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Grounds That Have Hosted Multiple Football Clubs

If you are a football fan, chances are your favorite club has always had one stadium as its home ground. However, some stadiums have had a more diverse history, hosting multiple clubs over the years. Let’s take a look at some of these grounds and the clubs that have called them home.

Luzhniki Stadium – Russia (4 Clubs)

Luzhniki Stadium Russia

Located in Moscow, Luzhniki Stadium has had a varied past. CSKA Moscow and Torpedo Moscow both used the stadium temporarily while their own venues were being renovated. Spartak Moscow, before having their own stadium, played most of their games at Luzhniki Stadium. Additionally, Luzhniki Stadium is a commonly used venue by the Russian National Team.

Firhill Stadium – Scotland (4 Clubs)

Jackie Husband stand

Firhill Stadium has been home to Partick Thistle since its opening in 1909. However, Clyde and Hamilton Academical have also shared the stadium at different times. Partick Thistle even hosted greyhound racing from 1928 to 1957. Furthermore, Glasgow Warriors, a professional rugby union team, played at Firhill Stadium for a year in 2005 and again from 2007 to 2012.

Philips Stadion – Netherlands (4 Clubs)

View of Stands at Villa Park

Philips Stadion, originally known as Philips Sportpark, was built by the tech company Philips for its workers. It became the home of PSV Eindhoven, which was initially known as The Philips Elftal, before evolving into the professional team they are today. Jong PSV, the reserve team of PSV Eindhoven, played an entire season at the stadium. Philips Stadion has also hosted matches of the Dutch National Team.

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Stade de France – France (4 Clubs)

View of Stands at Stade de France

Built for the 1998 FIFA World Cup, Stade de France has become the national stadium of France. It is the home ground for the French National Team in both football and rugby union. Stade Français and Racing Métro 92, two rugby union clubs based in Paris, also use the stadium for some league fixtures.

Keepmoat Stadium – England (4 Clubs)

View from stands

Keepmoat Stadium, opened in 2007, is home to Doncaster Rovers and Doncaster Rovers Belles, both football clubs. Doncaster Rugby League Club also shares the stadium with them. In addition, the Sheffield Eagles, a rugby league team, played at Keepmoat Stadium temporarily in 2015.

Bloomfield Road – England (4 Clubs)

West Stand

Blackpool-based Bloomfield Road has been home to various clubs throughout its history. Initially called Gamble’s Field, it became the home ground for South Shore Football Club before merging with Blackpool. Bloomfield Road has also hosted rugby league clubs, such as Blackpool Borough and Blackpool Panthers.

Loftus Road – England (4 Clubs)

St James Park

Loftus Road, located in Shepherd’s Bush, has been the home of Queens Park Rangers (QPR) since 1917. However, before QPR, Holbeck Rugby Club and Leeds City called Loftus Road their home ground. Even Fulham, a nearby football club, temporarily played at Loftus Road while their own stadium was under redevelopment. Additionally, a rugby team called Wasps played their home games at Loftus Road for several years.

St. James’ Park – England (4 Clubs)

Honduras v Morroco - 2012

St. James’ Park has seen multiple clubs play within its walls. Newcastle Rangers, the first team to call the stadium home, were followed by Newcastle East End and Newcastle West End. These two clubs later merged to form Newcastle United. Today, St. James’ Park is predominantly known as the home of Newcastle United.

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Hampden Park – Scotland (5 Clubs)

View from stands

Hampden Park, the home of the Scottish National Team, has been an iconic venue for football matches. Besides hosting the national team, it is also home to Queens Park, the only completely amateur club in the Scottish Football League system. Hampden Park has also been used by the Glasgow Tigers (a speedway team), the Scottish Claymores (an American football team), and Celtic temporarily during Celtic Park’s redevelopment.

Elland Road – England (7 Clubs)

Grounds That Have Hosted The Most Football Clubs

Elland Road, the home of Leeds United, has a fascinating history of hosting various clubs. It started with Holbeck Rugby Club before Leeds City took over. Leeds City was dissolved due to financial irregularities, and Leeds United was formed as a replacement. Huddersfield Town and Bradford City have also played matches at Elland Road under special circumstances. Hunslet, a rugby league side, used the stadium from 1983 until 1994.


Q: Are these the only stadiums that have hosted multiple clubs?
A: No, this list is not exhaustive. There are many other stadiums across the world that have had multiple clubs call them home.

Q: Are there any stadiums that have hosted more clubs than Elland Road?
A: Elland Road holds the record on this list, hosting a total of seven clubs. However, other stadiums may have a higher number of clubs that have played there throughout history.

Q: Can stadiums host clubs from different sports?
A: Yes, stadiums can host clubs from various sports. For example, Stade de France is not only a football venue but also hosts rugby union matches.

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Stadiums that have hosted multiple clubs offer a unique glimpse into the rich history of the sport. These grounds have witnessed the successes and struggles of different teams, creating a tapestry of stories and memories. From Luzhniki Stadium in Russia to Elland Road in England, each stadium has its own tale to tell.