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The Ipurua Municipal Stadium: SD Eibar

For soccer fans, the Ipurua Municipal Stadium holds a special place in history. The stadium, located in the Basque region of Spain, has been the home of Sociedad Deportiva Eibar, better known as SD Eibar, since 1947. With an average attendance of 4,962, the stadium may be small compared to others in La Liga, but its rich history and loyal fan base make it a must-visit for any football enthusiast.

A Tale of Growth and Success

SD Eibar has come a long way since its humble beginnings in 1940. For the first seven years, the team played on grassy areas around the city of Eibar before the construction of the Estadio Municipal de Ipurua. This stadium, with a capacity of just over 7,000, has witnessed the team’s rise from the lower divisions to the pinnacle of Spanish football.

In 2014, SD Eibar achieved promotion to La Liga for the first time in its history. Since then, the team has maintained its top-flight status, earning the admiration of football fans across the country. Despite its small size, the Ipurua Municipal Stadium has become a fortress for SD Eibar, with passionate supporters cheering on their beloved team at every home game.

The Heart of the Stadium

The Ipurua Municipal Stadium features a unique design, with separate stands on each edge of the pitch. This “English” style sets it apart from the more common bowl-shaped stadiums found in Europe. The North and South Stands run along the pitch’s edge and offer a close-up experience of the action. The East and West Stands are behind the goals and provide an electric atmosphere, particularly for away fans and SD Eibar’s most vocal supporters. The North Stand, with its iconic architecture, is considered the main stand of the stadium.

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Captivating Matches

The Ipurua Municipal Stadium has witnessed some memorable matches throughout history. One standout moment occurred in 2017 when SD Eibar welcomed Real Madrid for a La Liga showdown. The match attracted a record attendance of 6,694, showcasing the passion and support that SD Eibar fans bring to the stadium.

How to Get SD Eibar Tickets

Getting tickets for an SD Eibar match is a straightforward process. The official club website is the best place to start, offering a hassle-free ticket purchasing experience. However, even if you decide to buy tickets on match day, the chances of securing a seat are high unless a major club like Real Madrid or Barcelona is in town. With SD Eibar’s loyal fan base, you can expect a warm welcome at the stadium.

Getting to the Stadium

To reach the Ipurua Municipal Stadium, you have several transportation options:

Train: The Basque region of Spain is well-connected by train, and Eibar has multiple train stations serving the city. Ardantza station is the closest to the stadium, located just a ten-minute walk away.

Bus: If you prefer to take the bus, routes DB01, DB04, and DB44G stop near the stadium, allowing for a convenient walk to the entrance.

Car: Driving to the stadium? The GI2639 and N-634 roads will lead you directly to the Ipurua Municipal Stadium.

By Air: Traveling from afar? Bilbao Airport, located approximately 45 miles away, is the closest option. San Sebastian Airport, although slightly further at around sixty miles, also serves domestic flights and is a viable choice.

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Taxi: Taxis are readily available in Eibar, offering a quick and affordable option for reaching the stadium from the city center. The journey typically takes less than ten minutes and costs around €12, depending on traffic.

Parking Near the Stadium

On-site parking at the Ipurua Municipal Stadium is limited and primarily reserved for club officials. If you plan to drive, on-street parking is available, but be mindful of any existing restrictions. The underground car park beneath the stadium is often full, so it’s advisable to explore alternative parking options nearby.


Q: How can I purchase SD Eibar tickets?
A: The easiest way to buy SD Eibar tickets is through the official club website. However, tickets are usually available on match day at the stadium, making it convenient for both locals and visitors.

Q: Where can I find parking near the Ipurua Municipal Stadium?
A: Depending on availability, you can find nearby parking options by visiting the available parking near the Ipurua Municipal Stadium. It’s always recommended to plan ahead and arrive early to secure a parking spot.


The Ipurua Municipal Stadium embodies the spirit and determination of SD Eibar. From its humble beginnings to its recent successes in La Liga, the stadium has witnessed the team’s incredible journey. With its unique design and passionate atmosphere, attending a match at the Ipurua Municipal Stadium is an experience every football fan should have. So, grab your tickets, join the cheering crowd, and immerse yourself in the rich football culture of Eibar.

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