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J Davidson Stadium: Altrincham FC

Altrincham FC, a club with a rich history, calls the J Davidson Stadium its home. Despite popular belief, the name has nothing to do with the controversial comedian Jim Davidson. Instead, it is named after a sponsor, J Davidson, a scrap metal processing company. Let’s delve into the fascinating story of Altrincham FC and its beloved stadium.

A Club Steeped in History

Altrincham FC was founded in 1891 by a Sunday school in search of an activity for its pupils. Soon after, they merged with a local team called the Grapplers. The club underwent several name changes before settling on Altrincham FC in 1903. Throughout their journey, Altrincham FC has experienced both triumphs and setbacks. Notably, they have gained a reputation for their achievements in the FA Cup, often toppling more prominent opponents in exciting ‘giant-killing’ matches.

The J Davidson Stadium

Situated on Moss Lane, the J Davidson Stadium has been the home of Altrincham FC since 1910. Initially known as Moss Lane, the stadium has a capacity of nearly 8,000 and serves as a versatile venue for various events. While simplistic in design, the ground boasts unique features, such as the Main Stand, flanked by the Community Hall/bar and the Family Stand. Additionally, the Golf Road Terrace and the Hale End Terrace offer excellent viewing spots for home and away fans, respectively.

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J Davidson Stadium


  • Year Opened: 1904
  • Capacity: 7,873
  • Average Attendance: 2,638
  • Record Attendance: 10,274 (Altrincham Boys vs Sunderland Boys – February 28, 1925)
  • Pitch Size: 100 x 66 (6,600)
  • Former Name: Moss Lane
  • Owner: Trafford Borough Council
  • Sponsor: J Davidson Scrap
  • Clubs Hosted: Altrincham FC, Manchester United Under 18s

Ticket Prices and Availability

Altrincham FC offers ticket prices based on age groups, ensuring a straightforward and fair system for all fans. For the 2023-2024 season, the prices were as follows:

  • Adult: £20
  • Concession: £15
  • Junior Supporter: £9
  • Child Supporter: £4
  • Infant: £1

To purchase tickets, the best approach is to visit the club in person, as their website may be described as functional. However, for additional options, check out Ticket Compare.

Getting to the J Davidson Stadium


Altrincham Interchange serves as the terminus for buses, trains, and Metrolink trams. If you’re planning to take a tram or train, this will be your destination.


From Manchester Piccadilly Bus Station, you can take buses such as the 263 and the X41 to Altrincham Interchange. From there, the ground is a short ten-minute walk away.


If you’re driving from the south, leave the M6 at junction 19 and take the A556, following signs for the M56. Instead of taking the M56, join the B5161 and follow the signs to the stadium. From the north, take junction 20 of the M6 for the M56. Leave at junction 7 and follow the A56 for Altrincham, following signs from there.

By Air

While Manchester Airport is the nearest option, Liverpool John Lennon Airport is also viable, providing an alternative to the often hectic Manchester Airport experience.

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A taxi ride from Altrincham town centre to the stadium should cost around £10.

Parking Near J Davidson Stadium

While there is no on-site parking, you can make use of the car park at Aecom, located across the road. Additionally, parking is available on nearby streets, but be mindful of any traffic restrictions as it is a residential area.

J Davidson Stadium Seating Plan

Pubs and Bars Near J Davidson Stadium

After an exciting match, why not visit one of the many pubs and bars near the stadium? Enjoy a well-deserved drink and relish the lively atmosphere with fellow fans.

About Altrincham FC

The club’s roots can be traced back to 1891 when Rigby Memorial Club merged with Grapplers to form Broadheath Football Club. In 1903, they adopted the name Altrincham FC and began playing matches at Pollitt’s Field in Altrincham. They quickly established themselves as a formidable team, winning various cups and gaining attention for their performances in the FA Cup. Despite their achievements, Altrincham FC faced challenges in their pursuit of joining the Football League, ultimately finding success in the Alliance Premier League.

History of the J Davidson Stadium

Initially built as a modest ground, the J Davidson Stadium has undergone numerous transformations over the years to meet the evolving standards of the Football League. In August 2020, the stadium’s capacity increased to 7,873 due to the addition of the Community Sports Hall. The venue offers designated areas for home and away fans, with the Community Sports Hall serving as a shared space when segregation is not in place.

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  • Q: How can I purchase Altrincham FC tickets?

    • A: To buy tickets, it is recommended to visit the club in person.
  • Q: Are there parking facilities near the J Davidson Stadium?

    • A: Parking is not available at the stadium, but you can use the car park at Aecom across the road.
  • Q: What are the ticket prices for Altrincham FC matches?

    • A: Ticket prices vary based on age groups. For detailed information, refer to the club’s website or contact them directly.


The J Davidson Stadium stands as a testament to Altrincham FC’s enduring legacy. With its rich history and passionate fans, it provides an electric atmosphere for spectators. Whether you’re a lifelong supporter or new to the world of football, a visit to the J Davidson Stadium promises an unforgettable experience. To find out more about Altrincham FC and upcoming matches, visit the official Movin993 website.