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Football Club Record Goalscorers

Football has a rich history, and throughout the years, we’ve witnessed incredible performances from outstanding players. While the game is a team effort, it’s the goal scorers who capture our attention and admiration. In this article, we will delve into the top goal scorers from English clubs, highlighting their achievements and contributions to the sport.

Top 25 Club Record Goalscorers (Worldwide)

Record Goalscorers Broken Down By League

  • Premier League
  • Championship
  • League One
  • League Two
  • Scotland
  • ROW (Rest of the World)

The Top Ten Goal Scorers In England’s Top Division

Whether it’s the Premier League or the First Division from the past, goals have always shaped the outcome of matches. Let’s take a look at the top ten goal scorers in England’s top-flight:

Number Ten: Joe Smith

Joe Smith may be a surprising inclusion on this list. He made a name for himself as a prolific goal scorer when he played for Bolton Wanderers, scoring an impressive 243 goals in 410 top-flight matches.

Number Nine: Hughie Gallacher

Hughie Gallacher flew under the radar but recorded 246 goals in the top division in England, surpassing Joe Smith by three goals in fifteen fewer matches.

Number Eight: Joe Bradford

Joe Bradford’s 248 goals in 410 top-flight games for Birmingham City showcased his prowess as a goal scorer. He consistently topped the goal-scoring charts during his time at the club.

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Number Seven: Nat Lofthouse

Nat Lofthouse, a Bolton Wanderers legend, scored 255 goals in 452 appearances, boasting an impressive goal-scoring ratio of 0.56 goals per game. He also had an exceptional record for the England national team, netting 30 goals in 33 games.

Number Six: Charlie Buchan

Charlie Buchan, known for his time at Arsenal and Sunderland, scored 257 goals in the top-flight, becoming Sunderland’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Number Five: Alan Shearer

Alan Shearer stands as the only player from the modern era on this list. He scored a remarkable 283 goals in 559 Premier League games, a record that still stands today.

Number Four: Gordon Hodgson

Gordon Hodgson, despite not being widely recognized, etched his name in Liverpool’s history with 287 league goals in 456 games. He also holds the club record for the most career hat-tricks.

Number Three: Dixie Dean

Dixie Dean, Everton’s all-time leading goal scorer, found the back of the net 310 times in 362 games, boasting an outstanding scoring ratio of 0.86 goals per game.

Number Two: Steve Bloomer

Steve Bloomer, Derby County’s record goal scorer, amassed 314 top-flight goals in 536 league games, leaving an indelible mark on the club’s history.

Number One: Jimmy Greaves

Jimmy Greaves, known to many as part of “Saint & Greavsie,” was a prolific goal scorer. With 357 goals in 516 matches, Greaves showcased his talent and left a lasting legacy.

Scoring Then v Scoring Now

Alan Shearer’s presence as the sole modern era player among the top goal scorers raises an intriguing question: was scoring easier in the past? Looking at the Premier League’s all-time top scorers, only Shearer has surpassed 200 goals. Wayne Rooney, currently at 195 goals, may join him soon.

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One factor that may contribute to the disparity is the age at which players debut. In the past, players like Jimmy Greaves and Rooney started their careers at a younger age than modern players like Thierry Henry. Additionally, the number of games played by modern players, including domestic and European fixtures, puts them at a higher risk of injuries.

Another crucial difference lies in the introduction of substitutions. In the past, substitutions were not allowed except for injury-related cases. This led to smaller squad sizes and more opportunities for players to score.

Other Records

While the top goal scorers garner much attention, there are other noteworthy records in the history of goalscoring:

  • Most Goals Scored in a Single Season: 60 (Dixie Dean)
  • Most Seasons as League Top-Scorer: Six (Jimmy Greaves)
  • Club With Most Top-Scorers: Everton (12 times)
  • Most Common Top-Scorer Nationality: English (88 times)
  • Most Consecutive Top-Scorer Wins: 3 (Jimmy Greaves, Alan Shearer, Thierry Henry)
  • Most Separate Clubs to be League Top-Scorer With: 3 (Gary Lineker)
  • Club With Most Top-Flight Goals: Everton (6776)
  • Most Top-Flight Goals In Non-British League: 377 (Albert De Cleyn)
  • Most Goals Scored Across Multiple Leagues: 518 (Josef Bican)
  • Most Goals In UEFA Club Competitions: 98* (Cristiano Ronaldo)

*Note: Cristiano Ronaldo’s record is subject to change as he continues to play.


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The goal scoring records of these legendary players have left an indelible mark on English football. From prolific scorers of the past to the iconic goal machines of the present, the history of goalscoring continues to captivate fans worldwide. As we celebrate these remarkable individuals, their contributions remind us of the essence and excitement of the beautiful game.

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