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How Many Points Is a Goal Worth In Soccer?


Every soccer goal in regulation and extra time is worth one point. Regardless of how the goal is scored, the game comes down to how many times each team finds the back of the net. So, in soccer, all goals are equal in value.

Penalty Kicks

When a match goes to penalty kicks, goals don’t technically count as one point. Instead, teams have five players going for a goal in a 1-on-1 battle with the opposing goalie. The winner doesn’t add those goals to their total for the day.

For example, let’s consider a match that is tied 1-1. If it goes to penalty kicks and a team wins 5 to 4, it doesn’t mean that the winning team scored six goals and the losing team scored five. It means that they played to a draw, and the tiebreaker ended up being the penalty kick situation.

However, if a penalty kick takes place in the middle of a match, that goal counts the same as scoring during live action. A penalty kick is awarded to a player if a foul occurs inside the penalty box when the ball is live. Once the ball hits something in play, the ball is live for a rebound. All remaining players are outside the box ready to converge on the ball if necessary.

Points in the Standings

Premier League Standings

Points are often referred to in the standings for soccer leagues as well. In this scenario, a win would be three points, a draw would be one point, and a loss would be zero points. The team with the most points at the end of the year is declared the champion.

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Most other team sports don’t have this type of setup with the standings. This is because soccer is a bit unique in that it allows ties. With different types of outcomes available, it can be a little confusing at first. Sometimes, it pays off to simply play for a tie instead of risking a loss and zero points.

Comparing Other Scoring Systems for Team Sports to Soccer

People familiar with soccer might think that it’s crazy that people don’t know how much a goal is worth. However, when looking at some of the other major sports out there, it becomes easier to see that the scoring system is not the same.

American football is perhaps the most confusing major sport when keeping score. When a team scores a touchdown, it is worth six points. They have the option to kick for an extra point worth one point or run a play to score a conversion on the field that’s worth two points.

To make it even more confusing, teams always have the option of kicking a field goal that’s worth three points. There’s also the ability to score 2 points on defense by forcing a safety. This happens when a team tackles or forces a team to lose the ball outside of their end zone.

If football kept scoring like soccer, the game would look a lot different. As just an example, a football score of 28-21 could look like 4-3 in soccer terms. The winning team scored four touchdowns and had four extra points, while the losing team had three touchdowns and three extra points.

Basketball scoring is also frustrating for those who haven’t grown up around the game. Baskets can be worth one, two, or three points depending on the situation. A free throw taken when there’s a dead ball is worth one point if it goes in. Any shot within the three-point line is worth two points, while shots behind the three-point line are worth three points.

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There’s been some brainstorming with soccer that looked into longer goals being worth more points. However, nothing ever came of it other than some fun speculation. The traditional aspect of soccer makes it unlikely this will occur.

Goal Value

Even though every goal is worth the same, the value is different. This especially comes into play when there is a two-legged soccer match. This means that each team has a home contest, and the two match scores are combined to determine the winner.

In this scenario, an away goal is going to be worth more if there is a need for a tiebreaker. It’s harder for the away team to score when they are on the road, which is why those goals are valued so much. Jumping out to an early lead on the road can also be a defeating experience for the home team.

Late, match-deciding goals also have a lot of value. It’s very hard to come back in a short amount of time at the professional level in soccer. It changes the way teams play in an instant so that they can at least go for a draw.

These are perfect examples of goals that feel like a lot more than just one point. The scoreboard might say one thing, but anyone involved in the match feels the extra weight of certain goals.

The Importance of Scoring Goals in Soccer

Everyone can say that defense wins championships in soccer, but teams still need to find a way to score to win. Getting one point on the board early can change the entire outlook of a match.

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The highest-paid players in soccer are almost always the ones who score goals. They get recognition for quality play, and it’s their creativity that determines championships. Even though it’s a team effort, goal scoring is necessary to stay competitive.

Keeping score might be easy, but there are a lot of other intricate parts to the game. Make sure to pay attention to the rules and read up on any specifications to have a better understanding of soccer. There’s a wealth of information on all types of soccer topics right here.


Q: How many points is a goal worth in soccer?
A: Every goal in soccer is worth one point, regardless of how it’s scored.

Q: Do penalty kicks count as points in soccer?
A: Penalty kicks don’t count as points, except when they occur during live action in a match.

Q: How are points calculated in soccer standings?
A: In soccer standings, a win is worth three points, a draw is worth one point, and a loss is worth zero points.

Q: Are goals more valuable in certain situations?
A: Yes, away goals in two-legged matches and late, match-deciding goals tend to have more value.


Understanding the value of goals in soccer is crucial for both players and fans. Each goal contributes to the overall score and can impact the outcome of a match. Whether it’s an early goal that changes the momentum or a late, match-deciding goal that determines the result, scoring goals is an essential part of the game. So next time you watch a soccer match, pay close attention to every goal scored and appreciate its significance in the game. For more soccer-related information, visit Movin993.