticism during his early days at Manchester City but has proven himself as a reliable and talented defender. He has been a key figure in Manchester City’s trophy-winning teams and is a regular starter for England. With his skills and determination, Stones has earned his place among the best in his position.

These are the seven players who proudly wear the number 5 jersey. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a better understanding of these players and their contributions to the game. To stay updated with the latest news and information about the world of soccer, visit Movin993.


  • Q: Are there any famous soccer players who wore the number 5 in the past?

    • A: Yes, some famous players who have worn the number 5 in the past include Fabio Cannavaro and Carles Puyol.
  • Q: Do these players wear the number 5 for their national teams as well?

    • A: Not all of them. Some players wear a different number for their national teams.
  • Q: Are these players currently playing for the same club they wore the number 5 jersey for?

    • A: Yes, most of these players are currently playing for the same club that they wear the number 5 jersey for.
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The number 5 holds a special place in the world of soccer, representing some of the most talented and successful players. From Manchester United’s Harry Maguire to Juventus’ Manuel Locatelli, these players have made their mark on the game. They bring different skills and qualities to their respective teams, showcasing the versatility and importance of the number 5 position. As fans, it’s important to recognize and appreciate their contributions to the beautiful game.