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How to Get Liverpool FC Tickets If You’re Not a Member

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Premier League football fans know how frustrating it can be to miss out on watching a game because it’s not televised. To guarantee that you won’t miss any action, you need to be at the stadium. But getting tickets to see a popular team like Liverpool FC can be challenging. In this article, we’ll explore different ways you can get tickets to watch the Reds play.

Directly From the Club

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The first place to start when looking for Liverpool tickets is the club itself. While it’s not always an easy process, the club offers several sales channels for supporters. The most reliable way to get tickets is by having a season ticket, but the waiting list for season tickets has been closed for years.

Buying Tickets from Re-Sale / Third-Party Websites

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If you’re unable to get a ticket through the club, you might consider buying from a third-party reseller. However, the re-sale market can be risky, with the possibility of fraud or not receiving the tickets at all. To ensure your safety, use reputable third-party comparison sites that list trusted retailers. While re-sale tickets may be priced higher than face value, there are often options with reasonable mark-ups.

Being a Member

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Liverpool offers a Members scheme as an alternative to season tickets. Members have priority for ticket sales, with sales taking place in July and November. Members can register their interest in attending games and participate in a ballot. Additional sales for returned tickets are also available. However, demand for tickets often exceeds supply, and credits are required for guaranteed access.

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Non-Member Options

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After sales to Members, a limited number of tickets are put on General Sale for anyone to apply. These tickets are difficult to obtain due to high demand. Cup games may have a slightly higher chance of tickets being available on General Sale. Stay updated on Liverpool’s homepage for information on General Sales and be prepared to act quickly.

Official Matchday Breaks

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If you’re willing to spend more for a complete matchday experience, consider Official Matchday Breaks. These are tickets sold by companies approved by the club. They often include travel, accommodation, and a hospitality package. Be cautious when choosing a seller to avoid scams.

Hospitality Tickets


For a guaranteed ticket and premium experience, hospitality packages are available. These packages offer various perks and access to different lounges or stands. Options range from enjoying a meal at The Hilton hotel to exclusive access to the 1892 Lounge.

Ticket Prices

When purchasing tickets, it’s essential to know the prices for different seating areas. Ticket prices vary based on the location and the age of the buyer. Prices may differ for cup games and Champions League fixtures. Keep in mind that the better the view, the higher the price. Some tickets are available at a lower price for local supporters with an L postcode.

Disabled Supporters

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If you’re a disabled supporter, the process for purchasing tickets is slightly different. Anfield provides good accessibility, but disabled supporters need to register with the club and provide proof of their disability. Assistants can attend the game for free when the ticket is purchased directly from the club. The Liverpool Disabled Supporters Association offers valuable resources and information for disabled fans.

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  • Q: How can I buy Liverpool FC tickets directly from the club?

    • A: The club offers various sales channels, but season tickets are the most reliable option.
  • Q: What should I consider when buying tickets from a third-party reseller?

    • A: Use reputable comparison sites to ensure the authenticity of the seller and check for trusted retailers.
  • Q: How can I increase my chances of getting tickets as a Liverpool FC Member?

    • A: Members can enter ballots and additional sales, but competition is high. Building up credits is essential for guaranteed access.


Attending a Liverpool FC match can be a fantastic experience, but securing tickets can be challenging. Exploring options like buying directly from the club, third-party resellers, or becoming a Member can increase your chances. For a guaranteed ticket and a premium matchday experience, hospitality packages are available. Remember to stay updated on ticket prices and follow official channels to avoid scams.