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How Many Soccer Teams Are From London?


If England is known as the home of soccer, then London can be considered the epicenter. With a rich history and a fan base that takes the sport seriously, London is home to several professional soccer teams. Let’s take a closer look at the teams representing various sections of the city and their success in the sport.

The Professional Soccer Teams of London

London boasts a total of 12 professional soccer teams, with 7 teams playing in the Premier League, 2 in the Championship, and 4 in League Two. Some of the most famous teams from London include Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, and Tottenham Hotspur FC. Here is a list of all the pro teams from the city:

  • Chelsea FC
  • Arsenal FC
  • Tottenham Hotspur FC
  • West Ham United FC
  • Crystal Palace FC
  • Brentford FC
  • Fulham FC
  • Queens Park Rangers FC
  • Millwall FC
  • Lleyton Orient FC
  • AFC Wimbledon
  • Sutton United FC

The Big Three Teams

Three clubs in London stand out as the most dominant teams at the moment. These teams consistently perform well in the Premier League and are contenders in both domestic and international competitions.

Chelsea FC


With 6 Premier League titles to their name, Chelsea FC has established themselves as one of the best clubs in England. They have also won the prestigious UEFA Champions League trophy, making them the only London team to achieve this feat. Playing their home matches at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea has a strong squad and a rich history.

Arsenal FC


Another powerhouse in London, Arsenal FC boasts an impressive record with 13 Premier League titles. The Gunners, as they are commonly known, have a loyal fanbase and a legacy dating back to 1886. While they may not always be the most dominant team in the league, they consistently contend for top honors.

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Tottenham Hotspur FC


Tottenham Hotspur FC, also known as Spurs, has a reputation for being competitive but not always winning consistently. They have two Premier League titles to their name and have enjoyed success in domestic and European competitions. With a distinctive logo featuring a cockatoo standing on a football, Tottenham Hotspur continues to compete at a high level.

Other Premier League Contenders From London

London is home to several other teams that compete in the Premier League. These teams may not have the same financial resources as the big three, but they still make their mark on the competition.

West Ham United FC


Playing their home matches at the London Stadium, West Ham United FC has the largest home stadium among London teams, with a seating capacity of 66,000. While they haven’t won a Premier League title, they consistently compete in the top division and have a passionate fanbase.

Crystal Palace FC


Crystal Palace FC has had its fair share of financial challenges but has managed to establish itself as a consistent competitor in the Premier League. They returned to the top division in 2013 and have been there since. Located in south-central London, Crystal Palace has a dedicated fanbase and competes with passion.

Brentford FC


Brentford FC’s recent success story is an inspiring one. After working their way up from the lower tiers, they won the Championship Final in 2021, earning them a spot in the Premier League. While their stay in the top flight may be relatively short, their achievements highlight their dedication and commitment to being competitive again.

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Fulham FC


Fulham FC currently competes in the Championship, the second tier of English soccer. As the oldest professional club in London, Fulham has a rich history despite not currently being at their best. With 27 seasons in the top division and rivalries with other London clubs, Fulham remains an important part of the city’s soccer landscape.

Queens Park Rangers FC


Queens Park Rangers FC aims to return to the Premier League after a stint in the EFL Championship. With the belief that they can be one of the top teams in London, Queens Park Rangers continues to work towards success and build a competitive squad.

Millwall FC


Millwall FC, founded in 1885, has a long history in English soccer. While they have spent most of their existence in the lower tiers, they have occasionally made appearances in the top division. With a dedicated fanbase and the potential for success, Millwall continues to fight for recognition.

Less Successful Pro Teams From London

Apart from the teams consistently competing for a spot in the Premier League, there are other professional soccer clubs in London that do not regularly contend for top-tier status. These clubs have limited resources but still have a solid fanbase and contribute to the local soccer scene. Some of these clubs include Lleyton Orient FC, AFC Wimbledon, and Sutton United FC.

The beauty of soccer in England lies in the fact that any team can rise to the top division with hard work and success on the field. Even the wealthiest clubs can fall to underdogs, and London’s soccer scene is no exception. While financial constraints may present challenges, the possibility of achieving respect and success remains for all clubs.

Why Pro Soccer in London Matters

Although teams from northern England have traditionally had more success, London’s soccer culture is vibrant and influential. At times, up to 40% of the teams in the Premier League have been from London, showcasing the city’s rich soccer talent.

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London offers a unique soccer experience with local teams representing different parts of the city. Whether it’s watching a match at Stamford Bridge, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, or Tottenham Hotspur’s home ground, fans visiting London have the opportunity to witness top-level soccer multiple times a week during the season. The city’s derbies add an extra layer of excitement as rival teams battle it out on the pitch.


Q: How many professional soccer teams are there in London?
A: London is home to 12 professional soccer teams.

Q: Which are the most successful soccer teams in London?
A: Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, and Tottenham Hotspur FC are currently considered the most successful teams in London.

Q: What is the home stadium of West Ham United FC?
A: West Ham United FC plays their home matches at the London Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 66,000.

Q: Which is the oldest professional soccer club in London?
A: Fulham FC holds the distinction of being the oldest professional soccer club in London, founded in 1879.


London’s soccer scene is thriving, with 12 professional teams representing different sections of the city. From the dominant big three of Chelsea FC, Arsenal FC, and Tottenham Hotspur FC, to the other Premier League contenders and less successful clubs, each team contributes to the rich tapestry of soccer in London. The city’s vibrant soccer culture, passionate fanbase, and historic stadiums make it a dream destination for soccer enthusiasts. Whether you support one of the top-tier clubs or a lesser-known team, London offers a soccer experience like no other.