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Football Games Behind Closed Doors

Since the early days of football, the game has always been played in front of a crowd. From amateur leagues to professional matches, the presence of spectators has been an integral part of the sport. However, there are occasions when football clubs play matches behind closed doors. In this article, we will explore what behind closed doors matches are, why they happen, and when clubs choose to play them.

What Are ‘Behind Closed Doors’ Matches?

First and foremost, let’s define what ‘behind closed doors’ matches entail. While training sessions are typically not open to the public, behind closed doors matches are different. These matches involve two football clubs playing against each other, usually in a football stadium. The key distinction is that there is no official audience present to watch the game unfold. Only coaching staff, reserve players if necessary, and stadium security personnel are in attendance.

Reasons for Playing Behind Closed Doors

Behind closed doors matches serve various purposes. One common reason is to assist a team’s first-team players. These matches can be used for fitness work or tactical development. For example, if a team is preparing to face an opponent known for their physical style of play, they may invite a club with physically strong players to simulate the upcoming challenge. It allows the team to assess how their players cope with such conditions.

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Another significant reason for behind closed doors matches is disciplinary action. Occasionally, clubs may be penalized due to the misconduct of their fans during previous matches. As a result, they are required to play games without any spectators. This serves as a punishment and aims to prevent future incidents. Additionally, matches can be played behind closed doors when stadiums fail safety inspections or in response to public health concerns, such as during a flu pandemic.

When Do Clubs Play Behind Closed Doors?

Behind closed doors matches can occur based on different circumstances. If disciplinary or safety concerns arise, the match is played as scheduled, but without any spectators. For example, if a game in a cup competition is deemed to be played behind closed doors, it will take place on the original date without fans present. On the other hand, friendly matches played behind closed doors are arranged as needed. These matches often occur during international breaks when domestic football is on hold, ensuring players who are not on international duty get game time.

Do All Clubs Have Behind Closed Doors Matches?

The answer is no. Not all clubs have behind closed doors matches. In disciplinary matters, a club will only have to play without spectators if their fans have demonstrated poor behavior. Even in such cases, football associations often provide the club with another chance and issue fines instead of resorting to behind closed doors matches. Nowadays, most stadiums meet the necessary safety standards, reducing the likelihood of matches needing to be played behind closed doors. As for matches organized for tactical, fitness, or selective reasons, any team has the freedom to arrange them. These matches are not governed by football associations but are agreed upon by two clubs willing to participate.

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Q: Why do clubs play matches behind closed doors?

Clubs play matches behind closed doors for various reasons. These can include tactical preparations, fitness work, disciplinary actions, or safety concerns.

Q: When are behind closed doors matches scheduled?

Matches played behind closed doors are usually scheduled when disciplinary or safety issues arise, or during international breaks when domestic football is on hold.

Q: Are all clubs required to play matches behind closed doors?

No, not all clubs are required to play matches behind closed doors. It typically depends on disciplinary actions or specific circumstances surrounding the club.

Q: Can any team organize a behind closed doors match?

Yes, any team can organize a behind closed doors match, as long as another club is willing to participate.


Behind closed doors matches provide a unique perspective on football. These matches, played without an official audience, serve different purposes such as fitness work, tactical preparations, or disciplinary actions. While not all clubs play matches behind closed doors, they remain a significant aspect of the sport. Understanding the reasons and circumstances behind these matches adds another layer of insight into the world of football. For more information on football and other related topics, visit Movin993.