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Kasper Kronenberg: Chief Editor, Off The Pitch

Kasper Kronenberg, the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of, is a prominent figure in the world of football business journalism and football finance intelligence. With a focus on quality news reporting, covers industry stories from across Europe. In this interview, Kasper discusses his career, the inception of Off The Pitch, and what it takes to create outstanding writing in the football industry.

The Journey to Football Media

As a student at The Danish School of Journalism, Kasper initially aspired to be a sports journalist. However, an internship at Borsen, the Danish equivalent of the Financial Times, introduced him to the fascinating world of business journalism. Kasper was captivated by the measurable nature of the industry, where a company’s growth and performance could be analyzed and compared. This passion for business reporting has driven his career for the past 20 years, and he intends to continue in this field for another two decades.

The Birth of Off The Pitch

In 2010, Kasper joined the team that launched, a successful Danish media business specializing in financial institutions. Inspired by this achievement, he and CEO Mads embarked on a journey to create a niche media company on a global scale. After securing funding, was born. The platform provides financial data and intelligence to executive teams in the football industry and offers comprehensive business reporting focused on football.

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Advice for Aspiring Football Media Professionals

Kasper’s advice for individuals seeking a career in football media is to cultivate curiosity. Regardless of the industry they cover, aspiring journalists should have a genuine interest in understanding its dynamics. This includes learning about exemplary companies and their strategies for outperforming competitors. Maintaining this sense of fascination is crucial for producing quality content and staying knowledgeable in the field.

Key Factors for Launching a Football News Platform

When considering launching their own football news platform, individuals need to identify the core needs of their target audience. By focusing on fulfilling those needs, journalists can create a unique product that is difficult for others to replicate. While there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, Kasper emphasizes the importance of understanding the target group’s requirements and providing valuable and original content.

Crafting Great Football Writing

For, accuracy is paramount. Kasper believes that great writing in business journalism is all about getting the facts right. By analyzing financial data, comparing companies within the industry, and offering insights, their content inspires industry executives to think differently. The goal is to provoke further exploration and prompt organizations to reassess their strategies, revenue streams, fan engagement, societal impact, and ownership governance.

Future Developments for Off The Pitch

While is still in its early stages, Kasper and his team are cognizant of the global potential in the football industry. They are constantly looking for opportunities to enhance their current product offering. Although no concrete plans have been made yet, they recognize the need to continually improve their financial intelligence and business journalism services. Exciting times lie ahead for, with numerous developments expected within the next 3-5 years.

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The Enjoyable and Challenging Aspects of Kasper’s Role

One of the most fulfilling aspects of Kasper’s role is witnessing the skills and expertise of reporters from around the world as they contribute to The platform prioritizes quality over quantity, demanding excellence from its contributors. However, Kasper acknowledges that not all aspects of the job are exciting, particularly the time-consuming editorial work required before publishing. Managing time effectively is also a challenge due to the vastness of the football industry and the many stories to cover.

Career Highlight: Off The Pitch

Kasper considers the creation of to be his career highlight. Building the business from scratch alongside Mads, investors Morten and Søren, and their colleagues has been an incredible experience. Witnessing the platform’s growth and positive reception from subscribers fills him with pride and motivation. The fact that’s newsletter is the first thing many subscribers read every morning is a testament to its impact and success.

The Future of Kasper’s Football Career

For Kasper, is a lifelong project. He envisions the platform continuing to evolve and make a significant impact in the market. Aware of the immense potential within the industry, Kasper and his team are committed to expanding and improving their services for many years to come.


How did the idea of Off The Pitch come to life?

The idea for Off The Pitch arose from the success of, a Danish media business focusing on financial institutions. Kasper Kronenberg, along with CEO Mads, recognized the potential for a niche global media company and secured funding for The platform offers financial data and intelligence to football club executives and provides comprehensive business reporting on the football industry.

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What advice does Kasper have for aspiring football media professionals?

Kasper advises aspiring football media professionals to be curious and have a genuine passion for understanding the dynamics of the industry they cover. By learning from successful companies and investigating what sets them apart, journalists can produce compelling content that inspires readers.

What are the key factors to consider when launching a football news platform?

When launching a football news platform, Kasper suggests identifying the core needs of the target audience. By addressing those needs and providing a product that is difficult to replicate, journalists can create a unique offering in the market.


Kasper Kronenberg, the Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder of, has extensive experience in business journalism and a passion for the football industry. aims for quality news reporting in football business and finance. Kasper shares his career journey, the birth of Off The Pitch, advice for aspiring football media professionals, and key factors to consider when launching a football news platform. He emphasizes the importance of accuracy in great writing and highlights the exciting future developments planned for Off The Pitch. Kasper’s career highlight lies in building and growing, with an unwavering commitment to its long-term success.