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John Smith’s Stadium: Home of Huddersfield Town

The John Smith’s Stadium, previously known as The Alfred McAlpine Stadium and The Galpharm Stadium, is a renowned sports venue in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. It has been the home ground of Huddersfield Town Football Club since its completion in 1994. Let’s explore the rich history and exciting features of this iconic stadium.

A Brief History

Originally named after the construction company, Alfred McAlpine, the stadium’s name changed over the years due to sponsorship deals. Currently, it is called the John Smith’s Stadium, thanks to the brewing company Heineken. The stadium replaced Huddersfield Town’s previous ground, Leeds Road, which had been their home for 86 years. The John Smith’s Stadium is also the home of Huddersfield Giants, a prominent rugby league club.

Stadium Features

The John Smith’s Stadium boasts a capacity of 24,121 and offers excellent facilities for spectators. Let’s explore some of its noteworthy features:

  • Four Stands: The stadium includes four stands, with two single-tiered stands and two double-tiered stands. The Core Stand and The Chadwick Lawrence Stand offer unobstructed views, while the Fantastic Media North Stand is perfect for families. The Abzorb South Stand is primarily for away supporters.

  • Seating Plan: The stadium’s seating plan ensures that fans have a fantastic view of the action from any stand.

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Here are some commonly asked questions about the John Smith’s Stadium:

How can I purchase Huddersfield Town tickets?

Tickets for Huddersfield Town matches can be purchased through the club’s ticket office, their official website, or in person at the stadium’s ticket office.

How can I get to the John Smith’s Stadium?

There are several transportation options available to reach the stadium:

  • Train: Huddersfield Railway Station is approximately half a mile away from the ground, with direct trains from Manchester Piccadilly.

  • Bus: Bus numbers 200, 202, 203, 220, and 229 all run to Leeds Road, which is a short walk from the stadium.

  • Car: The stadium is easily accessible by car, with clear signage from the nearby M62 motorway.

  • Air: If you are traveling from further away, Leeds-Bradford Airport is conveniently located just under 20 miles from Huddersfield.

Where can I park near the John Smith’s Stadium?

Both Town Avenue and St. Andrews car parks are located at the stadium and offer ample parking spaces. Additionally, there are public car parks in the town center and on-street parking available in select areas.


The John Smith’s Stadium is a fantastic sports venue that has been the pride of Huddersfield for over two decades. With its rich history, modern facilities, and easy accessibility, it provides an exceptional experience for both football and rugby fans. Whether you’re a dedicated supporter or a curious visitor, a trip to the John Smith’s Stadium is sure to be a memorable one.

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