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Highbury Stadium: Home of Fleetwood Town

Highbury Stadium

Welcome to Highbury Stadium, the home of Fleetwood Town Football Club. Situated in Fleetwood, Lancashire, this historic stadium has been the heart of the club for over 80 years. In this article, we will explore the rich history, facilities, and practical information about Highbury Stadium.

A Brief History of Highbury Stadium

Highbury Stadium, opened in 1939, holds a special place in the club’s history. It was during this time that Fleetwood Town experienced their most successful period, winning three Lancashire Combination Cups consecutively. Before Highbury, the club played their home games on a ground next to the North Euston Hotel in the town.

Over the years, Highbury Stadium has undergone various renovations and developments. Notably, the Percy Ronson Stand received a £200,000 refurbishment in 2007, while the West Stand was completely rebuilt in 2008. These upgrades have enhanced the matchday experience for both home and away fans.

Stadium Features and Seating Plan

Highbury Stadium boasts a capacity of 5,300+, making it one of the smaller grounds in League One. The stadium comprises four stands, including three all-seated areas and one standing terrace. The Memorial Stand houses passionate Fleetwood fans, while the Parkside Stand welcomes away supporters and features executive boxes. The Percy Ronson Stand offers the only terraced area in the stadium. Lastly, the Highbury Stand combines temporary seating with club facilities.

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Here is a seating plan illustrating the layout of Highbury Stadium:

Seating Plan

Practical Information

Getting Tickets

Tickets for Fleetwood Town games can be purchased online, at the stadium’s ticket office, or over the phone. The club offers various ticket prices based on game category and age. To find the best price and secure your seat, we recommend checking the official Movin993 website.

Getting to the Stadium

Getting to Highbury Stadium is convenient for visitors from the North, particularly Blackpool. However, it may require some planning for those traveling from the South. Here are the most common transportation options:

  • Train: The nearest station to Highbury is Blackpool North. From there, a tram connects directly to Fleetwood, passing near the stadium. Trams operate every twenty minutes and the journey takes approximately forty minutes.
  • Bus: Bus numbers 14 and 1 run from Blackpool Town Centre to the stadium area. Buses depart every ten minutes, and the journey takes around thirty minutes.
  • Car: If you are driving, take the M6 and exit at Junction 32. Follow the M55 towards Blackpool and then take the A585 to Fleetwood. Simply follow the signs to Highbury as you approach the town center.
  • Air: Manchester Airport and Liverpool Airport are both within a reasonable distance from Blackpool. Manchester Airport is more accessible via public transport, as it offers direct train connections to Blackpool.

It’s worth noting that parking spaces at the stadium are reserved for disabled supporters. However, there is ample on-street parking available nearby.

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Nearby Hotels and Pubs

For those seeking overnight accommodation, nearby Blackpool offers a wide range of hotels, particularly along the seafront. Whether you prefer luxury or budget options, Blackpool has something for everyone.

Before the match, you can enjoy a pre-match pint in one of Blackpool’s charming pubs and bars. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and join fellow football enthusiasts in anticipation of the game.


Q: Can I book a stadium tour of Highbury Stadium?
A: Currently, stadium tours are not available at Highbury Stadium.

Q: Are there any future plans for stadium development?
A: Since the extensive redevelopment of Highbury Stadium in 2007 and 2008, further changes are unlikely in the foreseeable future.


Highbury Stadium is more than just a football ground; it is the beating heart of Fleetwood Town Football Club. With its rich history, passionate fans, and modern facilities, Highbury offers an unforgettable matchday experience. Whether you’re a devoted Fleetwood supporter or a visiting fan, Highbury Stadium is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Visit the official Movin993 website for the latest news, ticket information, and updates about Fleetwood Town Football Club.