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Cristiano Ronaldo and His Red Card Record

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer players of all time, has a relentless drive to win. His ambition and dedication have propelled him to achieve incredible success throughout his career. However, sometimes this intense desire for victory can lead to consequences. Let’s delve into the number of red cards Ronaldo has received and explore his disciplinary record in different leagues and competitions.

Ronaldo’s Red Cards: A Closer Look

Throughout his illustrious career, Ronaldo has received a total of 11 red cards. Here’s a breakdown of the matches where he was sent off:

Red Cards

Ronaldo in the Premier League

Ronaldo at Manchester United

During his time at Manchester United, Ronaldo accumulated four red cards in six seasons. As a young and talented winger, Ronaldo’s eagerness to win sometimes led him to make rash decisions on the field. His relentless pursuit of perfection often clashed with his teammates and opponents. It’s worth mentioning that two of his red cards in the Premier League came while facing their arch-rivals, Manchester City.

In his current spell at Manchester United, Ronaldo has managed to maintain his composure and avoid being shown a red card. However, with his unwavering determination to succeed, it’s possible that he may face further disciplinary challenges in the future.

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Ronaldo in La Liga

Ronaldo at Real Madrid

Upon joining Real Madrid in 2009, Ronaldo experienced a period of adjustment as he adapted to the Spanish soccer style. He received three red cards in his first season. Over the course of nine seasons in La Liga, Ronaldo totaled five red cards, which, considering his long tenure, doesn’t make him the most ill-disciplined player in the league. His teammate, Sergio Ramos, holds that distinction with 27 red cards throughout his career.

A notable red card incident for Ronaldo was during the 2013 Copa del Rey Final against Atletico Madrid. Unfortunately, his sending off coincided with Atletico Madrid scoring the decisive goal in extra time, which led to Real Madrid’s defeat.

Ronaldo in the Champions League

Ronaldo celebrating

In the prestigious Champions League, Ronaldo has showcased remarkable patience and effectiveness. With 140 goals in 181 appearances, he has only received one red card. This noteworthy incident occurred during a group game against Valencia while Ronaldo was playing for Juventus in 2018. It’s worth noting that he has accumulated 24 yellow cards in the Champions League.

International Disciplinary Record

Ronaldo as Portugal captain

As the record holder for the all-time top scorer in Portuguese and international soccer, Ronaldo has maintained an impeccable disciplinary record while representing his country. Despite being awarded 26 yellow cards throughout his international career, he has never been sent off while wearing the Portuguese national team shirt. This achievement is particularly remarkable considering Ronaldo’s status as the national team captain.

Ronaldo’s Style of Play and His Disciplinary Record

It’s important to consider the challenges Ronaldo faces as one of the best players in the history of the sport. Opponents often target him to neutralize his impact on the game. Additionally, his dynamic playing style frequently leads to physical contact at high speeds. Ronaldo’s disciplinary record is also influenced by his age and playing position. As a young and fiery winger, he was more prone to anger and retaliation. However, as he has matured, particularly in his new role as a central striker, Ronaldo has displayed improved composure, reducing the number of fouls committed.

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In conclusion, it would be unfair to label Cristiano Ronaldo as a dirty player. His commitment to winning, larger-than-life personality, and audacious skills naturally attract attention. While he has managed to control his temper to some extent, his burning desire for victory means he remains susceptible to bookings. Ronaldo’s red card count, while significant, must be considered in the context of his lengthy career at the highest level of the sport.


Q: How many red cards has Cristiano Ronaldo received?
A: Cristiano Ronaldo has received a total of 11 red cards in his career.

Q: Has Ronaldo ever been sent off while playing for the Portuguese national team?
A: No, Ronaldo has a clean disciplinary record while representing Portugal, having never been shown a red card.

Q: Which league has Ronaldo received the most red cards in?
A: Ronaldo has received the most red cards in the Premier League, with four dismissals during his time at Manchester United.

Q: How many red cards does Sergio Ramos have compared to Ronaldo?
A: Sergio Ramos has amassed 27 red cards throughout his career, surpassing Ronaldo’s disciplinary record.

Q: Is Ronaldo currently playing for Manchester United?
A: Yes, Ronaldo is currently playing for Manchester United.