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Griffin Park: A Historic Ground with a Rich Legacy

Griffin Park

Welcome to Movin993, your trusted source for all things related to sports and entertainment. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating history of Griffin Park, the home of Brentford Football Club for over a century. Join us as we explore the origins, notable moments, and future developments of this iconic stadium.

Origins and Legacy

Griffin Park, located in Brentford, first opened its doors in 1904 and quickly became synonymous with the town’s rich pub culture. It was named after a nearby pub called The Griffin, and interestingly, it was the only ground in the Football League to have a pub on each corner. The Griffin pub itself even served as the club’s dressing rooms for a period of time. Owned by Fuller’s Brewery, whose logo features a griffin, the ground holds a unique place in the hearts of both football enthusiasts and pub-goers alike.

A Journey Through Time

Before calling Griffin Park their home, Brentford FC played at five different grounds between its formation in 1889 and 1904. However, the move to Griffin Park was not without its challenges. The stadium weathered the storm during World War II, enduring two separate bomb attacks. In 1983, a fire ravaged through The Braemer Road Stand, causing substantial damage. Fortunately, no one was injured during these incidents, and the spirit of the club endured.

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After more than a century of cherished memories, the 2019/20 season marked Brentford FC’s final campaign at Griffin Park. The club embarked on an exciting journey to a new state-of-the-art stadium, aligning themselves with modern venues. Stay tuned to our website for the latest updates on Brentford’s new ground!

Unveiling the Stats

  • Year Opened: 1904
  • Capacity: 12,300
  • Average Attendance: 10,257
  • Record Attendance: 38,678 (Brentford v Leicester, 1949)
  • Pitch Size: 100 x 67 meters
  • Nickname: The Griffin
  • Owner: Brentford F.C.
  • Clubs Hosted: Brentford F.C., London Broncos, Chelsea F.C. Reserves
  • First Fixture: Brentford v Plymouth Argyle (01/09/1904)
  • Final Fixture: Brentford v Swansea (29/07/2020)

Exploring Griffin Park

Griffin Park Seating Plan

Griffin Park boasts four distinct stands, each with its own unique charm. Let’s take a closer look:

  • The New Road Stand, currently named the Bill Axbey Stand, houses the dug-outs and pays tribute to the club’s oldest supporter.
  • The Ealing Road Terrace, a standing section, occasionally accommodates away supporters.
  • The Braemer Road Stand is where you’ll find the dressing rooms and club offices. It features a two-tier structure, with the lower part known as “The Paddock.”
  • The Brook Road Stand, fondly referred to as “The Wendy House” by locals, offers both seating and a terraced section.

Getting There

Griffin Park is conveniently located in Greater London, offering several travel options:

  • Train: Brentford Railway Station, Kew Bridge Station, Gunnersbury Underground Station, and South Ealing Underground Station are all within walking distance.
  • Bus: Various bus routes, including E8, E2, 65, 237, 267, and H29, stop near Griffin Park.
  • Car: If you’re driving, the M4 and A4 provide direct access to the stadium. Follow the signs from Chiswick High Road or Kew Bridge.
  • By Air: Brentford is well-connected to airports, with Heathrow being the closest to the area.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride from central London to Griffin Park takes approximately 30 minutes, with an estimated cost of £40.
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Parking Near Griffin Park

While there is no parking available at the ground itself, you may find parking on surrounding streets if there are no restrictions in place. Additionally, there are several paid parking areas in Brentford for your convenience.


Q: Are stadium tours and a club museum available at Griffin Park?
A: Unfortunately, Griffin Park does not offer stadium tours or have a club museum at present.


Griffin Park holds a special place in the hearts of Brentford FC and its passionate supporters. As the club bids farewell to their historical home and moves to the new Brentford Community Stadium, we celebrate the rich legacy and fond memories created at Griffin Park. Stay connected with Movin993 for the latest updates on Brentford FC and other thrilling sports news.

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