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Football Club Player Record Appearances


Football is a game where goal scorers often steal the spotlight, receiving praise for victories and escaping blame for defeats. Yet, there are players who may not have spent their entire careers at one club, but have amassed an impressive number of appearances. In this article, we will celebrate these players who have shown their talent and dedication throughout their careers.

Top 25 Record Club Appearances (Worldwide)

Record Appearances Broken Down By League

Premier League


League One

League Two


ROW (Rest of the World)

Top Ten Appearances In The Football League

This list features players who have made the most appearances in the English Football League. It’s important to note that these numbers focus solely on their league appearances and may not reflect their overall career appearances.


Other Records

It’s not surprising that the record for most league appearances is held by a goalkeeper, as they typically endure less physical strain compared to outfield players. However, it’s interesting to note that only three out of the top ten players are goalkeepers. It’s also worth mentioning Tony Ford, who falls just 74 games short of the record.

There are several other notable records when it comes to player appearances:

  • Most League Appearances at One Club: John Trollope holds this record with 770 appearances for Swindon Town between 1960 and 1980.
  • Most Top-Flight Appearances at One Club: Ryan Giggs made 670 appearances for Manchester United between 1991 and 2014.
  • Most Consecutive League Appearances: Harold Bell played 375 consecutive league games for Tranmere Rovers between 1946 and 1955 (401 club games if FA Cup appearances are included).
  • Most FA Cup Final Appearances: Arthur Kinnaird featured in 9 FA Cup finals, representing Wanderers and then Old Etonians.
  • Most Charity Shield Appearances: Ryan Giggs made 15 appearances in the Charity Shield for Manchester United, also holding the record for most consecutive appearances from 1996 to 2001.
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In conclusion, these players deserve recognition for their remarkable careers and dedication to the game. Their impressive number of appearances highlights not only their talent but also their commitment to their respective clubs. To discover more about the world of football and its records, visit Movin993.