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Kenilworth Road: Luton Town

Kenilworth Road is a historic stadium that has been the home of Luton Town since 1905. This iconic ground has hosted numerous women’s football and youth international matches alongside the rich history of Luton Town Football Club. Let’s explore the fascinating story behind Kenilworth Road and all that it has to offer.

The History of Kenilworth Road

Luton Town Football Club has a remarkable and colorful past. As the first team from Southern England to turn professional, the club made a significant impact on the sport. From trophy wins to promotions and relegations, Luton Town has experienced it all, including financial crises. Their journey has carved a unique place in football history.

Stadium Stats and Facilities

Kenilworth Road boasts a rich heritage. Since its opening in 1905, the stadium has been witness to memorable moments for both Luton Town and visiting teams. With a capacity of 10,356 and an average attendance of 9,854, the stadium creates an electric atmosphere for fans.

The seating arrangements at Kenilworth Road consist of five stands. The Kenilworth Stand, once an uncovered terrace, has been transformed into a fully covered seating area. The Main Stand, David Preece Stand, Oak Road End, and Executive Stand complete the seating options. The Executive Stand, featuring 25 executive boxes, is unique as it does not have regular seats for supporters.

Ticket Prices and Availability

Luton Town categorizes their match ticket prices based on the opposition, with Category A for bigger teams, Category B for mid-level teams, and Category C for smaller teams. The cost of your seat is also influenced by your age. Adult ticket prices range from £20.00 to £32.00, while concessions vary from £15.00 to £24.00. Moreover, special discounts are available for juniors and those over 75.

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To purchase tickets, you have multiple options. You can buy tickets online, over the phone, in-person at the ticket office, or even from the supporters’ shop. Luton Town provides friendly advice to help newcomers choose the best seats in the stadium.

Getting to Kenilworth Road

Located in Luton, which is considered a commuter town, the stadium is easily accessible for those living in and around London. Here are the most common methods of transport:

  • Train: Luton Railway Station is a short ten-minute journey from the ground and is well-served by major London stations.
  • Bus: The number 31 bus conveniently runs from the town center, dropping you near the stadium.
  • Car: The M1 motorway provides easy access to Kenilworth Road from all directions.
  • Air: London Luton Airport is just a fifteen-minute bus and train ride away from Luton, making it accessible for travelers.

Parking and Local Resources

While there is no on-site parking at Kenilworth Road, there are multi-storey car parks available in Luton city center. To find nearby parking options, you can refer to online platforms like Just Park.

Hotels, Pubs, and Bars Near Kenilworth Road

Luton, being a commuter town, offers a range of hotels for visitors. Whether you’re attending a game or exploring the area, you’ll find comfortable accommodations to suit your needs.

Additionally, Luton provides a vibrant nightlife scene with various pubs and bars to enjoy before or after a match. These establishments offer a friendly atmosphere, making them ideal for unwinding and socializing.

Stadium Hospitality and Private Hire

Kenilworth Road offers several options for match day hospitality experiences. The Trophy Room, Eric Morecambe Lounge, Millennium Suite, and John Moore Lounge provide different packages, including pre-match meals, refreshments, and private bars. While the current hospitality options may be considered modest, Luton Town’s proposed move to a new stadium promises exciting developments in the future.

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For those interested in hosting events, the Eric Morecambe and John Moore Lounges, along with the Joe Payne Boardroom, can be hired for various occasions. Whether it’s conferences, presentations, receptions, product launches, or even weddings, Kenilworth Road can cater to your needs.

Stadium Tours & Museum

Although stadium tours at Kenilworth Road are currently on hold, it’s worth reaching out to the club directly for any availability. Past tours have offered visitors a chance to explore various areas of the stadium, including the dressing rooms, player’s tunnel, pitch, and trophy cabinet. As the club progresses with its plans for a new stadium, these tours may become a highlight for football enthusiasts.

About Luton Town

Luton Town Football Club was established in 1885 through the merger of local teams, Luton Town Wanderers and Excelsior. The club has a deep-rooted connection to Luton’s hat making trade, which dates back to the 17th century. Luton Town’s achievements include reaching the FA Cup final in the 1958-1959 season and winning the League Cup in 1988. Their storied history has shaped the club into what it is today.

The Future of Kenilworth Road

While Kenilworth Road holds a special place in Luton Town’s history, the club has long sought a new home. After years of anticipation, the club finally secured Power Court as its preferred location in December 2015. Although the move-in date has been postponed multiple times, it is now expected to happen by 2026. With the club’s recent promotion to the Premier League, the new stadium is eagerly awaited, promising a bright future for Luton Town.

1. Can I purchase Luton Town match tickets online?

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Yes, you can purchase tickets online through the official Luton Town website. You can also buy tickets over the phone, in-person at the ticket office, or from the supporters’ shop.

2. How do I get to Kenilworth Road by public transport?

Luton Railway Station is the most convenient option for public transport. Trains from major London stations connect to Luton Railway Station. The number 31 bus also runs from the town center and stops near the stadium.

3. Is parking available at Kenilworth Road?

There is no on-site parking at Kenilworth Road. However, there are multi-storey car parks available in Luton city center, which is a short distance away from the stadium.

4. Are stadium tours available at Kenilworth Road?

Currently, stadium tours at Kenilworth Road are on hold. However, it is worth reaching out to the club directly for any availability. Past tours have provided visitors with a unique insight into the stadium’s history and facilities.

5. When is Luton Town expected to move to their new stadium?

Luton Town’s move to the new stadium at Power Court is currently planned for 2026. The club’s recent promotion to the Premier League further supports their commitment to the project, ensuring a promising future for Luton Town.

Kenilworth Road is more than just a stadium; it is a symbol of Luton Town’s rich footballing heritage. With its captivating history, unique facilities, and ambitious plans for the future, Kenilworth Road continues to inspire fans and captivate visitors. Be sure to join Luton Town’s passionate supporters on match days and witness the magic firsthand at this iconic venue.

Disclaimer: This article is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Luton Town Football Club. For official information and updates, please visit Movin993.