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Hugo Scheckter – Player Care Expert

If you’ve ever researched Player Care, chances are you’ve come across Hugo Scheckter. With his experience at Southampton FC and West Ham United, Hugo has established himself as a leading authority in this important sector. A happy and motivated player is more likely to perform at their best, which is why Hugo has launched his own consultancy, The Player Care Group. In this article, Hugo shares his insights into player care, his experiences in the football industry, and offers valuable advice for those interested in starting a career in this exciting field.

How Hugo Started in the Football Industry

Hugo’s journey in the football industry began when he started coaching at the age of 17. Although he wasn’t a great player, his passion for the sport led him to obtain his coaching badge and work with various teams. He also had the opportunity to study in America, where he became involved in different sports teams. Hugo’s first full-time job was with Indy Eleven, a new team at the time, which allowed him to witness the process of building a franchise from the ground up.

The Evolution of Player Care

As the first Player Liaison at Southampton FC, Hugo has witnessed the significant changes in player care over the past eight years. What was once a role handled by a single person has now evolved into a dedicated department at many clubs. Player care is now being taken more seriously, as clubs recognize its positive impact on player performance. However, Hugo believes that there is still a need for education and awareness regarding player care, a concept he aims to promote in the industry.

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Adapting to Challenges during the Pandemic

The unprecedented year of 2020 brought about significant changes to Hugo’s role. As the pandemic swept the world, he had to adapt to new challenges and support both players and staff through uncertain times. The role shifted from focusing on individual players to a more team-based approach, where communication and support were essential. Despite the difficulties, Hugo acknowledges the importance of having a job during those times and the opportunity to work through such a challenging period.

Learning from the Pandemic

The pandemic served as an eye-opener for Hugo in terms of emergency planning. While it was impossible to predict such a situation, it highlighted the need to be adaptable and prepared for unexpected events. Hugo believes that it’s crucial to identify what is essential in football operations and start from scratch to ensure the best outcomes. However, he also recognizes the toll it took on players, both physically and mentally, and emphasizes the importance of balancing their well-being with the demands of the sport.

The Human Side of Footballers

Hugo addresses the lack of empathy in how footballers are often portrayed by the media. While their salaries may be high, Hugo reminds us that money doesn’t exempt them from having personal challenges. Football players often feel isolated and cautious of those who approach them for personal gain. As a player care expert, Hugo aims to understand and support players on a personal level, providing someone they can trust and confide in.

Recognition for Hard Work

Hugo’s dedication and hard work have earned him recognition from players, managers, and industry professionals. While it may feel uncomfortable for him to ask for endorsements, he believes that it’s important to showcase the relationships and trust he has built over the years. Ultimately, Hugo’s goal is to be hired based on the player care consultancy work he has done, rather than relying solely on high-profile testimonials.

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Lessons Learned and Future Plans

Hugo attributes his success to his drive and ambition. He doesn’t settle for coasting through jobs but constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities for growth. Although starting The Player Care Group wasn’t a long-term goal, it has allowed him to make a positive impact and focus on achieving a work-life balance. Hugo aims to continue expanding his network and providing support and guidance to aspiring player care professionals. In the future, he envisions traveling the world, helping clubs, and working at the highest level of the game.


What are the key skills needed to work in a player care role?

Player care roles require great communication skills, charisma, and the ability to build respectful relationships with players. It’s important to be honest, transparent, and trustworthy in order to gain their respect. While each club may have a different approach to player care, experience in various fields such as teaching, policing, business, or sports management can be valuable in fulfilling the role successfully.

How does player care in women’s football differ from men’s football?

Player care in women’s football poses unique challenges due to the differences in salaries and day-to-day issues. While player care departments can help with immigration, wellbeing, and team bonding, finding solutions for specific problems such as housing arrangements may require specialized contacts and resources. However, as the women’s game continues to grow, player care in women’s football is expected to become more prevalent.


Hugo Scheckter, an expert in player care, has made a significant impact in the football industry through his experiences at Southampton FC and West Ham United. He has witnessed the evolution of player care and recognizes its importance in maximizing player performance. Hugo’s consultancy, The Player Care Group, aims to raise awareness about player care and help clubs get the best out of their players. His dedication and expertise have earned him recognition and testimonials from players, managers, and industry professionals. Moving forward, Hugo plans to continue making a difference in player care and further contribute to the success of the football industry.

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