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Gander Green Lane: Home of Sutton United

Sutton United, based in the Sutton area of South London, has a rich history dating back to 1898. The club’s home ground, Gander Green Lane, holds a special place in the hearts of its loyal supporters. Let’s take a closer look at this iconic stadium and everything it has to offer.

A Brief History

Gander Green Lane, officially known as the Borough Sports Ground, has seen its fair share of action throughout the years. Built on a site that was once used for allotments and open fields, the ground has been a part of Sutton United’s journey since its early days.

The stadium opened its doors in 1912, and Sutton United played their first match there in the FA Cup against Guards Depot F.C. Over the years, the club has participated in various leagues, including the Athenian League and the Isthmian League, before joining the Football Conference in 1986.

Gander Green Lane Stats

Year Opened: 1912
Capacity: 5032
Average Attendance: 3309
Record Attendance: 14000 (Sutton United v Leeds United, 1969)
Pitch Size: 105 x 68 (7140)
Former Name: Knights Community Stadium

The Stadium Experience

Gander Green Lane showcases the traditional charm of English football grounds. With four areas stood on the sides and ends of the pitch, the stadium offers both covered seating and standing areas. If the weather looks uncertain, it’s advisable to opt for a covered spot.

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Gander Green Lane

Ticket Prices and Availability

Sutton United keeps the ticketing process simple and straightforward:

  • Adult Ticket: £21 (Seated: £25)
  • Concession Ticket: £15 (Seated: £19)

Tickets can be purchased on the club’s official website, but even if you decide to buy on the match day, there’s a good chance you’ll secure a ticket at the gate.

How To Get There


If you prefer taking the train, West Sutton Railway Station, adjacent to the ground, is your destination. Thameslink trains that pass through Wimbledon and Sutton serve this station. Simply exit the station, turn right, and you’ll spot the stadium about 100 yards away.


For bus travelers, the 413 hopper service departs from Sutton town center, stopping on request along Gander Green Lane. Alternatively, you can take the 80 bus from Hackbridge to Belmont and then walk through Collingwood Rec to reach the stadium.

Train Station


If you’re driving to Gander Green Lane, take the M25 and exit at junction 8. Head north on the A217 for approximately 20 minutes, ignoring any signs for Sutton. When you reach the traffic lights by the Gander Inn, turn right, and the stadium will be around 200 yards ahead. Just be sure not to overshoot and end up at West Sutton Railway Station.

By Air

Sutton’s proximity to London offers various options for air travel. While Gatwick is the closest airport, Heathrow is often a quicker choice. Luton Airport is also within a reasonable distance.


Gander Green Lane has limited on-site parking, reserved for permit holders on match days. However, street parking is available nearby. Be mindful of any parking restrictions. Additionally, there are two car parks in the town center, only a ten-minute walk from the stadium.

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Accommodation Options

Sutton offers a range of accommodation options if you’re looking for a comfortable place to stay not far from the ground. With its proximity to London, you’ll find various hotels and guesthouses to suit your needs.

Pubs and Bars

Before or after the match, Sutton town center is the place to go for a wide selection of pubs and bars. Additionally, a few new pubs have sprung up around the stadium, offering convenient options for refreshments.

Facilities and Hospitality

While Gander Green Lane may not boast the lavishness of Premier League or Championship stadiums, it still offers a delightful experience. Grab a drink inside the stadium or visit the nearby pub if you prefer. Here are some prices you can expect:

  • Programme: £3
  • Pie: £3.5
  • Cup of tea: £2
  • Beer: £4

Pie and Beer

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, Sutton United provides limited hospitality areas. The MBA Lounge offers modern surroundings, while the 1898 Lounge, though slightly dated, offers a more intimate setting. On selected occasions, a two-course meal and Q&A events may be available.

Private hire options are also available at Gander Green Lane. For more information on these exclusive areas, it’s best to contact the club directly.


Are stadium tours available?

As of now, Gander Green Lane does not offer stadium tours or have a museum. However, this may change in the future, especially if Sutton United continues to thrive.


Sutton United and Gander Green Lane share a rich history that includes memorable victories and moments of significance. The club’s rise through the leagues and the development of its home ground demonstrate its commitment to progress. Whether you’re a devoted supporter or a football enthusiast, a visit to Gander Green Lane is sure to provide an enjoyable experience. For more information about Sutton United and upcoming matches, visit the official Movin993 website.

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