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Famous Soccer Players With The Number 1 Jersey

Soccer Goalkeeper

One of the most significant jerseys in soccer teams is the number 1 jersey, typically worn by the goalkeeper. It is the first number to appear on the team sheet and represents stability in this fast-paced sport. To earn fame wearing the number 1, players must showcase exceptional shot-stopping abilities, leadership skills, and ball distribution. In this article, we will explore the most famous past and present soccer players who have donned the number 1 jersey.

7. Edwin van der Sar

Edwin van der Sar

Dutch legend Edwin van der Sar may not have been the world’s greatest shot-stopper, but he was a reliable goalkeeper for Manchester United during their victorious 2008 UEFA Champions League campaign. Van der Sar played a crucial role in the final, making a decisive save in the penalty shootout. Before his tenure at United, he started his career at Ajax, becoming the highest-rated goalkeeper in the Netherlands. Van der Sar later moved to Juventus before finding success at Fulham and eventually joining Manchester United. He ended his career as the oldest player to feature in a UEFA Champions League final, at over 41 years old.

6. Manuel Neuer

Manuel Neuer

Germany and Bayern Munich’s number 1, Manuel Neuer, revolutionized the goalkeeper role during the late 2000s and early 2010s. He introduced the concept of being a “sweeper-keeper” and changed the game. Initially controversial, Neuer’s style of goalkeeping involved playing outside his penalty area to intercept passes and initiate attacks. Despite skeptics, Neuer’s career has been filled with success, including multiple UEFA Champions League titles, a World Cup victory, and numerous domestic honors in Germany.

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5. David De Gea

David De Gea

Manchester United’s current number 1, David De Gea, faced immense pressure and scrutiny when he joined the club in 2011. Following in the footsteps of the legendary Edwin van der Sar was no easy task, but De Gea eventually found his form and established himself as one of the world’s best goalkeepers. Known for his unorthodox saves with his feet, De Gea’s style sets him apart. Despite interest from other clubs, De Gea has remained loyal to Manchester United and has earned a special place in the club’s history.

4. Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks, widely regarded as the greatest English goalkeeper of all time, represented the Three Lions during their victorious 1966 World Cup campaign, becoming the only English goalkeeper to lift the trophy. Banks played a crucial role in England’s success, making several important saves throughout the tournament. One of his most memorable moments came during a match against Brazil, where he made an incredible save that is still talked about today. Banks spent most of his club career at clubs such as Chesterfield, Leicester City, and Stoke City before retiring in 1973 due to a car accident that impaired his vision.

3. Gianluigi Buffon

Gianluigi Buffon

Italian veteran Gianluigi Buffon, regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time, has represented both club and country with distinction. Known for his longevity and composure, Buffon continues to play at the age of 45 for Serie A club Parma. Throughout his career, Buffon has been praised for his athleticism, positioning, and reliability. He has won numerous titles with Juventus and has remained a symbol of consistency in goalkeeping.

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2. Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel

Peter Schmeichel, a Danish hero, is considered one of the greatest goalkeepers in Manchester United’s history. Schmeichel played a vital role in Manchester United’s treble-winning season in 1999, which culminated in the UEFA Champions League final victory. After leaving Manchester United, Schmeichel had stints at Sporting Lisbon and Aston Villa before a surprising move to Manchester City. Notably, during the Manchester derbies he played for City, he never lost, continuing his streak of dominance. His son, Kasper Schmeichel, has followed in his footsteps and is also an accomplished goalkeeper.

1. Lev Yashin

Lev Yashin

Lev Yashin, often regarded as the greatest goalkeeper of all time, represented the Soviet Union during their successful international campaigns. Known for his iconic flat cap, Yashin was a revolutionary figure in goalkeeping. He was the first and only goalkeeper to win the Ballon d’Or in 1963. Yashin’s acrobatic saves and ability to collect loose balls amazed fans and players alike. Although he never played in the top European leagues, Yashin’s career at Dynamo Moscow in the Soviet League was highly decorated.


Q: How is the number 1 jersey significant in soccer?
The number 1 jersey is traditionally reserved for the goalkeeper and represents stability within a team.

Q: Who is considered the greatest English goalkeeper of all time?
Gordon Banks is widely regarded as the greatest English goalkeeper, especially for his role in England’s 1966 World Cup triumph.

Q: Which goalkeeper is known for his unique “sweeper-keeper” style?
Manuel Neuer is renowned for popularizing the “sweeper-keeper” style of playing outside the penalty area.

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Q: Who is the oldest player to feature in a UEFA Champions League final?
Edwin van der Sar holds the record for being the oldest player to feature in a UEFA Champions League final, at over 41 years old.


The number 1 jersey holds a special place in soccer, symbolizing the goalkeeper’s crucial role in a team’s success. From Dutch legend Edwin van der Sar to Italian veteran Gianluigi Buffon, these famous soccer players have left an indelible mark in the history of the sport. Each of them has showcased exceptional skills, leadership, and longevity in the game. Whether it’s making crucial saves, pioneering new styles of goalkeeping, or lifting trophies, these players have rightfully earned their place among the greatest to wear the number 1 jersey. Remember to visit Movin993 for more exciting soccer content.