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Gateshead International Stadium: A Versatile Venue for Sports and Athletics

Gateshead International Stadium

Gateshead International Stadium is a renowned multi-purpose venue located in Tyne and Wear. This impressive stadium, built in 1955, has undergone extensive redevelopment over the years, cementing its status as one of the largest and most important sporting facilities in the region. With a capacity of 11,799, it offers an exciting experience for both athletes and spectators.

A Home for Sports and Athletics

The primary tenants of Gateshead International Stadium are Gateshead FC, a football club founded in 1977. However, the stadium also serves as the home for Gateshead Harriers, an athletics club, and has hosted other sports teams such as Gateshead Thunder and Gateshead Senators in the past. This versatility makes it a hub of sporting activity, catering to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Stadium Features and Seating

Seating Plan

Gateshead International Stadium boasts an impressive athletics track that surrounds the football pitch, ensuring a clear separation between spectators and the action. The Main Stand, with a capacity of 3,227, is the focal point of the stadium. Opposite the Main Stand is the East Stand, accommodating over 4,000 spectators. Additionally, there are seating banks behind each goal, although they are typically closed during football matches. The stadium’s design emphasizes ensuring an excellent view for all attendees.

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Exciting Matches and Ticket Prices

Gateshead FC offers an exciting matchday experience for both local fans and visitors. The ticket prices for the 2023-2024 season range from £20 for adults to £5 for concessions and £10 for students. Children aged 15 and 16 can enjoy matches for £5, while those under 14 can enter free of charge when accompanied by a paying adult. Carers accompanying individuals requiring assistance also receive complimentary entry, provided they can provide proof of entitlement.

How to Get Gateshead FC Tickets

The easiest way to secure Gateshead FC tickets is through their official website. Although the website may require some navigation, it provides a comprehensive overview of all ticket options available, ensuring a seamless booking process.

Getting to Gateshead International Stadium

Visiting Gateshead International Stadium is simple, thanks to its convenient location and various transportation options.

  • Train: The stadium has its own Metro stop, “Gateshead Stadium,” which is only a five-minute walk away. From Newcastle Central Railway Station, it is approximately a ten-minute journey.
  • Bus: Several bus routes have stops near Gateshead International Stadium, providing an alternative mode of transportation for those who prefer not to take the train.
  • Car: If you plan to drive, follow the A1(M) until it ends, then take the A194(M) towards South Shields. Afterward, continue on the A184 for about three miles, and you will reach the stadium.
  • By Air: Newcastle Airport, located approximately seven miles away, is the most convenient airport for those traveling to Gateshead.

Parking Near Gateshead International Stadium

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Parking is not an issue, as there are several free car parks available near the stadium. Visitors driving to the venue can easily find a suitable parking spot without any hassle.


What other events have taken place at Gateshead International Stadium?

Gateshead International Stadium has welcomed various sporting events throughout its history. It has been home to Gateshead Harriers, Gateshead Thunder (rugby league), and Gateshead Senators (American football). The stadium’s versatility has made it an iconic venue in the region.

Are there any future developments planned for Gateshead International Stadium?

Gateshead FC has expressed its intention to build a new stadium on the site previously occupied by the North Durham Rugby & Cricket Club in the center of Gateshead. This purpose-built venue, with a capacity of 7,000, is an exciting prospect for the club and its supporters. Although the exact timeline for construction remains unknown, this development promises an even more enhanced matchday experience in the future.


Gateshead International Stadium, with its rich history and versatile facilities, offers a thrilling experience for sports enthusiasts. From exciting football matches to various athletics events, this stadium has firmly established itself as a premier sporting destination in Tyne and Wear. Whether you’re a local fan or a visitor to the region, a trip to Gateshead International Stadium is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories.

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