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Ground Hoppers – Exploring the Fascinating World of Stadium Travel

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There is a unique niche within the football community that is dedicated to exploring stadiums around the world. These passionate individuals, often referred to as ground hoppers, embark on a quest to attend matches at as many different grounds as possible. While their focus is primarily on football, some ground hoppers also extend their love for sporting venues to other sports such as rugby and cricket.

The 92 Club


A significant milestone for many ground hoppers is to become a part of The 92 Club. This exclusive club was established by Gordon Pearce, a football fan who visited every Football League ground in 1966. Today, The 92 Club boasts over a thousand members and continues to grow. While not every ground hopper aspires to visit all ninety-two Football League grounds, being a member of The 92 Club serves as a perfect introduction to the world of ground hopping.

Why Do Fans Become Ground Hoppers?

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The motivations behind becoming a ground hopper can vary. For some, it is a way to satisfy their collector’s instinct, akin to completing a sticker album. Others simply have an insatiable love for football and want to experience the sport in as many locations as possible. Remarkably, there are even ground hoppers who are visually impaired but still derive immense enjoyment from visiting stadiums through other sensory experiences.

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Building a Community

Ground hopping has become a vibrant community within the football world. Scratch maps, mobile apps, and online forums are all part of the shared experience that ground hoppers embrace. These tools allow them to keep track of the stadiums they have visited, provide information on directions and upcoming matches, and facilitate discussions among like-minded individuals. While there is an element of friendly competition to visit the most obscure or unique grounds, the ground hopping community primarily revolves around a shared passion for the sport.

Rules of Ground Hopping

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While there are no strict rules for ground hopping, there are certain criteria that most enthusiasts agree upon. The consensus is that to truly qualify as a ground hopper, one must witness a live match at each stadium visited. This distinguishes true ground hoppers from those who may merely tour stadiums or visit them outside of match days. The rules for The 92 Club are slightly more formalized, requiring members to watch matches at each of the ninety-two football grounds in the Premier League and Football League.

International Ground Hopping

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Although ground hopping is often associated with British fans, it is not limited to the UK. Ground hoppers can be found across Europe, with each country having its dedicated enthusiasts. Publications like ‘Stadionwelt’ in Germany cater to the interests of ground hoppers, offering detailed insights into football grounds throughout Europe. Ground hopping is not only a way to explore different stadiums but also an opportunity for fans from different countries to make new friends and connections.

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The Cost of Ground Hopping

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Ground hopping is not without its financial implications. The expenses associated with travel, accommodation, match tickets, and sustenance can add up quickly. Non-league matches are often more affordable to attend compared to higher-tier matches. However, obtaining tickets for popular stadiums can be challenging, requiring connections or paying a premium. Despite the costs involved, the dedication and love for exploring football grounds continue to drive the ground hopping community.


Q: Are there any specific requirements to join The 92 Club?
A: To become a member of The 92 Club, one must watch a game at each of the ninety-two football grounds currently hosting Football League clubs. However, not all ground hoppers see this as their primary goal.

Q: Do ground hoppers only visit football stadiums?
A: While football stadiums are the primary focus, some ground hoppers also explore stadiums for other sports such as rugby, cricket, and more.

Q: How do ground hoppers keep track of the stadiums they have visited?
A: Scratch maps, mobile apps, and online forums are popular tools used by ground hoppers to track their progress and connect with other enthusiasts.

In conclusion, ground hopping offers an exciting and unique way for football fans to explore the world of stadiums. With a passionate community and an unwavering love for the sport, ground hoppers continue to embark on extraordinary journeys to experience the thrill of football in as many locations as possible.

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