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Kingsmeadow: The Home of Kingstonian FC & Chelsea Women

Kingsmeadow, officially known as the Cherry Red Records Stadium for sponsorship reasons, has been a significant venue for two football teams. AFC Wimbledon, formed in response to the creation of MK Dons from Wimbledon Football Club, and Kingstonian FC both called Kingsmeadow home until 2017.

The stadium has a seating capacity of 4,850, with approximately half of the seats being seated. While AFC Wimbledon played their matches there, it is actually Chelsea FC that owns the leasehold. Chelsea FC uses Kingsmeadow for their women’s team, showcasing their commitment to supporting women’s football as well.


  • Year Opened: 1989
  • Capacity: 4,850
  • Average Attendance: 4,383
  • Record Attendance: 4,870 (AFC Wimbledon vs Accrington Stanley, 2016)
  • Pitch Size: 100 x 68 (6,800 square meters)
  • Nickname: Fans’ Stadium
  • Former Name: Kingsmeadow Stadium, Fans’ Stadium
  • Owner: AFC Wimbledon
  • Sponsor: Cherry Red Records
  • Clubs Hosted: Kingstonian F.C., AFC Wimbledon
  • First Fixture: Kingstonian vs QPR (1989)

Kingsmeadow Photos

Kingsmeadow Photos

Kingsmeadow Seating Plan and Where to Sit

The stadium has four main stands. The John Green Stand, also known as The Noodle Stand, features a camera gantry and was originally sponsored by Nong Shim Ltd, a South Korean food producer. The Paul Strank Stand is the main stand which contains the dressing rooms. The RyGas Stand is a terraced section hosting the scoreboard and away fans. The Chemflow End is another terraced area where the most passionate supporters gather.

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Getting To Kingsmeadow

Located near Greater London, reaching Kingsmeadow is convenient for those who can travel to the heart of London. Here are some tips on how to get there:

  • Train: Norbiton Train Station is just a fifteen-minute walk away from the stadium, with regular trains running from Waterloo.
  • Bus: The 131 bus runs from the center of Wimbledon and Kingston, stopping near the stadium.
  • Car: Driving in London can be challenging, but if necessary, it’s recommended to use a GPS with the postcode KT1 3PB to navigate and check real-time traffic conditions.
  • By Air: Heathrow Airport is the closest airport to the ground, although London has various airport options.
  • Taxi: A taxi ride from Wimbledon station to Kingsmeadow takes approximately twenty minutes and costs around £15.

Parking Near Kingsmeadow

There is a 350-space parking area at the stadium. Additionally, parking is available on residential roads around the ground, but drivers should be mindful of any parking restrictions.

Useful Resources

Kingsmeadow Hotels

While London offers numerous accommodation options, here are some suggestions for places closer to the stadium:

  • Hotel 1
  • Hotel 2
  • Hotel 3

Pubs and Bars Near Kingsmeadow

Central London is known for its vibrant nightlife, but for those who prefer to stay closer to the stadium, here are some local options:

  • Pub 1
  • Pub 2
  • Pub 3


Although Kingsmeadow is considered a basic stadium, it meets the standards for a Football League venue, ensuring a comfortable experience for spectators.


  • Programme: £3
  • Cup of Tea: £1.50


AFC Wimbledon offers various hospitality packages, each with unique benefits. The Hospitality Package includes a three-course meal, tea and coffee, and a pre-match briefing from the manager. The Matchday Hospitality Package offers the same benefits, along with seats in the Paul Strank Stand. The Executive Hospitality Package includes all of the above, as well as seats in the directors’ box and access to the Presidents Lounge.

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Private Hire

Kingsmeadow is known as “Kingston’s premier conference and party venue.” It has hosted a wide range of events, including weddings, conferences, birthday parties, and even a comedy festival. With its versatile facilities, Kingsmeadow is an excellent choice for various occasions.

Stadium Tours & Museum

While there are no stadium tours or museums available at Kingsmeadow, supporters of both clubs have extensive knowledge and can share interesting stories and insights about the stadium’s history.

Kingsmeadow History

The freehold of Kingsmeadow is owned by Kingston Council. Initially, Kingstonian FC owned the leasehold and invited AFC Wimbledon to share the ground. However, in 2003, AFC Wimbledon purchased the leasehold from the previous owner, ensuring the Dons’ long-term presence at Kingsmeadow. As part of the agreement, Kingstonian could sub-lease the ground for 25 years and play a pre-season friendly against AFC Wimbledon every summer, with the gate receipts covering their rent.

Kingstonian FC funded the construction of the stadium using the proceeds from the sale of their previous home, Richmond Road. After facing financial difficulties and being bought out by the Khoslas family, Kingstonian sold Kingsmeadow for a personal profit of £2 million in 2003. Chelsea FC then took over the lease and allowed AFC Wimbledon to continue renting the stadium, contributing to AFC Wimbledon’s preparation for their new stadium, Plough Lane, where they moved in 2020.

Future Developments

No significant developments are planned for Kingsmeadow in the near future. However, Chelsea FC’s financial resources ensure that any necessary improvements will be quickly addressed. In the case of AFC Wimbledon, they have already moved to their brand new stadium, Plough Lane, which has a capacity of 9,000. The construction of Plough Lane was made possible by a £4 million cash injection raised by the club’s supporters.

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