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Joe Manns: 1st Team Recruitment Coordinator, Reading FC

Joe Manns is the First Team Recruitment Coordinator for Reading Football Club. With a passion for coaching, Joe combines his full-time role with a position in the Girls’ Academy; coaching an U12’s and U14’s team on a part-time basis. His love for working in football has also led him to coach in both America and South Africa, with the latter, an opportunity he experienced at just 19 years old. Having adapted to a new way of working throughout the pandemic, Joe is keen to see fans back in the stadium, and he continues to approach his role with a real drive for utilizing strategy and process within scouting and recruitment.

The Journey to Success

Joe Manns has been working at Reading Football Club for over five years, witnessing significant career growth during that time. Initially starting as the Marketing Officer for the Women’s team, Joe has since transitioned into a different area within the club. His journey began after studying Sports Business Management at Sheffield Hallam University. While uncertain of his career path, Joe’s passion for football and a strong academic background in business studies guided his decision to explore sports marketing.

After eight months of job hunting and numerous applications, Joe came across an opportunity that would change his trajectory. A Marketing Officer role was advertised for the Reading women’s team. Although Joe had never watched a women’s football game before, he decided to seize the chance. Successfully obtaining the position, he found himself immersed in the world of women’s football, embarking on an incredible journey.

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Transitioning into Recruitment and Scouting

While excelling in his role in marketing, Joe realized his desire to pursue a career in the performance side of the club. Observing the recruitment and coaching processes within the team, he recognized his own aspirations and conceived a plan to transition into a role that aligned with his goals. Open and honest about his intentions, Joe expressed his desire to stay at the club while exploring new opportunities related to technical football operations.

Fortunate enough to have an available Recruitment Administrator position, Joe was encouraged to apply for the role. After an interview with the Technical Director and the Head of Recruitment, he successfully secured the position. Within a year, Joe’s responsibilities expanded beyond the scope of the administrative role. His dedication, coupled with the club’s recognition of his capabilities, led to a more specialized focus on the first team.

As the Recruitment Coordinator for the First Team, Joe’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks. From liaising with agents to video scouting and data collection, his role is diverse and ever-evolving. Joe has embraced the challenges of the pandemic era, adapting to new ways of working while continuing to prioritize communication and process within the club.

Insight into Recruitment and Scouting

For individuals aspiring to enter the field of recruitment and scouting, Joe emphasizes the importance of technical knowledge and analytical thinking. While many people enjoy watching football, it takes a different perspective to analyze players with a critical eye. Joe recommends immersing oneself in the company of individuals knowledgeable about football analysis to develop an analytical mindset.

Furthermore, Joe encourages continuous development and open-mindedness. His path into the industry may have been unconventional, but Joe’s commitment to learning has allowed him to progress alongside his role. Building a strong network and maintaining trustworthiness are also crucial attributes for success in the industry.

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The Role of Data and Analytics

In today’s football industry, the use of data and analytics is becoming increasingly prevalent, especially in recruitment and scouting. Joe stresses the importance of data interpretation, acknowledging that decisions driven by data and metrics are crucial when signing players. While the human eye remains vital in scouting, utilizing data-driven insights ensures informed decision-making. Clubs that fail to integrate data into their processes may risk falling behind their competitors.

Navigating Challenges and Successes

Reading Football Club has experienced a successful season, currently sitting within the play-off positions in the Championship. Despite the team’s achievements, playing without the support of fans has posed challenges both emotionally and economically. The absence of fans has deprived the club of essential gate revenue and deprived players of the energy and connection derived from their support. Joe remains optimistic that the upcoming seasons will bring a sense of normalcy and a return to the vibrant atmosphere created by passionate fans.

Balancing Roles in the Girls’ Academy

In addition to his full-time position, Joe also takes on a part-time role as the Regional Talent Club Manager for the Girls’ Academy. Coaching the U12s and U14s teams, Joe’s passion for player development and coaching shines through. He finds immense enjoyment in working with aspiring athletes and considers it a personal energizer after long days at the training ground.

Expanding Horizons through International Experiences

Joe’s love for coaching led him to take a sabbatical from Reading FC to coach in America. This opportunity allowed him to fulfill his passion for travel, coaching, and full-time immersion in the field. The experience was a valuable one, shaping his understanding of different coaching techniques and broadening his horizons. Joe is grateful to both the CEO and the club for granting him this opportunity.

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Furthermore, early in his career, Joe completed an internship at the Football Foundation of South Africa. This experience exposed him to the beauty of South Africa and reaffirmed his belief in the transformative power of football for children in disadvantaged communities. Reflecting on his time in South Africa, Joe cherishes the rewarding experience and hopes to return someday.

The Role of Academic Background

Joe recognizes the significance of his academic background in Sports Business Management. While not having an extensive playing background or personal connections within the industry, Joe believes that his degree played a pivotal role in securing his initial interview. Moreover, his time at university instilled a mindset of continuous learning and personal growth. Joe emphasizes that passion, hard work, and a genuine character are fundamental for success in the industry, regardless of one’s academic background.

Looking Ahead

Joe envisions a future career in football, driven by his passion for player development and people. While titles such as Technical Director or Sporting Director appeal to him, he also expresses interest in coaching, player pathways, and loan management. Joe understands the importance of adapting to the ever-changing landscape of football and remains dedicated to maximizing his impact in the industry.

Interviewer: Sascha Gustard-Brown
Sascha brings a wealth of experience in supporter engagement, having worked in various roles at Luton Town Football Club and West Ham United. She is currently engaged in small supporter engagement projects in sport and freelance writing in football.